By Maha & Mahita

Episode starts from Shan telling Swara’s details to Sanskar nd smirks hearing it..!! ” So Ms.Modi wait for me..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Nd went to his class..!! Day passes as Sanskar is planning something..!!

At evening..!!
SanShan is sitting in their cycles with their gang..!! Swara is approaching the gate with one of her frnd..!! While Sanskar signs Shan nd runs towards Swara..!! He stands infront of her..!! Swara gives him a disgusting look..!! Nd turns other side..!!

Sanskar smiles genuienly..!! He pleads Swara’s frnd through eyes to leave..!! She leaves..!! ” Actually..!! ( Sanskar moves forward while Swara moves a step back ) Hey dont worry i wont do anything..!! Actually i came here to ask sorry for morning incident..!!

Thats it..!! I M SORRY nd THANK U FOR LISTENING ME TILL NOW..!! ” said Sanskar nd smiles..!! He leaves from there Swara is surprised by his act..!!

Swara’s pov :

Yeh ladka kya kar rahi hai yrr..!! At morning he came nd proposed me..!! Nd now asking for Apology..!! First of all y he proposed me nd now why he is asking sorry..!! Nd his eyes it showing something else..!!

In lunch i asked about him to my friends..!! Than only i came to know that this boy is famous in this whole school..!! He is really nice boy but just spoilt with his status..!! Even my classmates..!! Some had congrats me as The Sanskar proposed me..!!

Nd some are jealous of me..!! Nd even some are asking me the tricks how i made him fall for me in the first meet..!! Seriously yaar this all are impossible..!! Nd this Sanskar he is really Impossible..!! Anyways Swara this is all are not ur type so stay out of it..!! Nd concentrate on ur studies..!!

Pov ends..!!

Swara took a deep breath nd enters in her house..!! On Sanskar side..!! SanShan is walking in the road by pushing their cycles..!! ” Sanskar are u sure about Swara..!! Are u seriously going to take revenge from her..!! ”

Asked Shan..!! ” Yes Shan ofcourze after all she slapped The Sanskar..!! She needs to bear the punishment..!! I have already took its first step..!! I m sure she ll be thinking about me only..!! ” said Sanskar nd smirks..!! ” I think u r going too much Sanskar..!! ” said Shan..!! To which Sanskar laughs a little..!!

” Everything is fair in love nd war Shan..!! ” said Sanskar..!! Shan shooks his head in impossible suddenly something strikes his mind ” Sanskar..!! ( Sanskar looks up..!! ) Swara’s house is near to mine..!! ” said Shan..!! To which Sanskar’s eyes lightened up..!!

” U r serious ?? ” asked Sanskar..!! Shan nods..!! ” Than my work is more easier..!! ” Sanskar laughs nd soon Shan leaves as they reaches his eyes..!! Shan shows him Swara’s house nd leaves..!! Sanskar stands infront of her house..!!

” Ur house also looking beautiful like u Ms.Swara Modi..!! ” said Sanskar nd leaves from there with a smirk..!! At Swara side she told this to her didi cum bff Hasini :* ” Swara kidoo just leave all this ok..!! He asked sorry thats it..!! If he come again than will think ok..!! ” said Hasini While caressing Swara’s hair who is lying in Hasini’s lap..!!

But till now Swara’s mind nd heart is filled with One nd Only Sanskar..!! After sometime Swara slept after doing her Homeworks..!!

Next morning

Swara enters the School with a bright a smile nd a high ponytail..!! She is looking an angle in her uniform..!! No wonder if someone goes flat on her..!! A boy came runningly to Swara..!!

” U r Swara rite..!! ( Swara nods ) than i have to tell u onething..!! Kal jho huvana vo sab sirf ek Dare hai..!! ” said the boy..!! ” which incident..!! What Dare..!! What r u talking about..!! ” said Swara..!!

” I mean vo Yesterday Sanky proposed u na..!! ( Swara nods ) thats a dare for Sanskar..!! Nd he feels bad for that thats y he asked sry to u..!! ( swara is looking at him in confusion ) i know u r thinking y he didnt tell thiz to u while asking sry..!!

Actually he dont like that moreover if he have told this than u ll think he is trying to get closer to u..!! Thats y he didnt tell u..!! Nd now also he dont know that i m saying this to u..!! So plzz dont tell him that i told u this..!! Bye..!! ” said the Boy nd ran from there in a min..!!

Swara is really confused she walked to her class..!! Here the boy came to another boy..!! ” Sanskar i did as u said..!! ” the boy said..!! ” Gud job Rohan..!! Nd i ll pay ur Canteen bills for this week..!! ” said Sanskar..!! ” Thankx buddy..!! ” said Rohan nd hifies to Sanskar nd leaves..!!

Swara entered her class nd sitting alone in her bench as her frnd is absent today..!! To her surprise the girls who is jealous of her till yeserday came to her sit beside her..!! ” Hey Swara ” one of the girl said Swara greets her back all greets nd she replied..!!

” Swara u know..!! Sanskar is really a nice guy..!! But one thing na he can do anything for his dare..!! Finally we r happy that we came to know he did all this for the dare..!! Coz we all are carving to have Sanskar as our boyfriend..!!

Gos will decide who is going to be his gf..!! U know if he proposed me yesterday instead of u..!! I would have definetly accept nd kissed him on that spot..!! Omggg his pink lips..!! But u slapped him..!!

Ok thats also better..!! U KNOW HE IS REALLY A NICE GUY..!! ” the girl stretches this sentence nd all leaves..!! For the first time Swara is thinking for something else than her studies..!! She is bitting her nails nd thinking about Rohan nd the girls words..!!

On the other side the girls goes to Sanskar he promises them they will surely make anyone of them as his gf..!! Swara finally decides..!! At break She went to Sanskar’s class..!!

“Yes..!! ” Sanskar came asked to Swara who is standing in the door step..!! ” wo..!! Wo i came to know what u did yesterday is just for a dare..!! So I came to ask sorry for slapping u..!! ” said Swara..!! ” Shall we go nd talk in Ground..!! ” said Sanskar..!!

Swara nods nd both goes to ground..!! ” Actually no need of Sorry nd all..!! Its rite how can u accept the proposal of stranger so its absolutely rite that u slapped me..!! ” said Sanskar Swara smiles seeing his genuieness..!!

” ok I m going bye..!! ” said Sanskar took two steps he is thinking Swara will call him..!! Swara is doing marathon in her heart “should i call him or not..!! ” finally she decides ” Sanskar..!! ” said Swara..!! Sanskar smiles winningly nd turns..!!

” So friends..?? ” Swara forwards her hand..!! ” Ofcourse y not..!! ” Sanskar shakes her hand..!! They talks about random stuffs than leaves..!! Sanskar starts dancing in his class..!!

To be continued……….

Precap : Proposal,,Kiss,,Slap,,breakup…

Hey guys hope u all liked it..!! Nd only two epis of school life than will start up with clg..!! Full of Tashan nd love..!! Ok now question time..!!

¡ Is Sanskar is taking revenge or loving her..??
¡¡ what will Swara do after knowing the truth..??

Tell me guys..!! Bye..!!

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