Hate to love Kanchi part 3

Hello! I know my ff is the worst compared to others. Anyway let’s start:

All the interns were studying hard for the test especially Sanchi. She wanted to prove to Dr. Kabir that she wasn’t irresponsible although she hated him. Riya who saw Sanchi was studying hard wanted her to fail. She wanted to increase the hatred between them. So she thought of an evil plan.
It was 6:15
Everyone left their rooms and stated going to the classroom  so they can be early.
Riya went to Dr. Kabir’s cabin and took his phone and messaged Sanchi to meet him at the store room.
–  Dr. Sanchi=” Really? He wants me. Ok I will go”
Riya smirked.
Sanchi went into the storeroom and then somebody locked her inside. The time was 6:25 and in 5 minutes the test will start! If she is late she will be disqualified.
-” I am sure Dr. Kabir locked me. That stupid didn’t want me in the test. I hate him so much. I am going to tell this to Dr. Malhotra after I come out. I am not going to leave him???

At the test hall”
– Dr. Kabir = ” Where is Dr. Sanchi? That stupid must be lingering here and there. I knew she was irresponsible. Well she is disqualified! All interns start your test!!
– Pragya = ” She was with us and then she disappeared. Dr. Kabir please wait for her..she studied hard for this test.  I am sure she must be in trouble. Wait let me message her.
Thankfully Sanchi had her phone with her. She saw Pragya’s message and replied to her that she is in the store room but there was no network so her message didn’t send. She sighed in disbelief.
– Dr. Kabir= ” Did she reply Dr. Pragya?
– “No, sir”
– ” Anyway start your test.. she has to bear the consequences later.”
All the interns finished their tests and gave them to Dr. Kabir. Pragya and Isha were flustered where Sanchi had disappeared.
Veer was passing by the store room and heard Sanchi shouting for help. He opened the door .
– ” Why are you locked here? You missed the test and Dr. Kabir disqualified you.
– ” Of course he had to disqualify me. Thank you for opening the door. I am going to Dr. Malhotra’s  office to complain about Dr. Kabir.
– ” Are you stupid? You will complain about Dr. Kabir”
– ” Yes, I will. He did wrong and has to suffer”
– ” OK, go but be careful.”
She went to Dr. Malhotra and said

– ” Dr. Kabir locked me in store room so I can’t do the test.
– ” what nonsense. He can never do that.”
– ” But he did.”
– ” Miss Fernandez  call Dr. Kabir right now.
Kabir came
– ” Yes sir why did you call me? He saw Sanchi and was puzzled.
– ” Dr.  Kabir Sanchi said that you locked her in the store room so she can’t do the test. Is that true?”
– ” What the heck? I will never do that. It’s true I don’t like her but I won’t this.
-Sanchi= ” Yes you did. You messaged me to come to the store room and locked me in. Stop lying.
– ” No I didn’t..it must be someone else. ”
– ” it is you not someone else.
They kept on blaming each other
Dr. Malhotra = ” Enough to both of you. This matter has ended now here. And Dr  Kabir if you have done this is never expected this from you.”
Sanchi thought Kabir was the one who Locked her
Kabir was very  angry because she embarrassed him in front of Dr . Malhotra. He thought she did this on purpose.
         Both hated each other!

Precap: kabir’s important presentation ruined because of Sanchi. More hatred.
That is it. Guys if you have any suggestions or advice please say  I want to improve. Bye ?

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  1. Trisha139

    Dear first of all this is one of my fav ffs and this storyline is perfect … I was also thinking about that hatred to love…you are giving words to my thoughts ….thts why I just loved it to the core …

    1. Moonlight25

      Omg.Thanks a lot! You gave me hope. Thanks you

  2. Super very nice

  3. Update soon it was awesome

  4. Awesome hatred.
    Loved it.

  5. Swetatitli

    Very nice chapter. Update the next one soon ???

    1. Moonlight25

      Thanks a lot

  6. nice chapter .waiting for next one

  7. Nice, but something is missing

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you! I will try to make it better

  8. omg luv it more twist dear and pls post regularly

    1. Moonlight25

      Aww thank you

  9. hey dear, why do u think ur ff isn’t good, rather we must say, its different, different since we r alwz getting to read sanchi in the same sincere,hardworking etc etc ways, but urs is unlike others, where sanchi is a real strong headed person, doesn’t care the consequences of her actions, in fact a dabang cum bindaas kind of girl………..eagerly waiting for ur next update

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you so much! This really means a lot. You made my day

  10. Nice storyline,it is not worst as u r saying.
    ???I loved it.????
    Love to read how this takraar change into pyaar.But next time longer plz.???
    Keep writing dear.

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you so much

  11. No yaar its good keep going all the best…..

  12. Nice one:-)

  13. VINAL

    Supreb moonlight as love always start with hatered so I loved this ff

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you so much! Yes love always start with hatred

  14. Awesome epi Moonlight…hey if u don’t mind what us ur real name?? Just asking..

    1. Moonlight25

      My real name is Tania. I had told you in the first episode.its just that my friends call me moonlight

  15. It’s not worst but else it’s amazing ff
    It has a different concepts
    Lovely epi ??

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you so much!❤

  16. Nice episode

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