Hate to Love (Part 5)


I m messing up the things. veer is sleeping in the bed peacefully. my friends are not ready to help me. they don’t want to help a stranger. but i can’t leave him like that. I should help him. my mom knocked at the door. oh god.. not again. I tried to wake veer in vain. I dragged him with my full strength and pushed him inside the bathroom. I turned on the shower. I opened the door. my mom said that they want me to accompany them to the jewellers. oh yeah… my engagement ring. I said OK. then I closed the door and I saw veer fully drenched in water and I couldn’t control laughing. he angrily stared at me.
he: this is unfair sister. you are laughing at me?!!
me: I m only laughing at my cute brother.
he: oh well then take this.
he poured a mug of water over me. oh god… it was too cold. then I took my pillow and fought with him. he was shivering. I gave him a towel asked him to change his clothes. it was nice to fight with him. I asked him to take rest and was getting ready for shopping.
after two hours, I was in the shop. I selected some jewels and of course my engagement ring. my phone vibrated and it was priya calling. i moved aside near a window. she asked me what I did with veer. I said I left him on the road. she was shocked. she scolded me for doing a cruel act. I said that I was jocking. suddenly I saw a poster…. with veer’s pic. but he had an another name. his name was maan taneja. I asked priya to call me after sometime. I called the contact number. it was busy. I again tried after 15 mins. a girl attended my call.
me: hello
she: sorry, this is purvi. akki is not here. pls call later.
me: hey… wait… I m Aruna. I wanted to inform you about veer.. I mean maan.
she: what is maan doing with you.? have u kidnapped maan?
he: excuse me? what do you mean ? I just saved him. can we meet?
she: what happened to maan? is he alright. say me your address.
I said my address. I said my mom that I m having an important work. I came near my home. I saw two people standing in front of the gate. the both were tensed. I went near them.
she: Aruna? I’m purvi. this is akki. where is maan?
me: you mean veer.?
he: yes , veer. how do you know his name? we didn’t mention ‘veer’ in the notice. where is veer? did you kidnap him? answer me.
me: hello, Mr. angry bird? if I kidnap him, I won’t call you to my home. come in. I’ll say what you want.
I took them to my room. they sat before me. veer was standing in the balcony.
me: bro.. come here.
akki: bro?
veer: yeah sis… who are they?
purvi: maan? what are you doing here?
veer: who is maan? I m veer. who are you?
akki: what’s this drama dude? come on. let’s go home.
veer: drama? who are they sis? are they troubling you?
me : no bro.. they are my friends. OK bro. you go to balcony.
purvi and akki was staring at me. I said them that I want to show them his present condition. I said them what happened with him and why I took him here. purvi said she loves maan. she named him veer. he has forgotten his name but remembers the name given by her. how sweet. maan came in. purvi ran to him and hugged him..
oh God noooo……
again veer fainted. but this time he fell over purvi. I asked akki to take him to bed. I called my uncle. he is a brain doc.( neurologist). I Asked him about post memory shock(PMS). he said,”people having PMS may have mood swings, they may lose memory temporarily and sometimes behave like a child. they will faint if get shocked with some news or actions. they will change whenever they get shocked. they are not dangerous but need care. if we deny anything, it may affect them mentally. and also they will forget everything what happened after the accident once they get their memory back”. he asked me why I m asking about that. he advised me to stop thinking about anything else. he wanted me to think only about my engagement with akshay. I said OK. I ended the call. is my groom’s name AKSHAY.!!!,!,,

I sprinkled some water over veer. he got up. I turned to keep the glass on the table. suddenly someone hugged me from back. it was veer!!!!!! he said,” mom”!!!!!!!!!!!
what’s happening??????

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  1. Oh wait wait akki means akshay am i right….. plz answer my query dr plzzzz

  2. Awesome episode, getting interesting. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode

  3. Aruna dr can u please update next one plzzzzz

  4. The girl don’t even know would be name. This is nt fair. Nw she is his mom. This is very much interesting. What do maan do? Or veer? Luks like another story involved. Waiting.

  5. It looks Amazing yaar..Is Akshay is Akki?.. Then it will be damn interesting to read next part..i am eagerly waiting for next part..pls update soon..
    If Akki is Akshay then he haven’t seen her photo then how he said s to engagement..
    Interesting..pls update soon..i am waiting..take care ?..

  6. Plz aruna update ur story dr…….. i am waiting for that plzzzz

  7. sorry everyone. I couldn’t update bcos of my exams. I will update this evening for sure. sorry. sorry. thousands of sorrys

    1. Its ok aruna dr we dont mind….. first concentrate on ur exams…….

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