Hate to Love (Part 2)


part 2
I came out and saw the couple. they were smiling at me. I don’t know why. I glanced at my mom. she was tensed. I slowly got to kitchen. I heard my mom saying that I am shy to meet them. but the actual truth is that I m hungry. I drank some juice and came out with a fake smile. I don’t wanna hurt them.
again I was feeling weird as they didn’t notice me. I just putted on my headsets. I don’t wanna know what they are discussing about. then everyone stared at me with happy ness. then the couple bid goodbye.
my mom glanced at me again.
mom: I should have told u before, its my mistake.
me: what mistake? mom pls say everything ?
mom: koushi… the couple… came here… they… they have a son… they wanted u to marry him… we too like them… they too like u… hope u understand… its… a… surprise
me: surprise? mom its a shock!.. at least you could have informed me.?
dad: we like them but its your choice. we’ll say that u don’t like him when they call us. fine?
me: OK. I am fine. I don’t wanna marry now.
I got in with a confused face. what should I do? should I accept this proposal.? no I dont. I can’t. my mom knocked the door. I opened the door. my mom came in. she sat beside me. she said,’ dear, I don’t wanna force u, but I can guide u. they are good. I don’t wanna handcuff u in relation, but a partner to accompany in your crazyness. I hope u understand”. she got out. again I am confused. but my parents are not happy with my decision. I slept with lot of questions.
next day, I decided what to do. I got down. my dad was not happy, but he pretended. I sat with my coffee cup and watching news. the phone bell rang and my mom sadly took the call, she talked randomly, and glanced at me. I know why. they must have asked my decisiuon. I just lifted my hands up with a thumbs up. my mom smiled and said yes.
dad: what? u accepted ? god I can’t believe. u made me happy today. god bless u my child.
mom: u could have said me yesterday.
me: its my way of surprising u.

I informed my friends about it. they didn’t believe me. I just hanged around with them.
its night and so I hurried home. on my way, I witnessed an accident. there was no one but me. I saw a young guy probably a year elder to me lying unconscious. I woke him up. he was in the state of shock. he was hurt in his head and bleeding. I nursed his wounds. he stared at me and asked about his mother. we searched for his mother. but couldn’t find any trace of her.

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  1. Nice epi…U made tensed and worried at last point..i think the boy who met with accident is the hero?.. Waiting for Hero’s entry..pls update next Part soon..waiting eagerly..keep writing and Take care ?..

  2. So i think he is the obe na her pheancy

  3. is he the hero? …pls update soon waiting eagerly to know about the hero….

  4. Nice episode, please continue. ..

  5. thank u everyone. I’ll update soon. :). thanks for ur support. actually I m +2 and I have only one hour free due to tight schedules. so I am unable to update soon. sorry for that. I’ll take care of it.

  6. happy diwali everyone 🙂 I wish everyone with a tight warm huggie. happy deepavali. 😉 🙂 😉 🙂

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