Hey guys thank u for the comments nd yeah an Impo note..!! guys a little change in character sketch too..!!

SANSKAR ROY : A spoilt son of politician..!! I cant tell his age accuratly coz the stroy will travel from the school to adulthood..!! Love & Lust he can diffrentiate this..!! Nd hate love stories..!! Love to play dares..!!

SWARA MODI : A bubbly matured girl..!! But coz of one person she always slips from her decisions..!! Age as i told u guys i cant tell u accurately..!! She is obssesed with her studies..!! Nd she Love love stories but now she dont want love..!!

At 9pm

A School is shown..!! We can see that every students are running here nd there..!! As the first bell rang nd they needs to be in ground within the Second bell rang..!! As like everybody a boy of 17 is running towards the ground..!!

He needs to search his class line in 2 mins in this crowd..!! On the hurry burry he dashed with a girl she fell on ground..!! The boy turns nd looks at the girl..!! For a second he is Mesmerized seeing her..!!

But again the bell rang..!! He quickly wishpers a sorry nd ran from there..!! The girl getsup nd rubs her knees nd hands..!! ” Idiot..!! ” said the girl..!! Nd walks from there..!! She also to prayer line…!!

Boy found his line nd joins..!! ” Hey Sanskar..!! Where u went when we r in class..!! ” murmured a boy as if teachers saw their talkings they will out of class for two hours..!! ” haan washroom gayi thi Shan..!! ”

Said Sanskar nd the prayer Starts after that all went to their respective classes..!! The first two periods are chemistry SanShan is really Xhausted after that..!! SanShan came out with their gang..!! There a boy came..!!

“Hey Sanskar..!! ” said the boy..!! ” hey rohit..!! Hows going..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Rohit is Sanskar papa’s frnd son..!! But hate Sanskar as he is always best than Rohit..!! ” Kuch achi nhi..!! Chalo lets play a dare..!! ” said Rohit..!!

Shan looks at Sanskar..!! Sanskar nods as ther know he is upto some plans..!! ” Nhi yaar Rohit..!! Man nhi hai..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Rohit laughs ” arey Sanskar dare gayi kya..!! Dont worry yrr..!! I wont give u big dares..!! ” said rohit..!!

Sanskar bcm angry nd cluthches his fists..!! Shan holds his hand but Sanskar jerks his hand..!! ” I m ready tell me the dare..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Shan looks at him horrifed..!! ” Wow ok now hmm..!! ” said Rohit nd looks around..!!

” yeah..!! ( said Rohit while seeing on a direction ) see that girl u have to propose her..!! ” said Rohit..!! ” What type of nonsense dare this is..!! ” Shan shouts..!! ” Shan..!! ( shows hands to shan ) Rohit i ll do it..!! ” said Sanskar..!!

” Sanskar listen..!! U cant bear insult what if anything happened like that..!! ” said Shan..!! ” Its Dare Shan..!! Btw who had the dare to insult Sanskar Roy..!! U dont worry buddy..!! ” said Sanskar nd walks..!! Rohits smirks..!! Shan glares him..!!

The same girl ( remember sanskar dashed with a girl in morning ) is seen talking with her friends Sanskar came nd taps her shoulder..!! She turns nd asked what..!! Again for a second Sanskar is mesmerized seeing the Two beautiful big eyes..!! Nd a perfect cut nose..!! Nd heart shaped lips..!! Cuteness over loaded..!!

” I LOVE U..!! ” Sanskar said nd get a tight Slap in his cheek..!! He rubbed his cheeks..!! Whole students in the ground is seeing this..!! ” u ll pay for this my Darling..!! ” said Sanskar with a Smirk nd anger in his eyes..!!

Shan came runningly to him ” Sanskar see i told u na..!! Dont play this type of Dares..!! See now whole school is watching u..!! Come first..!! ” saying so Shan drags Sanskar..!! Rohit came there ” what happened Sanskar..!! I think slap is little hard..!! ” said Rohit..!!

But next second he got a tight slap in his cheek..!! Shan slaps him..!! ” How is this little harder ya lighter..!! ” said Shan..!! Rohit glares him..!! Shan drags Sanskar from there to class room..!! Bio teacher is absent today so its a free period for them..!!

Sanskar is sitting in his bench..!! ” did u saw that reena..!! The slapped Sanskar..!! ” said a girl..!! ” what she slapped Sanskar..!! ” said an another girl..!! ” haan..!! ” like this the girl is gossping Shan glares them..!! They stops..!! Sanskar getsup nd walks out..!!

He sits on the bench..!! Shan sits beside him ” I wont leave her Shan..!! How dear she slap Sanskar Roy..!! I ll take Revenge for this Shan..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” Sanskar plzz..!! Jo hoga wo sab vo hoagaya..!! Plzz leave that..!! ” said Shan..!!

” nhi shan..!! I cant leave her..!! U r my frnd rite..!! ( shan nods ) Just find out who is she..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” Sanskar but..!! ” said Shan..!! ” Do what i say..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Shan unwillingly went from there..!!

At lunch

Sanskar is waiting in canteen for Shan..!! Just than Shan came..!! ” Did u find who is she..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” hmm..!! She is Swara, Swara modi..!! New admission..!! She joined 11std here two days before only..!! ” said Shan..!! ” Swara Modi..!! Now wait nd watch..!! ” said Sanskar with a smirk..!! Shan is standing there helplessly..!!

Precap : Tashan starts

Hey guys School story will be only for 3epis than will start the real story..!! Plzz keep calm nd read the story..!!
By Mahita & Maha
Love u all..!!

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