Hate to Love (Part 12)

sorry guys its really a loooooonggggg break…. sorry my health condition was worse and also I had exams drowning me…. sorry again…

he came…. I was seeing him as if he’s a racer and I m in the middle of the fields.. cheering for him… but…. what am I doing? night ride? oh god I m stuck. .. how can I go? where was my sense when accepting him… I m not scared but something stopped me…

he stopped near me…
he took of his helmet. he was in blue jean and white t shirt…. I just love that combination… I stared at him. he was about to say something but I interrupted
me: hmm… Mr.Senior.. or aadhi.. the weather is not fine and so what about a walk from here?
he: but you promised me…
me: maybe we’ll get an another chance
he: fine aru.
me: aru? well park your bike here….

he nodded at me and we walked down the road… a lonely one… we didn’t talk with each other but we had few glances over each other…

half an hour passed and now we are walking in a bypass road where no one can be seen except some random cars in full speed. then I heard a noise from a pit… and also a stinky smell… I saw few kittens inside the messy pit and I took my phone and flashed torch on them. there was four cute little kitten probably 3 hours old.
me: aadhi, these kittens are newborn and where is the mother?
he: I don’t know…
me: look there aadhi… oh my god mother cat! some stupid senseless has hit it!
he: what shall we do now?
me: I’ve decided what to do

saying this I went near the pit and took out the little ones with extreme care not to hurt them. now I have 4 kittens in my hand… he was curious to know what’s my next move.

I slowly placed those kittens in my pocket giving them warmth.

he gave a confused reaction and finally smiled at me… we returned home and I apologized for not having a coffee date and he gave a cute smile and said maybe next time… I then went to my room. I took a big round basket and covered it with a soft cloth. I placed the kittens and covered them. then someone entered my room. it is Yuva. actually she is staying with me to pursue her studies. we both smiled and I took my scooty’s key and dragged her out with me?
she: what have you done now?
me: actually Yuva, I went for a coffee date and saw these kittens on the way homeless. so…
she: so you gave shelter to them.

she smiled at me and sat behind me. I reached ‘dogs n cats’ and bought a feeding bottle. then I got some food parcels and went home. I began to pamper the kittens with love and care….. I named them ‘inky’ ‘pinky’ ‘honkey’ ‘ponkey’

days passed and aadhi grew very close to me. we sat together in bus and had lunch together with shu and dinesh. shu and dinesh loved each other and when they fight…. we’ll be patching them and it was dangerously fun…

…….aadhi came to know my weakness.

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  1. Aftr a long time…..nice to read ur stories…update soon and take care

  2. What weekness…. i miss u dr how r u now

  3. wow.. ur back… hapy for u dear.. i missed ur ff.. actualy becoz of ur ff.. now im writing my own ff.. how r u??? n pls pls try to update regularly..

    1. oh thank you priya.. what’d your ff?

  4. Awesome episode, finally you updated this story, lovely, cute epi…take care of your health dearrr, i hope you get very good grades in your exams. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  5. very nice yaar…want to read more n more….pls update regular

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