First of all HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to u guys
Here is the promo read it
In France a person is shown riding lightning bike

Everyone shouts “BABY DOLL” “BABY DOLL” AND finishing the person removes the helmet it’s our heroine. She comes to her friends and do hi-five to them and her friends say
Friends: baby doll u r best
Girl: I know that
While chatting a girl runs to her fast and collided with her
Girl: what had happen Myra? Why r u so happy?
Myra: u know something
Girl: what??
Myra: u got admission in SPACE College for music
Girl: really
Myra: Does u remember something
Girl: what?
Myra: u r going meet u r love in India
Girl: how?
Myra: when met that astrologer. He said that you will meet u r love in India
Girl: let’s see
She is the girl who is going change UV’s life
Let’s see how they will meet
Will she fall for UV?
So…….. Keep reading I HATE YOU…. BUT I LOVE YOU………….

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  1. Happy Friendship day to dear!!!!!! Loved it but pls post the episode soooon

  2. Nice please post it as quick as possible

  3. Happy frndshipday yaar.Nice dear. Waiting for ur first episode.I’am very happy that there are many YUVLE fans. YUVLE rocks.

  4. Happy frndshp day. Im too a hard core fan of uv .. Zain . Ur intro ,promo …all cool. Do write soon. Yuvle ffs r to less ,so eagerly waiting.

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