Hate to Love (Part 4)

part 4
oh god. suddenly I jumped over him and pulled him to my cupboard. he shouted but before that I closed his mouth with my shawl and requested him to be quiet.
I opened the door, my mom said that my in-laws wanted to fix my engagement soon so they are coming with panditji. she handed me a brown cover saying that it contains the groom’s pic. I said OK and closed the door. what? my engagement? I m stuck.
I heard some noise from the cupboard. and then I realised that my cupboard is airtight. I quickly opened the door. he fell over me. he was unconscious. why this man always fall over me? I tried to lift him but I couldn’t. I sprinkled water and made him conscious. he stood up.
he: hey? what’s wrong with you? why do you want to kill me? already I lost my mom and sister. I don’t know who you are, why do you trouble me?
me; what? I am troubling you? I saved you… even I don’t know your name. I don’t know anything about you… I wanted to save you but u are blaming me?
he: who the hell are u to save me? r u my friend? r u my relation? say me… who r u?
me: I m a girl Mr.moustache. I have humanity. not like u, yelling at others.
he: oh… humanity…of .. what kind? arresting someone? let me go home and dont call me Mr. moustache.
me: fine… tell me your address. I’ll drop u.
he: why can’t I? I live in.. in… what? I forgot my address?
he again fainted. I m fed up with his actions. I just made him conscious and asked him to take rest. we will fight later.
I took some a week old newspapers to clean my shelves. I placed them near bed and swept my room. I brushed my teeth as usual watching the sky in balcony. I turned back and I was shocked to see him like that. he was holding the newspaper and tears rolled down from his eyes.
I saw the news. it was about a car accident happened before a week. the two persons, a lady in late 50 and young girl in early 20 were died on the spot. I saw him. he with teary eyes said that they are his mom and sister.
tears rolled down from my eyes. I said him what happened that night and why I took him home. he thanked me but I said I can do anything for my new brother.
he said that his sister used to call him Mr. moustache.
me: by the way, what’s your name bro?
he: I think my name is veer.
me: so, you are a north Indian.
he: what’s your name?
me: my official name is Aruna. but everyone call me my pet name kousi.
he: so will you keep me here arrested?

I just smiled at him. I called all my friends to meet me. I informed them about veer. oh god … my in-laws!!! I got ready and made veer to sit in the cupboard half closed. I got down. I couldn’t see my to be husband. they fixed the date. my engagement in three days and marriage after 3 months. I just shook my head. then I called my friends to my room.
now I sat with my friends opposite to veer. my friends asked me what does he remember. I said only his name. my friends shouted,” are you mad?”

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  1. Aruna was so sweet dr….. because she dont know who he is but she is ready to do help… so cute

  2. Awesome episode, very interesting story, keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode

  3. Amazing and interesting epi..She helped him without knowing anything that Shows HUMANITY..?.and Saved him too..i am waiting for upcoming epis to know what is gonna happen and wat about his Groom? ..She haven’t saw his pic and Engagement too..i am waiting for hero’s entry..Update soon..take care ?..

  4. Interesting Story.. Aruna didn’t even see her groom’s pic n he wasn’t even present while fixing the dates of their marriage!!! Think now this guy (Aruna’s groom) will some how be related to Veer’s sister.. Waiting for your next updates dear.. Go on!!!

  5. Aruna is such a sweetheart. Lack of humanity these days. Nw where is the hero?? Who is the groom?? Waiting….

  6. Awesome episode loved it….

  7. Interesting keep gng

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