hate to love a shraman fan fiction part 19 last part


Hy gyss MARIA again!! 😀 to eat ur brains with d vry last prt of my ff…….. 🙂
Hope u enjoy it…… 🙂

—-sumo gets up n sees reflection of shr in d front mirror—-
—-tears rolls down frm her face cause she remembers d party wala scene—– 🙁
Sumo: we r meant to be partners…….. 🙁
Shr: we r partners..! 🙂
—sumo eyen widen up hearing shr voice she turns bck n its really shr who is standing their—-

(acha gys ye 10 min ke baad ki kahani hai 😀 )

—-sumo cant believe in hr eyes she is so happy—- 😀
shr cms to her….. U r vry selfishh prsn yr….. U just decided to leave me…. 🙁 did u think ke mera kya ho ga…….
—-sumo looks on—-
Shr: i love u damit……i love u!!!
Sumo: i….i love u tooo
—–they huged eachothr tightly—-
—–aftr the hug he asked—-
Shr: but tum abhi tk yahan……tumhari flight ka tym toh…..
—-sumo looks at tri—-

«««««FLASH BACK»»»»»
When evry 1 leave to airport tri realizes her mistake n she called sumo…..
Voice : hey this is sumo leave a voice msg……
—–tri tells sumo abt evry thing ——

sumo: mai almost boarding area mai enter ho gai thi when i find her msg i sit on d bench n cried…….
—–if today tri ws nt their i…would have gone—–
Evry body hugs tri—- (so guys here tri cms in positive role)

—library is beautifully decorated—
Sumo: wow…… ( gys sumo know abt it cause tri told her…..)
—shraman go inside d library—-
Shr: u must be thinking y i choose this place….??
(sumo nods)
—shr cresses her face— 🙂 😉 🙂
Cause this is d place where i frst met my love,angel…… 😉
Sumo:awwwwww ………. shr….bus i am blushing…..
shr laughs— 😀

—-they go n sit on d same table where they frst sit—-
—-shr pulls a chair fr her—–
—-n they enjoy diner n chit chat—-
(aftr dinner they dance on kuch toh hai —frm do lafzon ki kahani—)
Aahatein…kaisi ye aahatein sunta hoon aj kl ai dil bta…… 🙂
—–he spins her n pulls close to him—-
—they share a romantic dance—-

After d dance—-
Shr : today i want to say smthing…..i always think that i will nevr love smone u knw i think love is fazool….. 😀 but aftr u came in my life…..
(he cresses her face) my life fully change…..i got to knw that love is such a beatiful thing…….
Sumo keeps her finger on his lips…..
Sumo: shhhh…!! Bs mr shr…..kita bolo gai….u also chaged my life…..i also got to knw dat how much beautiful love is……. 🙂 🙂

—–shr takes out a ring frm his pocket n sit on knees—-
Shr: so miss sumo kapoor….my love…will u accept this pagal jisy tumne insaan bana dia ……… 🙂 will u accept my love fr u……..??
Sumo: (happily nods yes) 😀
—-he makes her wear ring n they hug again echothr tightly—–
Shr: i love u…….
Sumo: i love u too…… 🙂

Shr: so shadi ka plan…?
Sumo: nop frst i will cmplete my stydy……
Shr: ooh toh aftr four years…… kahir hai i will became ur boyfriend then…. wat say….?? 😉
—sumo hits him plafully—
—-he kisses her on cheeks—-
U r d most amazing thing happen to me sumo…….. 🙂
—-all friends cm n claps fr them—-

N aftr 4 years both couples yani “shraman n preeker” marry in same mandap…..
Cause jab bade behen bhaiya sabar kar rahe hai toh chete behen bhai nai kar skte ky….?? 😉

—-n they lived happily after——

—….—–….—–THE END—-…..—-….—–
SO guys here ends my ff…….”hate to love”
Plzzz cmmnt how ws it….?? N silent readers u tooo

i will write anothr 1 “pyaar dosti hai a shraman ff” plzz guys i want ur support in dis also lyk u support me in frst one…..plzzz
or agr koi bhi ghalti ho gai ho to……. maafi…….
I would lyk to day thank u wid bada wala hug…….to….

Lovely di…. 🙂
Khushi….. 🙂
Sumo di…. 🙂
Sona di…. 🙂
Nikki….. 🙂
Ufaq api…. 🙂
Angel-pari di….. 🙂
Afaa di…. 🙂
Preety preeti…. 🙂
Lily…. 🙂
Weird sister (WS)…. 🙂
shramanzangel… 🙂
Naina…. 🙂
Kavina…. 🙂
fatimagulrez….. 🙂
Nandu…. 🙂
Anamika….. 🙂
Harshan….. 🙂
Sanjyoti…. 🙂
Silent reader….. 🙂

N so sorry guys agar kisi or ka naam bhool gai……

Guys thank u soooo much fr ur love help n support….. u r the most amzing little family of mine… 🙂 🙂
I want ur support in my next ff tooo just lyk u support me in this…….

By by….. 🙂
—-stay happy stay blessed—–
Love u all …. !! 😉 😀 😉

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  1. WeirdSister

    Amazing amazing amazing…so finally a happy ending for shraman…!! Plz come back soon wid ur new ff..mi will be eagerly waiting for it…!!!

    1. Marie

      Awww thank u sooo much dear…!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      N yeah thanks fr supporting me I will be back with nxt 1 support me lyk dis always….! 😉

  2. Awsm ,I love it from start to end

    1. Marie

      Aww thanks a lot dear !!! 🙂

  3. Prettypreeti

    Hey maro love ur ff and hug u back miss ur ff a lot full of emotion miss it and come back soon loved it a lot a lot and a lot lots of love and again a hug

    1. Marie

      Hy dear…!! Thank u sooooo much fr such sweet love dear..!! I will cm soon with another one plzz support me lyk dis always!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Sharmansangel

    I love you yaar…… what a story….. I wish I could have writing skills like you……. you are just amazing…….. and I am waiting for the next one…… love this one from the depth of my heart ……..and if you can please make a season 2…….

    1. Marie

      Awww thank u sooo much fr such sweet compliments dear 🙂 n yeah u r an amazing writer… Dear…!! I will cm soon with nxt 1 plzz support me lyk dis !!
      N yeah whenever I get a chance I will definitely write season 2 …. 😀

  5. Its an amazing ff…lovely ending..will be waiting for ur new ff…cme bck soon…

    1. Marie

      Thank u soooo much & more dear….. So sorry I forgot to mention ur name bt yr u support me also…. Thanks fr that !! N baad wala hug 🙂
      Yes I will cm soon plzz support me lyk dis 😀

  6. Nikita

    Amazing end.. I loved it.. You’re such an amazing writer.. Pls post your next ff too.. I’m gonna miss you.. Gonna wait for it.. This was one of the most beautiful ff’s on EDKV pg.. Thank you..

    1. Marie

      Awww thanks a lot dear…!! Thank u so much fr such an amazing compliments !! I will be back soon keep supporting me lyk this!! 😀

  7. Khushi

    Ohh Maria……yeh khatam kyu ho gyi…nhi….?????
    But this part was amazing I loved that u made Trisha also positive this is the perfect end dear…love u yr….next jaldi post karna…but still khatm ho gyi yr…I will miss it…..hey btw do u know where is pari di…she is not seen lovely di came but pari di???

    1. Marie

      Awww khushi khushi y r u sad dear…..!! End toh Karna tha na btw don’t u have to worry their will be another !! Bs mujhe aise hi support karte rehna always….!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Yr I don’t where she is……. EID se pehle hi baat hoi thi…..

  8. Khushi

    Tu kammal dhamaal bemisaal hai Maria…..I m commenting twice coz ek se mera man nhi bhara…..love u yr this was one of the best ffs I have ever read deat

    1. Khushi


    2. Marie

      Awwwww thank u sooo much dear u knw wat ur cmmnts r energy boosters to Bhi boht hi ziada tareeef kar deti hai Mai itni Bhi achi nai………!!

      1. Khushi

        and tumhare mere liye maria…a tight to u from my side

    3. Marie

      Awwwww 🙂 🙂 thank u soo much dear…!

  9. Oh..hello..
    Ms.maria..my dear sis…
    Don’t say bye..
    U should say that u will b back OK..
    I will say bye to this hate to love ff only as it ended today..vo bhi with tears..???☺??
    And we will b always there to love u maria..☺☺

    1. Marie

      My sweetie sisyyy
      Aww ok I will be Bck soon with another one!! 😉 😉
      Thank u sooo much fr ur love n support dear….!!
      Keep supporting me lyk this always…..!!

  10. Shalini Naicker

    Loved it. You did a good job it was a nice ending and also a simple one.. Your dp is nice as YJHD is my favourite movie.

    1. Marie

      Awww thank u sooo much dear…!! N yeah so sorry I forgot to mention ur name yr…… Mafi plzz n thanks a lot fr tareeef 😉

  11. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awwww thank u soooooo sooooooo much for considering me as a member of ur sweet lil family ????? …. nd this ff was simply awwwwesome amazing fantabulous super duper r sb achy achy compliments iss ff k liye ?? … really it was a full power pack ff … I wish agr apky iss ff pr dra

    1. Marie

      No need to thank me dear u supported me…..!! Awww thank u so much fr such sweet compliments dear….!! 😉 🙂 😉 thank u keep supporting me lyk dis… 🙂

  12. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Drama bnaya jaye to mere khatam me usski TRP 7th sky tk pohnch jaye gi … nd BTW apny mere name k spelling ghalat type kiye hn bt it’s OK ?

    1. Marie

      Hahahah that WS d biggest compliment dear…..!! 😀
      Oohhh so sorry yr didn’t realize….. Mafi …..

      1. Fatimagulesarfraz

        That’s OK ?

  13. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Sorry for the error .. ghalti se half upload ho gaya

    1. Marie

      No prob dear….! 🙂

  14. Yr…. if ff was superb……i will literally miss this… u rocked…. come back soon with another ff … will be eagerly waiting…… n thnku for remembering me…..???

    1. Marie

      Aww thank u fr sweet cmmnt dear…….!! Will definitely cm soon !! Wid nxt ff 😉 keep supporting me lyk dis ….! 🙂

  15. Kavina

    I loved it

    1. Marie

      Thanks a lot dear…!

  16. Superb end. and keep writing……

    1. Marie

      Thanks a lot dear…!! 🙂

  17. LovelyLady

    Maria dear plz cm wd a new ff … i now u hv a lot of tallent inside u…. so plz use it n cm bck soon …….
    N this epi was jhakas…. so romantic…..

    1. Marie

      Thank u soooo much lovely di….!! So happy to c ur cmmnt after long tym….! 🙂 🙂
      I will cm back soon keep supporting me lyk dis 😉

  18. LOved it. And thanx for the thanks. Keep writing. Lots of love.

    1. Marie

      Thank u soooo much dear 😉 do need to say thanks dear u supported me bs aise hi keep supporting me lyk di ! 🙂 🙂
      Love u too !

  19. Oooo….i m really sad that this ff ended it was so cute but i m happy u r gonna write new one so waiting for pyaar dosti ha and this one amazing and a hug from me too to my sweet frnd maria ????

  20. Marie

    Awww thank u soooo much dear i ws waiting fr ur cmmnt…..! 🙂 🙂
    I hope u enjoy PDH like u enjoy this one…… 🙂

  21. Knock knock Mario
    Sorry for the lateness but I have a strong reason of having no network so sorry plzzzzzz forgive na
    Acha g coming to epi the epi was awesome I loved it not only u write that’s y but because of the song u wrote in or epi as it is of my favourite singer Armaan
    I loved it
    Waiting for PDH
    And y r u saying thanks don’t say thanks OK???
    A tight hug from or api
    Api loves u most
    Take care of urself
    Pray sweet pray
    Love u stay blessed keep smiling

    1. Marie

      Opening door…………..
      Hello api frst of all no need to say sorry cause i understand ur prob it usually happens to me also 🙂 ……..
      Its enough fr me that u cmmnt so dont say sorry….. 🙂 🙂
      Thank u thank u & thank u sooo much api…!!! N yeah it is also one of my fav songs by armaan malik……
      I will cm bck soon with d 2nd intro of PDH…..
      N i love u most se bhi upar…. 😉 😀
      I will take care bt u also take care of ur self ok…….
      I will always pray u…..
      Love u too api…….!! 😀
      lota os kisses frm ur younger sis….
      muaahhhhh!!! 😀

  22. Mario do u listen English song???
    A cha Mario 9th k papers kese hoe the apke???
    R u r one & only child of or parents ohoooooooo eshein hain apke to……..
    And I love u more
    Have u listened song ” mjh ko barsaat bna lo”

    1. Marie

      Ye api i nt only listen eng songs bt also thai chines whatever i love i judt listen….eng ka to mujhe crazeee hai 😀
      alhamdulilah bht ache hoi plzzz pray fr me ke result bhi bht acha aai…..
      Yes api m one n only child…… 🙂
      N u???
      Love u mostttttt……
      N yeah i listen mujhko barsat bana lo bt my czn is crazyyy abt this song 😀

  23. I m also crazy for English songs especially songs of one direction
    I always pray for u sweetu
    I m only sister of four brothers
    Love u mostest ahahaa
    I m crazy about armaan malik yar I listen all his songs he is just ammmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaziiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggg
    Craziness u know

  24. Marie

    Hehehehhehe i knw i also love 1D n taylor swift……. 😀 n yeah armaan malik is one of my most fav hindi singers!!!
    Mashallah only 1 sis….. 😀
    btw api r u frm lower punjab or lahore punjab?? Cause i never listen the name lower punjab…….

    1. Sweetu Punjab province is divided into two portions
      Upper punjab which contains cities like Lahore Rawalpindi Faisalabad ala bla
      Lower punjab which contains cities like bahawalpor Multan ala bla
      These two parts together make province of Punjab and I m from lower Punjab sweetu now u understand
      I just love 1d and akcent and araman malik to always rocks

      1. Marie

        Oooohoooo!!! Wow !! Yeah yeah now I understand clearly…….!! 😀
        Thank u fr telling me api!!
        I also love 1D vryyyyyy much api y don’t u get registered so we can talk in msgs also… 🙂 just saying….!

  25. Affaa

    Asalamu alikum…Maria…
    It was my one of my favourite best ff…ever I have read…I feel like it was quite good time while reading you’re ff…I never felt like wasting my time by reading it…really it was just fantabulous…really amazing just loved it…
    Your the best gift god ever give…Thank telly for giving such an awesome cute sis…love you…
    And hats off to your talent…Please please come with next ff…I’ll miss you and your ff…love you sooo much…take care…

    1. Marie

      Walaikum asalam di…….. thank u thank u sooo much fr give such an amazing compliments really i m not that worth pr phir bhi aap ne itna samjha is ke liay lots of big hugs frm my side……. 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Even i thanks telly fr given such an appreciative sis to me……really when talking to u guys i feel complete!! 😀
      i will soon am back with pdh but i
      really want u to cmmnt on these…… 🙂
      N di i really missed u these days thanfully u xame back so happy to read ur cmmnt…. 😉

      1. Marie

        Love u more!!
        U also takr care of urself…..!!
        Lots if hugs..!! 😀
        allah hafiz…

  26. Angel_pari

    Bara wala sorry yar i,m hell busy these days so sorry

    but omggggg what a amazing epi maira i loved it so much
    plzzzz be back with pdh waiting for it love u loads

    1. Marie

      Aww dont need to say sorry di…….i can understand…..its enough fr me that u love me support me so much n u give a lovely cmmnt thank u soooo much fr that. 😀
      bada wala hug frm my side…!! 🙂 i will soon bck with pdh aise hi always keep supporting me….!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      Love u tooooo ….!! 😀

  27. HarSHaN

    Marie..Sorry for late..Doesnt believe Itz the end..Bcoz I just start reading first time.frm epi18.Very nycc.. portray is gud..Very happy to get ur nxt ff.. Going to read…tat..

  28. Marie

    No prob yr u cmmnt it’s enough fr me….!! N I am very thankful to u dat u read n cmmnt thank u sooooo much !!
    Bs yr keep loving n supporting my ff’s
    N yes my next ff “pyaar dosti hai ” usko Bhi Parhna zaroor n hosake toh cmmnt Bhi Karna I will be vry glad…!! 🙂

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