Hate me/ Love me Episode 9 and 10 Maha Episode

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The episode starts with break time. Everyone is in the canteen but Dhaani doesn’t turn up. Viplav’s eyes constantly searches for her but he could not find her. Adarsh tells him nowadays your behaviour has really changed, you are no more our old Viplav, naughty teasing and troubling juniors. But now you are always lost in you own thoughts, you are in your own dreamworld. But Viplav doesn’t hear him,lost in his own thoughts. And he leaves, Adarsh calls Viplav, he thinks I guess he is in love with someone that is why he is always in his own world. It’s strange, who is that someone, I will find out.

Viplav goes to Dhaani’s class and does not find her there, he searches for her almost everywhere and finally finds her coming out of the washroom with tears in her eyes. Viplav runs towards her and asks what happened why are you crying, Dhaani wipes off her tears and says nothing. Viplav insists her to say, he says you call me your friend and don’t share anything with me. Dhaani says ok, I will tell you, come we will go to CCD(café coffee day)

Viplav says now tell. Dhaani says do you remember my accident, he says yes but what of that? She says I got hurt on my head and I told lies to you that I have recovered. Actually still my head pains like hell and the doctor says there are very less chances to recover. And the whole life she has to bear the pain. When Dhaani with her tears eyes looks at Viplav, she sees her eyes filled with tears. Dhaani asks why are you crying? He says because you…some dust particle went into my eyes. And he pretends to rub his eyes for removing it. Viplav tells you don’t know when you were at hospital, how was my condition. I was shattered, I just prayed to God that nothing should happen to you. He can even take my life for saving yours. Dhaani is stunned and looks on. Viplav realises what he said and says forget that I don’t want to remember that day. He says I had an elder brother named Yash, and he died because of an accident, and I feared if you would also leave me. Dhaani looks on. Viplav continues I loved him the most in this world. But that man, I hate him, because of him I lost my brother. He hit my brother and took him to the hospital and left him there without even informing our family. It was because of that doctor who found out about us and informed us. My brother was alright for a few days and with his help we made the sketch of that person but after two days he took his last breath. Dhaani has tears in her eyes seeing Viplav in pain. Viplav says sorry I did not want to hurt you and she consoles him.

Dhaani comes home and tells Dulaari about Yash’s accident, Dulaari gets tensed she thinks what if Dhaani comes to know the truth. Dhaani asks what happened she tells nothing and asks her to sleep and she leaves , Dhaani wonders what happened to her. Dulaari goes and tells about this to Mohan, he looks tensed, he says don’t worry we have done nothing wrong. Dulaari says ok.

Next day Viplav gets up and goes to College, he hears Dhaani screaming, he runs towards the voice and sees Rishi kidnapping Dhaani and taking her away from him. He screams Dhaani, don’t leave me and go I can’t live without you. And he wakes up and gets relief when he comes to know that it was just a dream. He calls Dhaani to confirm wheather she is alright. Dhaani’s phone rings, she is still sleeping Viplav gets tensed, he again tries her number but no answer. He thinks wheather something has happened to her. He again calls her this time Dhaani thinks who is mad to call at3 o clock in night. She sees Viplav’s call and hurriedly picks it up asks him what happened why are you calling at this time. He says I got a bad dream about you leaving me. Pls Dhaani promise me that you will never leave meI can’t imagine my life withou you,pls don’t leave me because I.. Viplav says hello Dhaani hello he sees that his phone had switched off due to low battery. Dhaani wonders how did the call get cut, she calls him but it is switched off she says maybe his battery would be down and sleeps again. Here Viplav is again restless he wants to meet Dhaani but how could he go at this time. He decides to meet Dhaani first the next day and he sleeps.

Next day Mohan comes happily and says the boy’s side has agreed for the marriage proposal of Dhaani. Dulaari gets happy. Mohan says they are coming today evening at our house to meet Dhaani, so ask her not to go to college today. Dulaari agrees. She goes to Dhaani and tells her everything. Dhaani is shocked and says why so early I don’t want to marry now. Dulaari says this is the right age my child. But still it is up to you to marry him or not.Now stay at home. Dhaani feels restless. In the college Viplav waits for Dhaani but she doesn’t come, he calls her but her phone is switched off. Just then Tanya comes and entertains him. And talking to her Viplav gets happy and forgets about Dhaani.

In the evening,
The boy’s family comes, the boy’s name is Vineet( positive character) They all speak, Vineet’s mother likes Dhaani and accepts the proposal. Dulaari and Mohan also accept the proposal. They also like Vineet. They decide to meet after two days for kundli matchmaking.
Later they leave, Dhaani days I don’t want to marry him, Mohan says why what is the problem with him you will have to marry him. If not then you have to give me a proper reason. He tells they are very good people, you will be happy with them.

Viplav calls Dhaani and finally she picks up the phone. Viplav asks what happened why didn’t you come today. Dhaani says the whole marriage talks. Viplav says what you are marrying and you didn’t tell me also about that, but how can you marry. Dhaani says why , I will be married some day or the other. Viplav says ok and cuts the phone. At night Viplav imagines all the moments spent by him and Dhaani. He says no you can’t marry him, pls you can’t marry, I don’t know why but I can’t see you marrying someone. Dhaani also feels restless.

Next day
Raj comes to Viplav and asks what has happened to you today? Why are you so upset? He says nothing like that Dhaani is getting married. Raj says this is a good news so why are you sad? Viplav says I don’t want her to marry. Raj says why it is good to marry( Raj has understood that Viplav loves Dhaani, he is making him realise that). Viplav says but now is not her age to marry. Raj says it’s the right age to marry, my parents also married at this age only. Viplav says but… Raj asks why can’t you see her marrying? Answer me Viplav I am your friend, pls tell me, why can’t you see her marrying, tell me why, why, why tell Viplav. Viplav could not resist and screams because I love her. Raj smiles this is what I wanted to hear. Viplav recollects what he just said. Raj says I knew you love her and that’s why I made you realise that. Viplav says no..no I just love her as a friend. Raj says now don’t hide your feelings from me. From the day you met that girl you have changed, she has changed you entirely and you are no more our old naughty Viplav. Only love can make a change in someone, and we all have seen that change. Tanya hears everything and has tears in her eyes. She thinks I was mad to separate them, Viplav loves her and is happy with her and if he is happy with her, I don’t have any problem I can sacrifice this for him. And I will help him unite with Dhaani. She thinks what of Rishi I think one day he will also realise this and everything will be fine. Rishi also hears their conversation, he tells I will never let Viplav and Dhaani unite. Dhaani is only mine and he leaves. Tanya wipes her tears and goes to Viplav, she tells him oh so our hero is in love with Dhaani. But does she love you? Viplav says I don’t know but she has agreed for marriage, maybe she does not love me. Tanya says not necessary, you go and tell your feelings to her and then see. He says I will try, they wish him all the best!

Viplav calls Dhaani and asks her to come to a garden, he decorates the garden. Dhaani comes and says wow, for whom have you decorated this garden? Viplav says for you, Dhaani looks on. He says I want to tell you something, Dhaani asks what he says I..I…I…
Dhaani’s phone rings, she sees Viplav and picks up the call Riya says hi, where are you, your mom is searching for you everywhere Vineet’s family has come to match your kundli so she is calling you home, go fast. Dhaani says ok. She says Viplav sorry I have to go Vineet’s family has come. Viplav asks Vineet?? Dhaani says my fiancé. Viplav feels pain in his heart but he asks what is his surname? Dhaani says Sawant, Viplav thinks oh my friend Vineet, I will tell him to refuse for marriage, as he also loves someone else and is forced to marry her.Yes. Dhaani asks what happened? He says pls wait I want to tell you something Dhaani says but I have to go its urgent Bye!!

PRECAP: Viplav calls Vineet and tells him that he loves Dhaani so pls you also refuse to marry her because I know you love Aditi. Vineet says what??

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  1. awesome Maria…loved it….. 🙂

    1. Thank you sujie, keep reading!!

  2. Really love it. today is your episode long. Previous episodes are too short, and I thought why its end soon. But today I am happy… I just love it….☺

    1. Thanks kaviya and from Monday all episodes will be long.. Keep reading!!

  3. My dear Maria,i don’t have any words to say.such a mind blowing maha epi.wow.Tanya also became positive.Our hero loves Dhani ji now.hahahaha.superb yaar.but what will he do when he sees Mohan.i am just waiting for that.pls update soon and pls make more vidhani scenes.we all luv this unique love story.

    1. Thank you so much saran keep reading!! And I will surely add more vidhaani scenes..

  4. ohh maha epi n vipu realise luv for dhaani i hope she is also start falling for vipu
    good going maria:)

    1. Thanks vaishnavi, keep reading!!

  5. Wow Viplav baba is very much in love with Dhani. Loved it. But their love story is not so easy. Some dhamaal is going to happen but want them to b madly in love. Good one maria!!

    1. Thanks Rajee!! Keep reading, twists are on the way

  6. awesome yaar maria …too good …keep writing …. 🙂 🙂

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  7. Maria it’s awesome. I liked it very much. I m eagerly waiting for the next part

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  8. maria,awesome episode. l loved n enjoyed keep continue…sorry for late comment..coz quite bg

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