Hate to Love (Part 10)


fews years before…

it was my first day of college. I was little nervous. I found my class. I sat near the window. my class started and it was quiet boring. I got a new friend… shruthi . she was shy and quiet. she was quiet disturbed.
me: shruti, are you okay?
shruti: I fear ragging.
me: ragging? no way shu. we are not kids to get afraid. come out of your shell and enjoy your life shu.
shu: but…
me: come on. dont be silly.

then our class continued. then its time to leave.
me: i m hungry shu. let’s go to cafeteria.
shu: no. I m afraid.
I forced her to come with me. I ordered two milkshakes. I sat with shu. she was insecure. then I went to receive my order. I took the tray but some people crossed pushing me down. one guy turned back with a egoistic look and smiled at me. I just stared at him. then I washed my shirt as I spilled milkshake over me. then I headed to my table but those people were there. they teased shu. I ran to her and stood in front of her. that guy who smiled at me was again smiling at me.
1st guy: look here, friends…. OK. this girl deserves a punishment for saving that girl. so let’s make her round the ground thrice.
2nd guy: she’s so weak. how can she?

me: I accept your challenge and not punishment. and i challenge you that if i complete the rounds then you should not disturb me and shruti.. deal?.. if you are ok then I m ready.
1st guy: we accept your challenge. we seniors won’t disturb you if the challenge is completed.
I turned back at shu. she was totally blank. I smiled at her and ran towards the ground and I started running as fast as I could. oh man, my legs are paining really bad … I completed three rounds. I weakly stood near shu. I was breathing heavily. that ‘smiling guy’ gave me water. I ignored him. he felt bad. then I took shu to class. she was crying.
me: shu? why are you crying?
shu: I said na, they will trouble us.
me: not from now babes.
shu: how will you go home?
me: sadly, by bus.
shu: shall I drop you?
me: thanks but I prefer bus. I will manage.

I was standing in the bus stop. an hour later, a bus came. the college was far away from my home. it takes one hour journey. I climbed in. it was crowded. I felt hard to breath. unfortunately, no girls from my dept belong to my area. after two stops, the bus was almost empty. then I saw someone sitting at the last. I know him. he was the guy smiling at me. I turned back. I don’t want him to see me. but, there was no luck. he saw me and came towards me.
he: hey, er… I wanna say sorry… I didnt push you… it was …. my … mistake.. I m sorry
me: its OK.
he: I forgot your name
me: but I hadn’t said you my name.
he: oh k…

suddenly I hiccupped. he gave me water. I searched for mine but it was empty.

he: again don’t ignore me… I mean you water.
me: k. thanks.
he: please don’t smile, you’ve got a killer smile… that kills everyone.
me: really, ?? them am I talking to a dead one?
he: so , you are the beauty with brains. amazing… you got sense of humour too.
me: well, can I enjoy my privacy here?
he: you play with words too… I’ll not disturb you. bye..

he moved to his seat. he talked too much. but he didn’t flirt. I liked that. after an hour, the bus reached my stop. I could see him getting down with me. so, we come from same area. at least I got someone from my area.

I want to know his name. but its not much important.
the next, we played ‘point the person’ game. the dare was to take the pointed person on a coffee date. we rolled the bottle. shu got dinesh as her pair. everyone got a pair.
when its my turn, seniors came by chance and the bottle pointed ‘the smiling guy’. I didn’t expect this. how can I take a senior to a coffee date?

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  1. Superb epi Aruna api… Love this story veryyy much… So this is from her past.. No worriesss.. She will soon fall in love with akki… Well my exams are going on.. Please pray for me.. Byeee

  2. Oh soon her love story will start

  3. hey ishrat. I too have exams… I’ll pray for everyone buddy but I don’t believe in god. trust your hardwork. it never betrays us.

    “trust lord, but never expect anything”

  4. Ha ha ha ha sruna so brave na

  5. Hi aruna dear,it’s superb episode, loved it very much, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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