Hate To Love~ Prologue Devakshi ff



“Hello…!!!! Is any body there…?” A girl slowly entering into an apartment says…. “Ahhhhhh……” she screams…


“Today u r mine…!” A man in suit kisses the knuckles of a women who is in bridal dress…

“I have always been urs..” The girl blushed

“Today, legally u r mine….” And they both kissed eo while the crowd hooted for the newlywed couple


“Sona !!! Race the car…. They are approaching us” says a man sitting with a girl….and they are driving and someone is following them


“God!!! Damn it put that gun down….” A man screams at a women who is pointing gun at another women….


“What did that ba**ard did to u….?” A man asked a crying women outside the office…. “Ask me…. What I did to him….” And the women that was crying laughs…


“U don’t know…what effect u have on me…U have changed me completely….” A man nuzzling in the neck of a women…..

“And changes are for good…” The women replied huskily…

I have revealed much guys….. And all these scenes will happen during the progress of the story…..The pair is obviously DevAkshi….. Guess who’s who….??

Hope u will like it…. Do tell ur views…



  1. Manya

    |Registered Member

    Di finally u r starting a new ff❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    It is so mysterious and interesting as ur ffs are ❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣
    Plzzz start soon 💘💘💘💘💘💘
    Love love ❤️💘❣😍😘

  2. Farhat

    So my favourite author is back with an amazingly awesome prologue.. And I am happy that u kept ur promise of returning back on 25 December..and coming to the post, it was awesome.. And I would like you to continue as soon as possible.. I won’t be able to hold any more excitement or be patient.. So please post soon..

    • Maleeha


      Thank u so much Farhat….. That really means a lot…… And dear I have posted an OS ‘Waiting for u’ on 23rd….do check that out…..And I’ll post next one in a day or two…..

    • Maleeha


      Thanks Shaheer…. And u r free to ask if u have any confusions….. Actually, I haven’t revealed the names that’s why…..u maybe confused….. And I’ll post soon…

  3. Niki645

    |Registered Member

    Superbly written….. and it’s really sooooooooooooo interesting, as all ur stories are😘😘
    Do post soon, I will be waiting!!😘😘😃

    Loads of love to u❤️️❤️️😘😘

    • Maleeha


      Nah….it’s not that story….. That has some different concept….And it has different…..but some scenes or dialogues….I have taken from it…..😅

  4. Simplesweety1

    |Registered Member

    suspense! aha! interesting! 😉 update soon! i’m waiting! and btw! i’ve finally updated the next episode of kmm! it’ll be uploaded soon! bye!

  5. Erina

    |Registered Member

    Haha it seems lyk waste of tym as I’m hell late but its ok as I hve made my entry so “MAHA DEAR “interesting prologue nd now I’m going to read first chap actually ur ques made to me think thats why I comed back nd find u 😊☺😍😘😘

    • Maleeha


      It’s okay…..u r forgiven….actually I was thinking to write on the cousins and joint family one…..but I wasn’t sure so picked up this idea…..then just to be sure I asked those questions…..well thank rosho appa….😘

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..