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hate to love a shraman fan fiction part 5


hyyy guyss how r u all thankss 4 all ur respondings there was a little less comments but no prob……! just keep loving my ff n yeah plzzzz yr comment bhi πŸ˜€
so lets start continue frm previous prt:
(sumo is talking to her frnd tanya)
sumo: bs yr plzz tu na ab fikar na kar…… mai hoon na
tanya: (crying) yr u r my lst hope….. us ne property papers toh sign karwaaliay ab mama ki shaadi ki jwellryy bhi mang raha hai……
sumo: tu fikar na kar bilkuo bhi kya naaam bataya tuuune us ka ……….vik…kyyy…..vicky yeah ab tu sun jo usne tere saath kia na exactly mai uske saath wahi karo gi( she tells tanya wht she gonna do)
tanya: yr but ye toh illlegal hai……na…
sumo: toh usne jo kara na wo bara legal hai jaise acha mai baad mai baat karti hoon bobby ko phone karti hooon woh in kaamo mai boht aage hai…. bs tu apna khayaaal rakh byy
(then she calls bobby n tell him about fake papers n signatures)
sumo: aur sun koi bhi mistake kia na……toh…
bobby: nai tu fikar na kar bobyyyyy ka wadaaaa
(she hangs up )
sumo: ooo my god mai abhi tk tayaaar bhi nai hoi…..!! or mere dress ki fitting bhi…. (she shouts) mom..!!!!!!
she goes down stairs
mom!!! meri fitting kya hoa
priyaaa: ai bhagwaaan..!! is larki ka mai kya karo sb kuch aain waqt pr ruk preeti ka designer aaya hoa hai….. yahin ruk…
(sumo nods suddenly she sees shr )
sumo: shr!!!!
(shr is still angryy n doesn’t respond)
sumo: ooy kya hoa ! gussa ho kya??
shr: nai tumse kyun hooon ga….
acha kuch swaal puchta hoon zara ans toh do
sumo: yeah sure go ahead…
shr: u r here for preeker’s wedding ri8??
(sumo nods)
ok u r here for enjoying ri8??
(sumo nods)
hmmm u r also here to marry me?? han??
( sumo looks at him in shock )
hmm no ans well u r also here for my money ri8??
( sumo is double shock)
sumo slwly says in shock: shravan……….
shr: oh plzz ab ye mt kehna mujhe toh kuch pata hi nai tha…..
sumo: yes i dont know wat r u talking abt..
shr: shut up enough of dis drama sumo i know everything n u know wat mujhe pehle hi samajh jana chahiay tha….. kisi ne sahi kaha hai ameer ghareebon se ziada laalchi hote hain!!!!
sumo: ye kya bole jaa rahe ho??? have u gone mad ??? (angry) …
mujhe nai pata tum kya bakwaas kar rahe ho pr mujhe kpi intrst nai tumhari bakwaas sunne mai….g
shr: mujh jaise rich handsome boy se shaadi karne ke baad tukhe or fame mile n moreover tumhara status barkaraar rahe ga …!!! i never knew tum aisi ho gi
sumo: maine bhi nai socha tha itni ghatiya soch hogi tumhaari….
(she starts to go but shr holds her arm tightly n pulls her closer)
shr: ek baat tumhara raaz khul gaya darling sumo (angrily)
sumo: enough..!!!!!!!! ( she jerks his hand away n go )
after an hour:
( party has been started n all guests have start arriving)
(shr and push r talkinh to eachothr suddenly shr sees sumo coming downstairs wearing beautiful reb n black maxi n high heels)
( he was mezmerized to see her beauty)
(it was a co incidence dat shr also wearing blach suit wid red tie)
shr seeing her: wat a beauty……!
push: ahmm….ahm… bhai did u sayy something??
shr: aah… no…no
(sumo is talking to everyone in the hall)
host: so guyss lets rock dis party with some game (all cheer up in happiness ) so the game is ap sb blindfold ho gai and music kahatam hone tk apko puureee hall mai ghumna hai at the end of the music evry1 will stop where they will be or apna blindfold khol dena hai or ap ke samne jo bhi hoa ya hoi he or she will be ur partner not fr this dance blke life patner) so cheee up guys…!!!
sumo n shr both: wat a stupid game mai na khelooo ga/gi
(but both preeker insists dem to play finally dey agree)
(so here’s the game start all are playing with blindfold on their eyes after a while music stops n everyone also stops )
(sumo fowards her hand to check if there is anybody in front of her but there was nobdyy)
sumo: thank god no one!!
host: now apni blindfolds utaar di jiay..!!!!
(everyone do so)
(sumo oper her eyes in happiness but is shocked to see shravan but from the mirror actually shr is standind behind sumo n there was a mirror in front of sumo so she can see his reflection n both were looking at each other) both r completely skocked
host: so lets dance guyssss
sumo: no i will nt i have no ptner…
host : how can it be possible shr is ur ptner suman
sumo: no….. he is not we were nt infront of eachother i just saw his refection in mirror thats all…..
host: thats incredeble!!! tab toh tum dono zarroooor dance karo gai
rab ne banai jodi u seee him na ….. dats enough
ladies n gentlemen put ur hands together for two lovely couple one preeker jin ke liay ye party arrange hoi hai n secondly the most humari rab ki milaaai hoi jodi wah yr!!! kya mipe ho dono
so they will dance!!!! (both jodies come on stage n starts dancing on kuch khaas hai frm faishon)
sumo: i dont know kahin or jake khare nai ho skte thai kya???
shr: excuse me tum kahin aur chali jati na !!
(preeker r dancing passionately )
( because of high heels sumo was about to fall but shr holds her n pulls her closer n the have n eyelock)
epi ends on their eyelock
precap: nirmala tells sumo about fake marriage drama on the other side shr get to know the truth n is shocked n guilty…..
sooo guys how was the epi….
hope u like it…
i try to addd many shraman moments…..
sooo plzzz plzzz plzzz. doo comments cause i really… want ur comments

love u all….!!

Credit to: maria

  1. WeirdSister

    It was excellent..hope d misunderstanding gets cleared out soon!

    1. thankxxx alot weirdsister yeah it will definately cleared tommorow…

  2. It was awsm,if u wanna continue aid mor parts u can ,BT avoid misunderstanding between shraman

    1. thanks alot sanjyoti for ur advise n liking i will definately add mote parts n d misunderstanding will definately clear…… πŸ™‚

  3. Angel_pari

    it was amzaing πŸ™‚

    1. Thanxxxx a lot angel di…!

  4. Well..maria..☺
    I loved ur thought..when u said they..saw one another..through mirror..reflection..that’ romantic..?☺?
    Ur ff smoothly..☺ can with some more parts..make it as long as..u can..Im in love
    to read..all of our frnds..ffs..(sumo..khushi..u..lovely..Nikita..everyone)??☺

    1. Awww thank u sooo much sona di really ur comments means a lot to me thanxxxx 4 encouraging me also…,! So sweet of u πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      n all my sweetest frnds like u said Nikita di sumo di khushi n lovely dii they r best ever friends dey all supported me thanksss a lot to u all…! πŸ˜€
      no no no that’s not it a hug from me tu u all with lots of kisses …..! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      Love u all so much….! πŸ™‚

      1. Khushi

        Awww that’s so sweet Maria….. A big wala hug from me also and yes a lot of kisses also… u too dear

      2. Are maria don’t get so formal … We all love ur story to d core… Really… ❀❀

      3. Sumo

        Are maria u don’t need to be dat formal.. We all love ur work.. U r romantically creative..❀❀

    2. awww thankssss alot khushi n sumo di u r best ever friendsssss !! πŸ™‚

  5. Was lovely……

    1. thanxx lily…

  6. LovelyLady

    thnk god misunderstandng r gng to end soon… it is not draging as it hpns in serial…. ya dear shraman miments wre mndblwng….. keep it up…

    1. thank u sooooo much lovely dii….. πŸ™‚ .!!

  7. Bhoomi

    Superb episode…..

    1. thanks alot bhoomi di…. πŸ™‚

  8. Khushi

    Oh my god Maria it was amazing….. Matlab I was smiling reading it even when shravan was saying bad things to sumo…..but I would love to see a guilty shravan and m desperately waiting to read what will happen next…. Plz plz post the next part soon…..ab wait nhi hota…..u r too good….
    Love u yr❀❀

    1. awww khushi yr tumhara commnt prh kr dil khush ho jata hai πŸ˜€ definately post next 1 sOon πŸ˜‰
      love u toooooo dear….!!! πŸ™‚

  9. Sumo

    N about d episode.. It was amazing .. Everything is so smooth n lovable.. I loved the fact that sumo saw his reflection… So cute . ❀❀???

    1. thank u sooooooo much sumo di. πŸ˜€ thankxxxx for loving n appreciating my ff …….! πŸ™‚

  10. Please continue the story it was fantastic awesome yaar. Keep writing Maria.

    1. thankxxxxxxxx alot shalini !! m really glad dat u like it yr!! πŸ˜‰

  11. Hye maria☺

  12. hy mary how r u?? πŸ™‚

  13. i really liked it

  14. thankxx alot deotima!!

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