Hate me/ Love me Episode 8

Thank you so much guys for you comments, I am glad that you all admire my ff. I am introducing a new character Yash, he is Viplav’s elder brother.

The episode starts with doctor saying she has very less chances of getting saved. Now along with medicines only prayers can work. Viplav sits down and calls bhaiya, don’t leave and go pls bhaiya don’t go. Riya and Raj are shocked to hear this. Riya says who is this bhaiya, Raj remembers yes he is talking about Yash bhaiya. Riya is puzzled,she asks Yash bhaiya? Raj says yes Viplav’s elder brother Yash, he is no more and he also died of an accident. I think he has connected this incident with Dhaani’s accident. Riya says oh I see. This means he is not in his senses and that’s why he’s crying so much. They go and console him and give him water. Riya says I will call Dhaani’s mother. She calls and says everything, Dulaari is shocked and drops the phone, Mohan asks her what happened? She shouts Dhaani…Dhaani… Mohan picks up the phone and comes to know. He rushes to hospital with Dulaari. They reach there and were about to go inside when Dulaari sees Viplav standing and crying. She says Viplav…Viplav… Mohan is also shocked to see him. They wonder how did he come here. Dulaari and Mohan get tensed. They ignore him and go to Riya. She explains them, Dulaari continues to cry. Doctor says she has woke up and calling mom. Who is her mom pls go and meet her. Dulaari rushes inside and sees her and calls Dhaani., she holds her hand, doctor checks her and says she is out of danger now. Dulaari shows a sigh of relief. She goes out and tells everyone about this, everyone gets happy. Viplav is still sad and in depression. Raj goes to him and consoles him and takes him back to his house.

After a week,
Dhaani comes back to college, everyone welcome her. The normal routine of the college continues and Dhaani thinks why Viplav did not come to meet her when he only had saved her life by taking her to the hospital. And days pass by, Viplav and Dhaani see each other but ignore and do their work. Finally one day Dhaani thinks to break this silence. She goes to Viplav and asks what happened, why didn’t you come to meet me when I was ill. Viplav says why should I come to meet you, am I someone to you, we have no relation then why. Dhaani says but you were the only one to save my life and I consider you as my saviour, because not once but many times you have saved me. Viplav looks stunned and says I know I have saved you many times but still you shout me for no reason( he remembers that day when she tells I hate you) and tells her then what of that. Dhaani gets into thinking and says what did I tell.

Viplav says I don’t know and leaves from there. Dhaani tries to think but in vain, she sees Tanya standing far away and smirking with the wallet in her hand. Dhaani also has her wallet in hand, she thinks we have the same wallet and recalls the wallet incident. And she says oh so this is what Viplav was talking about. She searches for Viplav and tries to talk to him but in vain. He is not even ready to listen her but from inside he wants to talk to her. He finally screams what is your problem? Dhaani says you are my problem, I have come to say sorry to you for what I did that day. Pls forgive me, and she has tears in her eyes and says I misunderstood you. Viplav could not see her like this and lifts his hands to wipe her tears, but she turns and says, I am sorry, and now leaving all the bitter past back can we become friends? Viplav says why not and Dhaani wipes her tears and they shake hands and recall the party incident( when Viplav moves back his hands and says how slow, and Dhaani says how silly) and they burst out into laughter.

Tanya and Rishi continue with their conspiracy against vidhaani but in vain. Viplav’s friend ask him is this not strange for the first time you have made a junior as you friend and that too a girl. He says I did not get a better friend like this in my whole life. And his friends laugh.

PRECAP: Viplav tells Dhaani about his brother Yash’s accident, and cries Dhaani consoles him.

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  1. Maria it’s very nice. At last vidhani became friends. I think now their love story will start, am I right?

    1. Yaa you are right, it will start but after some episodes and thanks keep reading!!

  2. Suberb Mariya keep going….?love to read u r ff.?

    1. Thanks Kavya and I love to read your ff!!

  3. wow its simply awesome

    1. Thanks Aishwarya

  4. nice maria …so it is begining of college wala love 😛 ….but viplav’s parent instantly decided about their marriage in past episode ..it is little strange …so keep it in your mind ..if you get hurt …I am sorry …mae straight forward hu …isliye bol diya ..fires sorry …

    1. No I take it in a positive way no hard feelings.. And keep reading..

  5. Wonderful,awesome

  6. Great job maria

    1. Thanks Vini keep reading!!

  7. awesome yarr Maria…. good going…. love this ff

    1. Thanks sujie keep reading!!

  8. Its nice plzzz update next epi fast. Maria ur a great narrator. I am fan to these episodes 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks dear I will update it tomorrow

  9. Hai Maria,i am happy now as our vidhani love is on track now.so much creativity and its very realistic.this can happend in anyone’s life.that’s the first reason for loving this story.its very lively and seems like happending in front of eyes,may be it is due to i am also a college student.no more words but one request ur first cover pic is apt for this story more than the current one,pls change the current one and choose one with more colours and beautiful.

    1. Sure saranya I will change the cover pic. And thanks and keep commenting as I love your comments.

      1. Thanks for accepting my request Maria.actually Saranya is a bit long name na?so u can call me Saran like many of my telly updates friends calls me.and there is a intimacy in that name,i think.

      2. Ok saran

  10. One more beautiful episode. I got lost in it. Its good that Dhani did not let it go so easily & try to talk Viplav. Liked the attitude. Now vidhani r friend. Happy to c this. Good going.

    1. Thanks Rajee!! Keep reading

  11. Thanks for accepting my request Maria.actually Saranya is a bit long name na?so u can call me Saran like many of my telly updates friends calls me.and there is a intimacy in that name,i think.

  12. nice epi…

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