hate to love a shraman fan fiction part 15

Hy guys ! 😀
Thaks alot fr ur ur precious Cmmnts on my prev prt m soo happy!! 🙂 🙂
Keep loving n cmmnting….!

Prt 15
Continue frm pr prt…..!
Sumo open hr eyes n luks at Shr who es standing near d window watch raining—–
— she smiles n sleeps—
two days passes lyk dis—
(guys in do dino ki kahani mai AP ko age age btao gi) 🙂 🙂
Finall vicky got arrested—
N Sumo returned home—–
At ni8—
Shr is talking to Tia in his room–
Tia: to kya socha tune?? 😀
Shr: mtlb?
Tia: idiot usy propose kb Kare ga…..
—Shr smiles—

Shr: yr mai hamesha kehta Tha mujhe pyar nai ho ga or dekh aj ho bhi gaya ( he remembers push saying saccha wala) saccha wala…… 🙂 🙂
Tia: these 5 days that u have spent togethr….
Shr: sab kuch badal gaya……. hate luv mai badal gaya…… 🙂 🙂 🙂
But yr Sumo ko nai pata ke mai us se……
Tia: dont worry dear wo bhi tujh se Pyaar karti hai….. 🙂
In morning—
Sumo cms to Preeti room–
Preeti hugs hr—
Di AP kyun nai aai shopping pr pata hai kitna enjoy kia hum sb nai?? 😀
( Sumi remember 5 days she spent wid Shr she smiles)
Nai i am glad mai nai gai….. 🙂 🙂

Shr is talking to his grp—
Sumo cms univrsty—
—she smiles she him n ws abt to go to him suddenly trisha blocks hr way—–
T: so….. Boht dino baad!?? huh?? (Sumo smiles) 🙂 Shr ke saath quality tym spent kar lia!!???
(Sumo shockingly luks at hr)
Sumo: hav u gone crazy ?? sari situation janne ke baad bhi u r saying this??
Tri: bs Sumo enough!! i m nt saying rubbish u r doing rubbish!!
Tum kyun Shr ke peeche padi hoi ho?? Jab dekho usky saath saath ??
Or abhi bhi u r going to him ?? plz yr i beg u leave him….!! Plz ! Cant u c dat tumhara ana hamari frndship ko kitna effect kar rha hai 🙁
(Sumo is vry hurt)
(she goes away)
Trisha smirks—–
Trisha: my work here is nt done….
(she laughs ) —she luks at Shr who is busy wid d group—
I will make dem hate eachothr!! Shr is only mine……
whole day spent lyk dis—-
Shraman didnt saw eachothr—-
Sumo cms home—
—-She takes out a red rose frm hr bag n cries—-

—–Sumo was talking to Preeti . She tell Sumo abt love signs n Sumo realizes hr luv fr Shr—–
—-she cries hard—
I am coming bw his frnship…….
On d othr hand Shr is sitting on his bed thinking abt d day—
— How ge tried to find Sumo whole day in univrsty but cant find hr–

Shr: Sumo tum kyun nai dikhi aj mai tumhe kaise kahoon ke i love u…… (he smiles)
Screen freezes…..

Precap: trisha continuosly pumps Sumo to leave Shr……

So guys gow ws d ep!??? 😀
N here is ques :will Sumo leave Shr?? Will trisha win??
Do cmmnt !! cause i really need it plzz ……. 🙂
N yeah think abt my ques!! 😉
N silent readers plzzz cmmnt 🙂 🙂
By gys luv u all! 😀 https://m.facebook.com/#!/456825911163939/photos/a.456835537829643.1073741828.456825911163939/565995690246960/?type=3&source=48&__tn__=E

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  1. Sumo

    so.. it was wonderful maria.. I guess sumo won’t leave him.. Noway! I love tia waise she is sooo sweet.. ???

    1. Thank u sooo much Sumo Di!!
      N thanks fr d ans……. 🙂
      Will see wat happen 🙂

  2. Mast epi Maria… n I think sumo will leave shr first and then they will reunite…. May be as per my thinking…. Waiting for the nxt part….???

    1. Thanks alot anamika dear…… 🙂
      N thanks fr d ans…… !

  3. Nice epi……waiting to know what will happen in the next epi… Post soon

    1. Thanks dear!!
      Will post ASAP!

  4. Sharmansangel

    Lovely Maria di

    1. Thanks alot dear….!

  5. Ahm ahm knock knock Mario see who is here ur criminal ohhh sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    I m so sorrrrrryyyyyy swety actually I was busy so can’t comment sorrrrryyyyyyy again
    Mario the story till now going is amazing I loved it reallly loved it
    Ufffff Mario u seriously r very innocent inspite of giving u so much clues u still didn’t recognise I m a girl or a boy
    Uffff budhu(sorry) I m girl of 16 years got it sweetu thank god finally truth revealed lol and ya ufaq is a name of girl and afaq is a name of a boy don’t mix it OK anyways love u stay blessed bye

    1. Hahahha gate open hai my frnd…….
      Mere frnds ke liay always open 😀
      i ws sad dat u didnt cmmnt on prev prt…… but no worries is pt toh kardia na 😉 age bhi karte rehna ufaq api 😀
      Hhahaha u said ri8 i am a budhu 😀
      But now i knwwww AP ne bta dia 😉

      1. N yeah thank u sooo much fr loving api….!
        Keep loving n cmmnting
        btw which city r u frm??

      2. U r saying me Api???? If yes then I m glad and ya which city u belong???

      3. Yes m calling u api if u don’t mind m frm karachi n u??

  6. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Superb ep ??? … u r doing a very gud job .. keep it up ?? … nd coming to ur question, so I think for sometime Trisha will win bt after that all the misunderstanding will be cleared … hope so ??

    1. Thanks alot dear….!
      N thanks fr D ans 🙂
      Lets seee wat will happen!

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey girl !!! I hv a question for u, Why do u named this ff HATE TO LUV A SHRAMAN .. what does it mean .. I didn’t get it ? ???

    1. Cause in frst parts shraman used to hate eachothr mostly shravan due to sm misunderstandings but now they love eachothr….. 🙂
      Dat is y i named it HATE TO LOVE A SHRAMAN FF……. 🙂
      hope i cleared it…

    2. Btw Fatima which city r u frm??

  8. Maria..waisey tho hamari daily soap heroins..kaafi senstive hai..aur dusro k bharey mey pehley sochtey..yadhi hamari sumo b aide hai..tho WO..pukka chip rahegirahegi..ignores shrvan??☺

    1. U r right sumo Di….. 🙂

  9. Maria..waisey tho hamari daily soap heroins..kaafi senstive hai..aur dusro k bharey mey pehley sochtey..yadhi hamari sumo b aide hai..tho WO..pukka chip rahegirahegi..ignores shrvan??☺
    Waisey..this part is so..nice

    1. Thank u soooi much Di hope u also lyk remaining prts!! 😉

  10. Nikita

    Amazing..!! And of course sumo won’t leave shravan..! This trisha.. I hate !

    1. Thanks alot dear…….. 🙂 🙂 !!
      Thanks fr d ans!! N yeah i also haye dis trisha !

  11. Angel_pari

    Amazing epi…… And plzzz dont make sumo leave sharvan infact reveal that stupid trisha…… 😉 post soon

    1. Thanks a lot angel di…..!
      Don’t worry good things going to happen soon ! 😉

  12. Lovely epi…….and i think k sumo shr ko chor de gi but shr usy sub confess kary ga

    1. Thanks a lot fr commenting naina!!
      Let’s see wat will happen!! 😀 stay tuned !!

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