Hey guys …its diya here ….I am new to ff writings and all ..today I am gonna write the story …

This is not entirely my story …its from a novel ….some excerpts are mine and some are from novel …I found it interesting so I am uploading here
No of fence …..
So here is the intro ,

Swara kapoor : she doesn’t believe in the term love …..she thinks its a bad word and doesn’t needed to be said , this word love ends up by being unhappy , she thinks these love things only happens in cinemas and are totally fantasy …she thinks its a total waste of time.
She lives in the real world ..where the ninety percent of the society are materialized and are in love …..according to her …she always speak truth , to her it doesn’t matter what others think or talk about her .

Because of this Swara hates liars a lot and people some or the other will have to lie for some things …..this is why she hates humankind itself .

Enter of our foreign exchange student sanskar maheshwari . He is an happy go lucky ball of sunshine . He doesn’t know the existence of term ‘hate’ . He has the most optimistic and dashing look

What happens when these two opposites meets ?

Well sanskar’s keen on making Swara see and feel the love around her while Swara is trying to show the foreigner to look at the reality

It isn’t about making her fall in love rather realize the love existence. But Swara is stubborn as a stick and no one can change her mind , because she has an excuse for everything . But what if sanskar lies some things and Swara hates liars ?

Which side do u pick ?

Hate or love ?

Who will win ?

Make ur bets …..

Hope u all the intro …and support me …..
Thanks a lot for reading

Credit to: Diya

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  1. Nice..continue

  2. awesome dear i will support ur ff and I loved the way u potrayed swara and sanskar’s character. i will read ur ff till the end dear. please post ur first episode .
    love u dear and ur ff.
    keep smiling

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  4. Seems to be interesting

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