hate to love a shraman fan fiction part 10

Hy guyss m again wid prt 10!! 🙂
Hope u lyk it…. 😉
m so happy abt all ur cmmnts guyss!
Thnk alot n keep loving it!! 🙂
So lets start…!!
— Shr is lukng at Sumo then evry1 then his frnds—-
—-Abhi signs him to kiss—- 😀
(shr glares at him)
In d grp trisha is worried
tri: abhi ke bache tune usy kiss karne ko kyun kaha (angrily)
Abhi: aww trisha baby jealous ho rai hai?? ( she luks at him in anger)
Ary yr mai tph bs chahta hoo ye usy kiss kardy fattu ne aj tk kisi ko kiss nai kia!! :/
—– every one in d univrstyyy ws stairing at them n expecting high frm Shr—-
Shr: sorry Sumo…..(Sumo is confused)
He leans into kiss her.. bt sddenlyy gt n idea…
—- he strt saying in loud tone—-
Hy kaisi ho yr!!!! Sumo tumhra hi wait kar rha Tha!! 😀
—— all r confused include Sumo—–
—– he kisses her on cheek—–
Hyy welcome!!
—–Every1 was lyk hain???????!!!!—-
Bechare 😀 they were expecting high…
—-Abhi was shocked n trisha takes a sigh of relief—-
—–Shr takes Sumo to his grp —-
Shr: so guys !! she is Sumo.. !! say hy (n introduces Sumo wid his friends)
Sumo: hy m Sum…
Shr: my frnd!!
All say pata hai!!!!
Sumo: ok m going to class by… see u soon
—-Aftr she leaves—-
Abhi: yr tu nai sudhre gaa… kiss karne ko kaha Tha!! :/
Shr: toh kia na 😀 Cheeks pr 😀
abhi : maine cheeks pr nai kaha Tha!!
Shr: tune toh kaheen bhi nai kaha Tha 😀
abhi: u!! tune Sara maza kharab kardia !! All were expecting vryy high frm u n??
Shr cut him: n nthng… Mjhe pta hai tu har kisi ki tarhan uska bhi record lagwana chata Tha!! beta kisi or ka lagwa nt dis girl… (he strts to go) n yes stay away frm her….. (he leaves )
— all were in shock but Tia anderstands smthing—–
—-Aftr taking d class Sumo comes of of the class room but suddenly stops seeing Tia infrnt of her—-
Sumo: hey 🙂
Tia: hmm yr tum mai kuch baat toh hai…
Sumo is confused
Tia: dont u knw ( she tells her abt the bet)
Yr tera record lagne wala Tha izzat gai thi bs teri…. agr wo tujhe kiss krdeta na!!
(Sumo realizes that he kissed hr on cheeks)
Tia: yaad aya kuch 😀 isne baat hi ko ghumadia darling…
(Sumo thinks abt his weird behavior)
Tia : u knw wat mujhe lgta hai he is in luv wid u!! 😀
(Sumo is shocked) 😮
Sumo: wat!!!? :id
Tia: joke Tha serious mat lena waise bhi he is wid trisha!!
Sumo: kya us trisha ke saath??( she feels a little jealously) 😉
Tia : yeah!!
On d othr side abhi n Karan r talking..
Abhi : yr mjhe smajh nai aaya ke Shr?? uski izzat bacha li yr !!
Karan: han yr evn i was shocked Shr hamara playboy!! aj ??
Abhi : warna yr us….s..Sumo ka record toh lag hi gaya Tha..
Karan: yr he always make fun of girls !! but aj??
Abhi: hmmmmm
Screen freezes !!

Precap: Tia tells smthg Shr n he gets shock
Shr: have u gone crazy….

So how ws d ep guys!! 😀 Shr n Sumo dono ki izzat Bach gai…
In short Shr rock all r shocked 😀
Do tell guyss through comments n silent reader plzz AP bhi karo comments 🙂 🙂
N tym fr a ques : so guyss tell me wat will Tia tell him dat he gets so shocked 😮 ok hint koi bad news nai hai 😀
plzzzz ans d ques!!
Luv u guyss!! 🙂 🙂
[4:11pm, 2016-06-16] H: ❤❤
[4:11pm, 2016-06-16] H: ?

Credit to: maria


  1. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    record lgna kya hota h? heard it for the first time… PR mast h.. record lgna tha…? waise! as usual u rocked n d episode too… keep going girl.. love ya ..??

    • maria

      Sumo record lagna izzat ka faluda hona hota hai.. 😀 hope u got cleared dear..! 🙂
      N yeah thankxx yr for commentingg!!

  2. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    n on ur question.. I think she will tell him d same thing dat she said to sumo.. may be lyk ” sumo is in love wid u” ????

    • maria

      Yr sumo Di as usual u r veryyyy Gud tukka master!!! But lets see wat happen! 🙂 🙂 thnks fr d ans!

  3. Naina

    Hahahahaha great shr…….tum ne dono ki izzat bacha li…..i don’t know what is the news but I’m eagerly waiting for it……post the next epi soon

  4. Lily

    Yaar I loved it.. Amazing… I m speechless….. You r such a good story maker….. Plz post next part soon precap looks interesting…..

  5. ufaq

    Ahm ahm knock knock hiiiii Mario less ho see I told u I read or ff ,ff from the start to till now is amaazzziiiinnggg now I m thinking that my ff is nothing anyways I loved it and ya love u swety take care remember v r friends

  6. Perry

    Ep was awwwwesome as always we yr !!!!!! ? … and ur question I think she will tell that sumo is in luv wid u ?

  7. sona

    ??☺☺hmmmm….expectations we bhi badiya likha tuney..gud..
    Tia ney Jo bhi..kaha ho..vo sumo ya..shravan k related hi hogi hai na..!???☺

    • maria

      Hah!! 😀 thankx alot sona Di ……..!!
      N abt d ans hmm hmm hmm… 😉 badiyaaa tukka master!! 😀

    • maria

      Thankxxx alott bhoomi 🙂 🙂 🙂
      He rocked as usual :D…… Lekin dimag use karke..! 😀

  8. Shalini Naicker

    Thank god at the last min he used his brain. If Shravan would have kissed her on the cheeks then she would have slapped her or would have stopped talking to him or she would even have changed her collage.

  9. Affaa


    |Registered Member

    Hahaha maria same pinch do you know why I read your comment about ufaq…I had same doubt on your ufaq…you’re epi was awesome baby each and everything superb dea…Thank you soo much for awesome ff…love you

    • maria

      Hahhaa thankxx alot di !! 🙂 m really glad u lyk it 😀
      N thanks u Fr ur lovely comment dear! 🙂
      Love u too!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.