Hate to love Kanchi part 4

Hello lovely people! I am back with another part.

As you know there were misunderstandings between  Kanchi. Sanchi thought  Kabir locked her in store room and Kabir thought Sanchi got  locked by purpose  plus they both hated each other.
Dr. Malhotra had assigned Kabir a very important presentation. So Kabir tried his best to make the presentation to look the best it could. He had finished doing his presentation and was all set to present. For some minutes he went out to drink coffee since he was tired.
Riya while passing through his cabin saw that Dr. Kabir wasn’t in so she went in and sat on his chair dreaming of becoming his wife..then saw his laptop and opened it.
– Riya= ” Dr. Kabir will only be mine whoever tries to be close to him.. I will delete her from his life like this delete button and pressed delete. “She saw that a presentation got deleted and she knew if he finds that she deleted it he will kill her and then saw Sanchi passing by and thought of an evil plan. She went outside and told her to put a file in Dr. Kabir’s cabin.
-Riya= “Sanchi Could you please put this file in front in Dr. Kabir’s office.,
– Sanchi= ” Why me, can’t you put it?
– Riya= ” Actually I have to give medicine to my patient urgently that’s why. Plzzzzz do it.”
– Sanchi= ok, whatever since you are the head intern. ( guys I forgot to mention that Riya is the head intern because she had cheated in the test.)
Sanchi went into Kabir’s cabin  to put the file.
Then Kabir entered.
– What are you doing in my cabin?
– I came to put my file anyway who is interested to come here.
– Ok you may leave now.

Kabir then saw that his laptop was open and to  his shock his presentation got deleted. He was in rage. He knew he had saved it and someone purposely deleted it.
– It must be Sanchi.. she came into my cabin..she hates me and wanted to take revenge…at first she embarrassed me in front of Dr. Malhotra and now this..I am not going to leave her… but I have to think about  this presentation..I have 30 minutes left..let me do how much I can”
He couldn’t finish it though and wasn’t property  done.
He presented the project and nobody liked it.
-Dr. Malhotra= What is this Kabir..such a bad presentation..never expected this from you.. gave you more than a day..and it looks like you finished it in 15 minutes..get lost from here..I don’t want to see you.. JUST GET LOST!!!
– Kabir= please Sir I can explain..I had done the project but Dr. Sanchi came into my cabin and deleted it..
– Why will she delete your presentation and anyway you weren’t suppose to leave your cabin. Stop blaming her for your mistake.. now if you respect me leave from here..
Kabir left from there.. Anger was visible on his face.
It was night.. all inters left. Sanchi was about  to leave.
– Dr. Sanchi he shouted from top of his voice.
Sanchi got frightened.
She saw Dr.kabir and said.
– Why are you shouting like that.. I have  ears to listen.. it’s night can I leave.
– How dare you to delete my presentation..because of you I was scolded.. You are the worst, selfish girl I have ever seen. Now come with me.
He didn’t even let Sanchi speak.. She was in tears by seeing his anger..he took her far away from the hospital and slapped her.
– ” I couldn’t slap you I’m front of everyone so I slapped you know.. I never thought I will slap a  girl.. but a girl lime you needs a slap..now before I shout on you anymore. Just leave from here.”
Kabir left her there and went back but Sanchi stood there like a statue. Although she was strong but from  anger she felt weak..She started to walk back to the hostel.all the way she was in tears..it was a long way to her hostel…
In the morning everyone went to the Hospital but there was no trace of Sanchi.

Precap: What really happened with Sanchi..Will Dr. Kabir be able to forgive himself?

I was thinking should I post an Os or the next part tomorrow..I will post whatever you like so please say it in the comments.. Buh bye❤

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  1. Abhilasha

    Omg……. I am scared of precap and kabir slapped sanchi so sad…. Hate this Riya…. Anyways episode was really Gud!!

    1. Moonlight25

      Thankle you! Don’t be scared everything will sort out in the end

  2. Suprb episode.

  3. Post the next part please…. I am really curious to know what happens…

    A nice chapter…really liked it…..no loved it

  4. Dear plzz write long story it’s not enough for me . superb episode keep writing ?

    1. Moonlight25

      Yes I will try to write long

  5. Hey Tania,loved the episode,but felt so bad for sanchi……kabir shouldn’t leave her in this way and that too during night time,how can he be so irresponsible….eagerly waiting for ur next update asap?

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you! I know he shouldnth have left her but he was too angry

  6. Swetatitli

    Lovely story yaar ???

  7. Trisha139

    Hlo Tania I loved the plot how you are going …..I guess there must a little long drama to get her back and misunderstandings must be cleared dear pls ….left depends on what are. Your plans ….keep writing

    1. Moonlight25

      Yes you guessed it right anyway thanks

  8. Nice one……plz update next episode asap

  9. wow.its nice..waiting for next one

  10. Nice story , it was so unique
    Pls update soon…

  11. Nice story , it was unique
    Pls update soon

  12. It’s amazing
    I am very curious for next
    Post soon

  13. Where is Sanchiiiiiiiii

    1. Moonlight25

      You will know in next part

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