Hate to Love (Part 9)


part 9

Yuva asked me who the girl was. I responded no to her. then purvi urged us to leave the place soon. she dragged akki and i dragged veer. veer pestered me for ice cream. we all had one. but akki was not interested in it. he wasted his time simply thinking something. then we went to the park. suddenly I saw Yuva in a skype meeting. she was tensed. then she tensely closed her laptop. tears rolled down her eyes. I asked her what happened.
me: anything serious Yuva?
Yuva: I have to leave for France in an hour arun!
me: what? why? you have two days na? y now?
Yuva: some problem in my dept. they booked the tickets. they want me there soon as possible.
me: but…. k… no other way…. I really will miss you.
Yuva: me too. I don’t have anything important in my bag.
drop me at the airport. I’ll manage.

me: well, we can go shopping. I will select you some tees.
purvi: but guys, how? what about veer? I’ll drive home with veer. akki you Accompany Aruna.
akki: why? is she the new girl here? she is not a small girl to accompany her.
me: I never want you to accompany me. and I cannot handle an idiot with me.
akki: what you think of yourself? I m not your servant.
me: I dont need any of your help.
purvi: please be quiet at least in public place. me: he started it purvi.
akki: I said the truth.
purvi: guys don’t start again.
me: I didn’t.
yuva: hey purvi, I didnt talk much with you but you are my friend. never forget me OK.
purvi: it is nice being with you too yuva. take care.
Yuva: sure purvi. and akki bro, I m glad that you are marrying my sweetheart. please dont let her feel lonely.
akki: k sista.
purvi: then akki you drop veer and me home and go to airport to pick your fiance.
akki: no. I have some work.
me: let him go purvi. I will manage.

purvi , veer and akki left us in a shopping complex opposite to airport. I and Yuva selected some dresses and I bought myself a shirt. then we had a cup of coffee and went inside the airport. Yuva finished her checking and waved me gud bye as it was her time to leave. I waved my hand till she disapeared from my sight. tears came rolling down my eyes and I couldn’t stop it. I ran out of the airport and sat near the parking area. I cried a lot. I don’t want Yuva to leave so soon..
then I realised someone watching me. it was akki. he opened the door of the car. I silently sat in. my vision was blurred by my tears. akki gave me tissues.
akki: you cry too?
me: please look at the road
akki: now don’t teach me how to drive. I just came only for purvi’ s sake.

I didn’t answer.
he stared at me but I didn’t look at him.

we reached home and I informed amma about yuva’s sudden departure. I went to my room.

my days passed with me regularly visiting veer in his house and his childish behaviour made me soft and sweet. I hate children especially babies. I never want them near me. i m not cruel to hurt them but i run away from them.

i applied for the ‘little heart’ hospital as a surgeon. I m a cardiologist. i left my training due to the tragedy in my life. I lost my love and I now don’t trust love as it breaks us. I accepted to marry because of my parents. but I cannot forget my love… my aadhi… adithya

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  1. Thank u for updating..i was waiting..oh Aruna loved Adithya..Wat happened in past yaar..they broke up or wat..i am waiting to know their past..pls unfold soon..so sad that Yuva left so soon and why Akki is behaving like this..
    Waiting for next part eagerly..thank u and take care ?. .

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  5. Was waiting 4 it….thanks dr..

  6. Thanks for updating you updated this after a long time..was waiting…now pls update next part soon….

  7. Finally you updated this story aruna, I missed you a lotttttttttt, where we’re you honeyyy? Episode was nice…loving akki and Aruna’s fights…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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