Hate to Love (Part 8)

part 8

Yuva stared at me… I tried to ignore her … we reached home…

mom: idiot! where was you? tomorrow is your engagement but you roam here and there like a donkey.
me: mom, you know I hate crowd. if I get hyper then ..
mom: enough… I know… go and change and Yuva, welcome to India
yuva: well amma, I miss your sambhar.
mom: now i m in charge of two daughters. 🙂
Yuva: yeah amma. I m hungry. arun, I wanna take bath.
mom: what kinda names you use? Aruna devi and yuva rani. such a sweet names. but you roam with masculine names
me: its sweet na 🙂
mom: really you two are such an idiots.
me: yes we are.

we entered my room. she went to take bath. I changed to casuals. she then came out. I gave her a set of my clothes. we went to the balcony and discussed many issues and sure we gossiped. we lied down to sleep and saw the guitar
Yuva: you still have this guitar?
me: how can I be without it? aaditya gifted me that
Yuva: well I thought you moved on
me: how can I? I m responsible for what happened to him.
Yuva: it was an accident. you are not responsible.
me: I called him there.
Yuva: OK. now sleep.
me: k

next morning, mom waked me up. I had some rituals done and I was dressed in violet silk saree. we reached the function hall. after lot of rituals and formalities I was asked to sit on the chair. I had a chair near me empty. I know, its for akki. after sometime, I saw akki coming towards me. then I remember nothing but the moment when he weared the ring. his hand shivered and my hand too. I weared the ring and remembered aadhi wearing me the ring at temple. I avoided looking at him. the function got over. Yuva and I went to home in scooty.

next day, i took yuva to veer’s house . there I saw purvi sleeping with veer. I sat out with Yuva and were chatting.

Yuva: I have to leave for France in two days Arun. I am sad about that
me: so what Yuva, you have a solid day to spend with me.
Yuva: I wanna say something to you .. you should not get angry…
me: say me dear
Yuva: I think you should continue working.
me: that hospital reminds me of aadhi.
yuva: arun, you try changing your state. I suggest Delhi. there is a need of cardiologist. you should apply there.
me: k. I will try
Yuva: that’s my girl
me: OK ms.share marketing,

just then purvi opened the door. we entered in. after an hour later, akki came. veer woke up and we had our breakfast. veer asked us to play hide and seek. I ignored him. but he was reluctant. we planned to go for a movie. we booked online tickets for the movie ‘thuppakki’ ( holiday).
we had popcorns and coke.

the film got over but akki was standing near the parking area staring somewhere. purvi went near him and was shocked to see her. I and Yuva stared at each other confused.

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  1. thnx for updating aruna

  2. What hsppend why they r confused

  3. I am too confused ? yaar..Is akki is in love ❤ with someone or he hates Her..who is Aaditya yaar..Getting curious for next part to clear my Doubts..update soon..thank u and take care ?..

  4. Oops so many doubts pls update next part early else I wont be able to concentrate my mind on anything….

  5. Hi aruna, it’s going really well, plzzzz continue dear, love you loads and your story too…eagerly waiting for the next episode

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