Hate to love Kanchi (Part 1)

Hello guys! Let me introduce myself. I am Tania and 15 years old and i live in Greeec.I have just joined telly updates. From a long time I wanted to write a story but didn’t know how to do it! Today while I was reading an ff  I saw in the comment section how to submit an article. I don’t know if you will like it or not but I tried my best. I love Kanchi. Whenever I see sanveer I don’t  why I just don’t like it ( sorry San veer fans.) Now this ff  is about love and hate as you can see in the title . ENJOY!

Characters are as same as the serial. There is no Sanchi Mishra or Sanchi Agarwal!
Sanchi = a stubborn, hardworking  intern just joined SDCH.
 Dr. Kabeer = Best doctor in the hospital, a perfectionist and super strict but very handsome.
Other characters are same.
Let’s begin :

The first day:

All the interns are in the class of Dr. Kabeer. He gives them all their patients and tells all of them not to have break until he tells them. Everyone was shocked 😱because he might not let them have break until night but they knew he was very strict. 

It was afternoon
Everyone was badly hungry especially Sanchi who couldn’t control her hunger. She went straight to his cabin and saw him eating his food and said “excuse me you yourself is eating food and us interns are hungry, how selfish you are, I will go and complain to Dr. Malhotra.”
Dr. Kabeer = ” You are taking everything wrong Dr. Sanchi and don’t you dare to go Dr. Malhotra office just to disturb him for this. Stupid girl.
Dr. Sanchi= “You called me Stupid… same to you.
Dr. Kabeer= ” Get lost from here”
Dr. Sanchi = Anyway who likes to stay  here.  I am going to eat I don’t care Bye and went away  banging the door. 
Dr. Kabeer was angry.
At the canteen
Sanchi started eating as fast as she could. Everyone was surprised because she wasn’t allowed to eat until Dr. Kabeer tells them to.
Sanchi = Why are you looking  at me like that?
Come on in and it. Pragya and Isha come.
Everyone thought if Sanchi started eating why can’t they. Everyone stated eating as well.
 Dr. Kabeer came
How dare everyone to eat without taking permission.
Everyone pointed to Sanchi.
Dr. Sanchi come right now to my cabin. I have to talk to you urgently. Right Now I mean.

Precap= Dr. Sanchi’s punishment!

That was it! I hope you liked it.  It was small I know but next time I will try to update longer.


  1. VINAL


    |Registered Member

    Nice intro liked the stubborn saachi
    I am also sanveer fan but still read all ff of kanchi also because I know everyone has its own views& choices both kanchi & sanveer look good
    Post next part soon

  2. Isha

    I love Kanchi…especialy I love Love stories from hate to love as it has got that tashan no other story has…I enjoyed this epi..would love to read more of your works..😊 keep writing

  3. Chandni

    Nice tania bt it was too short. So update lil long stories. And also some twistful precas which make us wait eager for ur nxt update. Thank u and al d best…

  4. Miara

    Amazing story i mean amaz story cncpt, on1st day of sdch n sanchi take panga(fight) with kabir lov the daring sanchi keep it up waiting 4 nxt but keep it large

  5. Lavithra


    |Registered Member

    Hey title itself was super yaar…very nice…plZzz try to post next episode asap dude…am waiting eagerly…awesome episode…

  6. riya

    nice episode dear…..loved to get another kanchi fan here……….fed up with the sanveer drama in the show & left watching the show long back for this………..keep writing………waiting for ur next update asap……

  7. sweetie

    Nice ff I am also kanchi’s fan . Please write longer waiting for next update . Please update asap 😊

  8. Neera

    Nice story line .keep it up. I will be waiting for the next episode plzz update as soon as possible

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.