Hate to Love (Part 6)


I was shocked. I gently pushed him away. I blankly glanced purvi. she was shocked. but that idiot akki laughed at me.
purvi: oh god, why are you testing maan? u took his family and now his memory!…
me: don’t worry yaar… its for few days. veer will b fine. we are here for him. I have a problem. I m going to get engaged. so, how can we keep him here? the guests will kill him with questions. we have to find a place for him tomorrow.
veer: mom, i want some chocolates, candies, you promised me. and no cheating. dad too promised me.
me: when did I promise you veer?
veer:(smiling innocently) yesterday when dad was kissing you, I came there. you two was shocked to see me. I asked what were you doing. u just said me to play out. when I refused you promised me for chocolates.
purvi: this incident might have happened when he was young.
akki: (was badly laughing at me) now who is your dad?
veer: come on dad! can’t u get some chocolates for me? you have promised me…
akki: (shocked) what??? me??? dad??? no way maan… I m not your dad…. don’t call me dad…
[veer started crying] me: come on veer…
purvi: dad is kidding.. he will get you chocolates. akki, go and get chocolates. Aruna ! please… we cant hurt him yaar. please for his sake yaar…..
me: OK fine. I will do anything for veer’s good health. I m fine with this new role. i will be his mom. but purvi… you be his friend and know what will his parents do. I don’t want to be a fake mom.
purvi: OK.
me: akki. go and get him some chocolates.
akki: are you kidding… you just stay away from me. what do you think?? huh?? I will do want you want… never.
me: y can’t you do it for your friend??
akki: oh… I can’t do anything for him? you know! I haven’t seen the pic of my bride I m going to get engaged. I was searching for him in streets day and night. but this idiot is enjoying with his new sis.
me: even I didn’t see the pic of my groom. its not a big thing Mr. angry bird
akki: I m not an angry bird Ms. talkative.
purvi: guys… will you please stop fighting? see maan. he is crying..
me: oh veer, my dear…..
veer: don’t talk with me… mom and dad… u are fighting… you are bad…
akki: no son, we are just playing… see we are not fighting. (by saying he kept his elbow in my shoulders. I made him slip by moving back. veer laughed.)
veer: mom and dad, u r so sweet.

he hugged me and akki. it was awkward. I got an idea. I said to veer that purvi is his cousin and came for holidays. he cheered up and said that he is sleepy. I asked him to lie on the bed. he asked me to accompany him. I just sat beside him. he slept in my lap.. I just transformed his head to purvi’s lap. she lovingly cared his hair.
I came to balcony and felt a cold breeze. I saw akki sleeping on the chair. I covered him with a blanket. I thought to check my mail. I was browsing in my laptop. then I heard some sound… the sound of rain.
I ran to the terrace and danced like a mad girl. I just love rain. then I got tired. I sat on the wall. I saw down the balcony. akki was standing in the rain with his hands stretched. oh .. this devil too loves rain. I ran to my room. I changed my dress soon before he comes. I was drying my hair. he locked the door and said, ” its raining”. he saw my hair wet and said,” so you too like to get drenched” I nodded yes. he removed his shirt. I searched my cupboard and gave him a red checked shirt.
he: is this your boyfriend’s?
me: oye dumbo? its my shirt collection. I love shirts. I gave you my favorite shirt. take care.
he: nice shirt. I have my bride’s pic. do you wanna see?
me: you are not bad. let me show you my groom’s pic.
he took a cover from his back pocket. I too took the brown cover. akki and I took the pic and saw it. we both were shocked and shouted “you..?!!!!!!!!!!!”

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