hate to love a shraman fan fiction part 9

Hello guyss me again wid prt 9….
First or all i would lyk to say thnk u to angel Di fr writing soooo good abt me thankxx alot dii n then my sweetest family… angel Di lovely Di khushi Sumo Di sona Di bhoomi Di nikki ufaq. afa shalini lily n many more for supporting me…… 🙂 🙂
so guys today i want to tell u all something ……dat i am an only child n nvr evr experinced to hv an older or younger siblingss…. Really guysss bt today i. am considerimg myslf vryyy lucky to hav such a beutiful n supporting sisters lyk u….. n a beautiful little family… Thank u all!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

So guyss is se pehle mai emotional ho jaaon lets strt: 😀

Here suman reached d universty……
She enters in d universtyyyy……
N then dhammmm…..collides wid a grl
girl : heyy!! yr dekh kar chala karo na (while picking up hr books)
Sumo: m so sorry…. i didnt saw u….
—-Girl suddenly stands… n luk at her surprisingly….—- 😮
Sumo: ammm…kya hoa???
Girl: tum yahan nai ho kya????
Sumo: yes but hoee do u knw?!???
Girl: koi bhi pehchaan le… yahan koi kisi ko sorry nai bolta babes itni respect koi nai karta…. 😀
btw i am neha….neha jaiswal n u….?
Sumo: m suman…suman kapoor.. u can call me Sumo 🙂 🙂
Ne: oh i see nice to meet u Sumo darling… ok ab hum frnds ban chuke hain toh ek advise… wo group dekh rai hoo…
…..Sumo sees the group….
Sumo nods—-
Ne: un se Bach ke rehna.. babes…
Sumo: y??
Ne: they all r rich devils… 😮 inse koi bhi panga nai leta….
Sumo l smiles evily mai loon gi……
Ne: kuch kaha kya…
— Sumo nods no—
Now guys let me explain smthing about d group
2 girls n 3 boys….
abhishek (abhi)
Sumo didnt see d face of shravan……
The group was playing truth n dare……
Bottle stops at shravan…
Abhi: chal guru hoja shuru… 😀
kar: Shr yr plzz ab dare le le tu hamesha truth leta hai
Shr: ok ok bol….kya karna hai
abhi: mai mai!!! mai…batao ga hmm….tujhe….he sees Sumo… wo Jo larki dekh rha hai na blue top wali…
—–Shr sees her but couldnt see her face bczz se was standing wid back side—-
Shr nods—–
Abhi smirks—
Ja Jake usy kiss kr….
All r shocked….
Shr: hav u gone crazy??! chal bay mai nai ja raha…
Abhi : oy fatto ja na….
All group members starts cheer up….
Shr!!! Shr!!!
Shr: achhaaaaa!!!!
—-Shr goes to Sumo—–
Neha: Sumo??? can i say something?? Tu toh gai beta he is comin towards u..!!!
(she rans away)
Sumo is nervous—- ab mai kya karoo
Shr calls hr: excuse me??
(she turns bck n ws shocked to see Shr)
Both: u!!!???? Here!!??? How!!!??
Shr in mind: oo my god 😮 ab mai kya karoo ye yahan or mujhe….isko kis….. abay yr….he luks around….
— alll univrsty students were stairing at him—-
Sumo: ye meri univrsty hai….!! n wat u doing here??? wait a min tum bhi yahan parhte ho!!!??? 😀
Shr is tensed
Shr in mind: aby kya musibt hai!???? Isko aj hi ana Tha…. All r stairong at me kiss nai kia toh izzat ka faludaaaa ho jai ga…..
He luks at her…
Screen freezes…..

Precap : Tia tells Sumo dat Shr loves her.

So how ws d ep guysss??? 😀
U have a ques — wat u think will shravu [4: kiss Sumo n wat will be her reaction???? 😀
Do tell through comments n yeah silent readers plzzzz AP bhi comment karo….. 🙂
n yeah ques ka ans zarooor dena….!! 😉
Love u all!!!!!! :D. [4:11pm, 2016-06-16] H: ❤❤
[4:11pm, 2016-06-16] H: ?

Credit to: maria


  1. Big fan of edkv

    Ofcourse karna chahiye yaar izzat ka sawaal h aakhir??
    And sumo should ignore him after that incidence but not for more time as shravu will soon say sorry?

    • maria

      Ok dear i though aldat u will be bored with long ep….. !! No worries nxt tym pakka!!! 🙂 thankxxx yr

  2. shraman

    Amazing.. Post soon…I think he would act as he did but he will not.. But others would think that he did… Maybe… Amazing episode overall.. And we are all your sisters.. And I’m the smallest so I’m the special.. Hehe..just kidding

    • maria

      Thanks ye nikki dear!!! hmmm lets see. in nxt prt hota kya hai?? 😉 😉 yss dear u r my younger sis infact u r every1’s younger sis sooooo u r d most cutest n special!!

  3. sona

    Omg..maria..that’s really..interesting…
    Kaafi…kam likh k bhi..aaj tu ney humey..kaafi bada..suspense pey laga diya hai yaar..??☺?
    OK..cmng to ur question..
    I think..if shravan is a gentleman..he will kiss sumo..on her hand..being on knees..and says that..welcome to our university ..?☺?
    In this way..sumo may get shock and surprise..with his..gesture..but..WO..us sey..ghusaa..ya naraj..nahi ho payegi..?☺??aur shravan bhi..apna dare task complete..kar payega..aur sumo ko baadh mey situation ko samjaney ka mauka bhi miljayega..☺???
    I felt so..like this..wt do you say guys?!?

    • maria

      Hahhahaha thankxx a lot sona Di!! N yes lets see in nxt prt wat happend!! 🙂 🙂 well must say u r a veryyy Gud tukka master!! 😀

  4. LovelyLady


    |Registered Member

    awsm epi.. bajut pyara tha….. post ASAP…. Maria i m really priud of u… n frm now nvr n nowhere say that u hv no siblings…. i really love as an elder sis cn love her yoinger sis…. actually all of love u…. we r fortunate that in d wrld of cheatings we hv get sch a sweet family crossing all d limits of religion cast creed n country…..

    cmng to your ques mujhe lgta h ki wo ni krega…. he wll prefer Suman ‘s respect over his so called izzat……
    bt dekhte h i mean pdhte h kya hota h 😉

    • maria

      Awwww thank u soooo much fr such a lovely comment lyk ur name Di..!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ………
      Everythngg u said just completely touched my heart n i am really lucky to have such a beautiful family lyk u guyss!!!!!!!!
      Luv u Di!

  5. sona

    Ya..lovely..even..I’m ssssoooo..happy to found a sweet and cute sisters..like u all…
    I will be always there for u maria..and for my other sisters too..
    Love u all????

  6. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Wow Maria…. I m thinking to leave my comment blank…..coz I have no words to describe yr….kya baat hai….ohh so Shravan is a dude in his university…. That’s nice yr…???
    The episode rocks dear…
    And now coming to the ques….I agree with sona di…I think he will kiss her but on her hand….leaving sumo shocked?

  7. Naina

    Nice epi……thanx for calling us ur family….and coming to the question i think shr kiss nahi kary ga ????…..and usko karna b nahi chahiye sumo’s respect is more imp and moreover its her first day so shr shouldn’t spoil her day ???????

    • maria

      Well thankxx a lot naina u all r really mi little cute family!! 🙂 🙂
      n yeah abt d ep lets waits n watch!! 🙂

  8. perry

    the ep was damnnnn awwwesome 🙂 … u r such an amazing writer 😉 …. nd coming to the question …i think shravan kiss kry ga r mjhy lgta hy ussy ek flying slap mily ga sumo se ….lol it was a guess :p

  9. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    ya it could be on her hands lyk sona said… or may be he will say sorry n den kiss her .. which will create a rift between d duo… but whatever you will do m sure you will rock it.. well.. as I said last tym.. m proud of u… ???????

    • maria

      Well Sumo Di lets see wat happen!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 n thnkx fr d ans!!…. 🙂
      N thanks alot fr saying well things abt me !!
      Lots of luv!!

  10. Shalini Naicker

    I don’t like truth and dare I always choose Truth when it comes to me. Because I know that they will definitely give a weird and most dangerous things. Poor Shravan bichara phass gaya. Izzat gayi bhad mai dosti pehli.

  11. Bhoomi


    |Registered Member

    Haha… Shravan to bura fasa ?!….. Superb…. Dont ever say that u dont have sibllings…. We all r your sibllings… I am also happy to have sister like u …… ? …. Superb episode… Post next one soon…? Lots of luv my dear sis??

    • maria

      Awwww thank u soooo much bhoomi Di!!! 🙂 :* m also veryyy happy to hav such a nyc sis lyk u!!!
      Lov u too Di 🙂 🙂

  12. Angel_pari


    |Registered Member

    opppssss sharvan to bura phansa but i agree he will kiss on her hand (my guess) over all amazing epi

    and welcome maira love u my sissy 🙂

  13. Affaa


    |Registered Member

    Maria do you remember me no know nha it’s my fault…maria the truth is I missed your track really yaar…that day asked did you posted your epi…There was no reply from you…I’m ready to take any punishment for your bcoz you’re such an amazing writer…I covered all missed epic outstanding…Masha Allah…amazing work dea…love you sooooo much…Maria why not you register in tu… take care

    • maria

      Allah!!!! afaaaa kahan chali gai thi yr!!! i missed u sooo much dear i thought u r angry or something!!! 😮
      well no worries 😀 u came back thank god!!!!! How r u!?? 🙂 🙂
      N y do i punish u darling?? No nvr 🙂
      good news is u cane back n stay!! 🙂

    • maria

      Mee tooo dear!! 🙂 🙂 ! N no need to say sorry n yeah register kaise karte hain i dont knww??! 🙁

  14. Affaa


    |Registered Member

    Thank you soooooooo much for forgiving me….haa now I’m observed your question….I don’t think he will kiss her….register nothing is to do go to menu
    Name- email address- password
    Select pictures…
    Then you’ll receive email from telly update…confirm it login…
    Your account is ready..
    Love you soo much…
    Haa try to register ok…you can call me di I’m elder than you

  15. Maria

    Register nai ho raha they r nt sending d email 🙁
    Bt thnxx a lot fr telling di 🙂
    Love u too !!

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