Hate to Love (Part 7)


hey thank you friends for missing my story… I didn’t expect that… thanks for spending your valuable time by commenting, and thousands of sorry for the late update… am really sorry yaar… sorry 🙂 pls forgive me

part 7


akki: this can’t happen… you… do you have a twin sis? or anyone else in your family like u?
me: you definitely got some extra brain
he: what do you mean?
me: you idiot, then how can I have your pic?
(purvi woke up with our noise)
pu: you guys started fighting in my dream too?
ak: its not a dream purvi…
pu: then what ?? well, what are doing with each others pic?
ak: remember! that day mom gave me a cover… brown cover..
pu: bride’s pic… her name was … k… k…
me: koushi
pu: that’s right… do you know her?
me: Aug.. I m koushi…
pu: whaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!
ak: what will I do now?
pu: destiny decided something…….. bad…. may be destruction of our planet???
me: purvi, stop it yaar!
purvi: sorry
ak: how can my mom’s choice for me be very bad?
me: I m not bad… look at your self…. u r a complete idiot.
ak: how dare you say me idiot?
me: I dare you idiot!
( suddenly he pushed me down… I hit on the table and fainted)
purvi: what have you done ??? she is hurt

purvi came near me and tried to make me conscious… I was still unconscious… but suddenly I felt something happening in me… I heard my heart beat…. I slowly opened my eyes… I was in the arms of akki…. he didn’t look at me… but I was looking at him… I should say that he was not the beautiful men I met… but something different…
I again closed my eyes and whispered.. ‘ get me some glucose water from fridge…’ I hope they heard it..
then I can feel someone giving me water.. it was purvi … that idiot was standing in the balcony … then I rested beside veer

next morning
I woke up at 3am. I saw purvi sleeping on the couch… akki standing still on the balcony… truly he is such an idiot… I slowly waked purvi. she woke up and we planned to take veer to his house. then she called akki to lift veer.
I saw akki… his eyes were red… as if he cried… no… it may be due to less sleep.
akki and purvi carried veer and came following me… I opened the door and we got into the car. I and akki in front and veer, purvi at back. suddenly my phone rang
me: hello
voice: hello arun sweet heart…
me: Yuva sweet heart…. ( I shouted very high.. purvi was staring at me)
Yuva: sweety, I m in the airport… will you pick me?
me: sure sweetheart, I can do anything for you.. I love you na…
Yuva: k dear come soon.

I ended the call…. purvi with a shock
pu: what? you were weak before but after someone’s call, you are active? what happened to you?
me: I have low pressure…. if I experience any shock.. my pressure drops.

purvi gave a shocking look over akki. he was turning to the window
we entered the house of veer. but I have an important work.
me: guys I have to leave now
purvi: but Aruna, if veer wakes up what can we do?
me: just say him that I have work or anything…
purvi: but?
ak: purvi, who is that girl to help us? we can manage maan. let her go with whoever she wants.
me: mind your words akki. what do mean by saying whoever?
he: I don’t care to answer you
me: idiot
he: don’t ever call that word
me: I don’t care to hear you.

I drove towards airport. I entered in and saw Yuva from back. I shouted ‘yuvaaaaaa’.
she turned back and shouted ‘aruuuuun’
we ran towards each other and hugged and jumped in joy. the whole airport was watching us. we moved to my car. on the way, I bought some milkshakes and noodles and I bought some bingo chips. I entered the car and my phone vibrated.. it was akki. when I was about to attend the call, Yuva snatched the bingos and kissed me saying love you. I said love you too but u never leave any chance to kiss me. I realised akki’s call and answered hello
akki: veer needs you. (in angry tune)
me: but… k I will there in an hour
akki: hour? you should be here in 10 mins
me: you can’t order me.
akki. go ahead.. with your sweet heart.
me: I will. why do you care?
akki: who cares? you can be whoever you want.
me: well. you know I don’t care whatever you say as I hate you idiot.
akki: I hate you too shameless girl. I hate you to the core.. I will marry you to make your life hell.
me: well you gave me a lifetime chance to torture you. how can I miss that? and dont question about my character.
akki : I hate you
me: I hate you too.

I ended the call. Yuva was shocked to hear our conversation.

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