Hate to love Kanchi (Part 2)


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Dr. Kabir took Sanchi to his cabin.
-“Dr. Sanchi you have disobeyed me which no one ever dared to and even if they tried they will get a punishment so your punishment is that you won’t sleep at night.
-“Excuse me, a person should atleast sleep for 8 hours let’s make it 5 hours since I am a doctor but not to sleep at night it’s very unfair!
– ” I don’t care! Who told you to disobey me now face the consequences and leaves.
– Sanchi wanted to called him all the names khadoos,stupid, crazy whatever she could think she just hated him.

The whole night Sanchi was awake.

In the morning in the class:
Sanchi was feeling sleepy. Kabir notices her and says ” Is this sleeping hours? Concentrate.
-” First of all you didn’t let me sleep at night and now you are giving lectures. Second of all
You are a doctor and should know a person needs sleep so stop shouting!
– “You are such a bad girl. I don’t want to waste my time talking to you. Now the class is dismissed. Everyone go to  your assigned patients.

Sanchi was giving medicine to your patience. Suddenly she feels sleepy and  loses her balance but kabeer holds her but after some seconds he releases her. Sanchi falls down with a bump.
–  ” Ouchh! Couldn’t you hold me properly? She fumes.
– ” it’s not my job to hold you. You can’t even walk properly. Weren’t you giving  lectures what a doctor should do and  and now if you have a brain you can drink coffee or have something to get energy.
– “Yea whatever”
“All interns meet me in 30 minutes in my cabin. I have an important announcement.”
In Dr. Kabir’s cabin:
– ” I want someone who is responsible enough to handle some responsibilities: A head intern
Pragya and Isha = “Why not Sanchi? She is very talented.”
– No, I don’t want her. She can’t even walk properly and is very irresponsible. Anyway the test will decide. Study hard!!!! Tomorrow 6:30 is the test. Arrive on time!

Precap= Sanchi to get locked and is time for the test. Sanchi thinks it’s kabeer who Locked her. More hatred and misunderstanding.
That was it. I hope it was long enough!  Bye! 😘😘😘


  1. riya

    sanchi in an all new avtaar……….wow, pretty different from rest, nice thought, btw hope the misunderstandings(as shown in the precap)gets cleared soon,waiting for ur next update soon…….

  2. sundari

    wow sanchi in different shade it’s cool.
    i want long ff.because it to short yaar
    waiting for next one

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.