hate to love a shraman fan fiction part 12

Hy guys !! m so obliged fr ur precious comments on my prev prt!!
thank u sooo much guys!! Really thanks alot!! 🙂 🙂
So lets strt wid prt 12:
Tia in Shr room—-
Tia:man u r in luv!! 😀
Shr: pagal ho gai ho kya tum??
— in serious mode– luk mere paas is luv shuv ke liay no tym!! Ok?? U knw my nature!! 😀 m a play boy!!
Tia: pr……..
Shr: pr wr kuch nai ja yahan se……. i want to sleep….
Tia: dafa ho ja…… By
—-aftr she go Shr thinks—-
I think i hav to do smthng kyun ke mai jahan tk is Tia ki baachi ko mai janta ho poori univrsty mai bol degi!
—- he thinks n sleep—–
(on d othr side)
—- Sumo is stnding near d window n luking out—
—-Preeti cms to her—-
Preeti: Di r u sure u dont wnt to go??
Sumo: yeah! i already told u…….

Pre: but Di ye meri or push ki shaadi ki shopping hai AP nai ho gi toh maza nai aai ga 🙁
Sumo: aww yr mai zaroor ati!! Lekin univrsty mai bhi toh kaam hai na new admissions hoay hain image kharab hojai gi ……. (she sys naughtily)
Pre: han AP ko apni image ki pari rehti hai 🙁
Sumo: oy!! Yr mai chali jaon gi lekin shaadi ki shpping pr ye engagement ki shpping hai….. or waise bhi tum log sirf do dino ke liay hi toh ja rai ho!!
Pre: okekin shadi ki shopping pr pakka aanA!!
Sumo: ok baba !! 😀
— Preeti goes—-
Sumo thinks : tum kl mujhse door chale jao gai do dino ke liay……… 🙁

In mrning:
Sumo is ready and sying by to hr family—/
By mom by preeetooooo!! my sweeto 🙂 🙂
Priya : beta tum bhi chalti………
Sumo: mom !! I already told u!!
—they all said by to each othr—-
In univrsty:
Sumk is walking suddenly she saw Shr…..
She was dam happy n cant believe hr eyes—
Sumo: Shr!! Shr!! Hy
Shr didnt say a word—-
Sumo: tum nai gai?? 😀
–still no reaction—

Sumo:yr actually i want to thank…….
Shr: yr hum baad mai baat karte hain….i have som impor work by……
(he leaves)
Sumo was confused : isy kya ho gaya???
Tia was standing n watching all dis frm far—-
All day spent lyk dat–
He ignored her whole day–
Sumo goes to parking area:
Sumo: isy ho kya gaya hai???
( suddenly some goons cms to her n snatch her bag frm hr)

(she ws abto : oy !!! My bag!!!! Oy !!! ruko!!
She wast abt to enter in her car sddenly she sw her car tires punchered)
Sumo: dam!!!! Ye kaise hoa???! Yr ab kya karoon??!!
Shr also cms their: aj ka din hi kharab hai !! 🙁
She luks at him—–
Shr signs gr to sit in his car—-
Sumo: no thanks…..i can manage .
Shr: han all tires punchered bag bhi chin gaya!! U can absolutly manage!!
Sit in d car Sumo—
(Sumo had left wid no choice so she sit in his car)
They both drive away—-
In car:
Sumo: i dont knw kis ne kia??? Kon kr skta hai???
(Shr was silent)
Sumo: well…… (sddenly she notice smthng)
Sumo: Shr i think we r going d wrng way…….
(Shr was still quite)
Sumo strts to sy in loud tone: Shr !! i am saying smthng!! R u listning??!!
Shr!! We r going d wrong way!!
(still no reaction)

— it is shown dat sbr was d one who punchered her car tires–
Screen freezes!!

Precap: Shr tells hr d reason…. n she was shocked! 😮
Sumo: wat!!??

So guys how was d ep?? i knw dat it hasnt shraman moments bt dont worry cause nxt ep pakka in ke uper hi hk ga 😉 😉
So wat do u think y Shr did dis???
Socho socho…. 😀
n give ur views abt d ep.n ans in Cmmnts !! N silents reader plzz u r also welcome to give ur views n ans 🙂 🙂 🙂
Love u all!! [4:11pm, 2016-06-16] H: ❤❤
[4:11pm, 2016-06-16] H: ?

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  1. Wow, I loved it.. I think he will propose her…

    1. Thanks dear 🙂
      Lets see wat will happen!
      Thanks fr d ans 🙂

  2. LovelyLady

    i loved it…. waiting fr nxt epi full of shraman moment………

    1. Thanks alot Di !!

  3. Sumo

    guess he will tell her wat tia said… pata nai bt m waiting.. it was so good maria….. so ingesting it is… post it soon..??

    1. Thank u soo much Sumo Di!!
      Well lets see wat happen!!
      Thanks fr d ans 😉

  4. Shalini Naicker

    Fantastic loved it I think Shravan will propose her as Lily said. Keep writing.

    1. Thank u sooo much shalini dear 🙂
      Will see wat happen 🙂
      Thnks fr d ans

  5. Superbb…cant wait for shraman moment…plz write next epi asap

    1. Thank u shiny dear!
      Will definately post soon 🙂

  6. Nikita

    interesting… mayb he fell in love.. post soon… amazing episode di..

    1. Thanks nikki dear!!

  7. Waiting for next part…. nice epi

    1. Thankx dear!! 😉

  8. amazing i loved it maria do u think i m aboy???? hahahaha

    1. Thanks ufaq!! 😀
      hahahha phir toh u r definately a girl !

  9. U left no option…except..to watch..because its beyond imagination..?☺☺
    Waiting for next ff.. ASAP☺☺

    1. Thanks alot sona Di!! 😀
      Will definately post soon ………!

  10. its was superb maira loved it to the core……..

    1. Thanks alot dear……….!! 🙂

  11. Amazinggggg ep !!!!!! ?? …. Nd I think ussny propose Krna hoga ? … umm may b ….. plzzzz update soon ??

    1. Thank u soo much dear!!
      N thanks fr d ans……
      Lets see wat will happen!! 🙂

  12. WeirdSister

    It was nice…post soon!

    1. Thanks dear…..! 🙂

  13. Khushi

    maria maria maria…i dont have words to say yr…i did not have thought even a pinch that sumo’s tyre will be punctured by shravan only….u really surprised me yr…i loved it yr..keep it up and post soon its incredible..
    and i think shravan ne sumo ko bta diya hoga ki usne hi sumo ke car ke tyre puncture kiye hai,,that is why shw was shocked…just a guess…plz post next 1 soon dear..

    1. Awww thank u soooo much khushi dear!! 🙂 🙂
      pehle toh tum ye btao how r u now r u fyn??? 🙂
      Yr very nyc tukka! lets see wat will happen!! ❤ ❤ ?

      1. Khushi

        M feeling good now…much better but this fever is still troubling me yr…..hope I will soon kick it out of my body….???
        Hey yr why don’t u get registered yr…it will be fun???

      2. Gud I will pray fr u….! 🙂
        Yr I tried a lot but it’s not registering 🙁
        I don’t knw wat to do………. 🙁

  14. Bhoomi

    Superb episode Maria ?

    1. Thanks alot bhoomi Di!! 🙂

  15. It was good ……and i think shr sumo ko bataye ga k wo usy ignore kyun kar raha ha and may be ye kahy k unhy uni ma nahi milna chahiye

    1. Thanks alot naina 🙂
      N thank u soo mch fr D ans lets see wat will happen……. 🙂
      Keep luving n commenting dear……!

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