Hate me/ Love me Episode 7


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Tanya calls a person and says this time there should not be any carelessness, you have to do the work properly. Rishi hears her and asks what work. Tanya says n..no..o nothing. He says I love Dhaani can you help me in winning her love, I can go to any extent for her. Tanya says oh that new girl, he says yes. She says okay I will talk to her( she has no intentions to talk to her) . Rishi leaves, Tanya says wow now I can torture Dhaani.

Dhaani’s eyes look for Viplav, he was sitting in the playground alone. Dhaani goes to him and thanks him again, he says it’s ok. Dhaani asks why are you so upset today, he maintains silence(he thinks how should I tell you what happened, I don’t want you to come near me as my heart starts beating fast. I don’t know what’s happening to me) . Dhaani asks again he says nothing and gets up to leave, Dhaani holds his hand and stops him. A current flows through Viplav’s body. She leaves his hand, and asks can we become friends? He says what, so it means you are scared of me so you want to become my friend so that I don’t trouble you. He says good idea, you are too smart. He in his mind thinks yes I want to be your friend and never leave you but.. What will my friends says that I have a junior as my friend ,No I can’t let this happen. Dhaani says just shut up, I guess I should not even talk to you, you are so mean and she leaves. Viplav feels ache in his heart.

Tanya steals Dhaani’s wallet which looks similar like hers, in front of Dhaani. Dhaani sees it from far away and thinks what is she doing with my bag. And when Dhaani checks her bag, her wallet is missing. Dhaani follows her, she goes to Viplav and tells your work is done and she smiles and Viplav also smiles. Dhaani thinks Viplav has asked her to steal my wallet. How cheap act, I think I did a mistake by asking him to become my friend, he is a cheater. She goes to Viplav and says I did’nt expect this from you. How can you be so rude, I just hate you for your acts, I just hate you!! And she leaves, Viplav’s eyes are filled with tears. He thinks what did I do to her. Tanya sees this and smirks.

In the evening as Dhaani was leaving for her home and finding an auto rickshaw, a car with full speed comes and dashes her. She faints and blood comes out from her head, stomach, hands legs actually the whole body. A crowd gathers there looking and talking about her but no one took her to the hospital. Later when all the seniors also left the college they saw the crowd and rushed in to see what had happened. Viplav struggles to go inside and sees Dhaani’s body flooded with blood. He shouts Dhaani and tears come from his eyes. He says Dhaani please open your eyes, please Dhaani open your eyes. He takes her in his arms makes her sit in the car with Riya and Raj . They reach the hospital, Viplav takes her in her arms and calls out doctor. Riya and Raj are stunned with Viplav’s behaviour. Raj says I have never seen him caring for someone so much. The doctors take her in the ICU. Viplav’s eyes are continuously shedding tears. Raj says Riya what happened to Viplav today. Viplav stands near god’s idol and prays for her. Doctor comes out and says she is very critical, you brought her too late, lot of blood has been lost. I cannot say anything unless she wakes up.

PRECAP: Dulaari picks up her phone and is shocked to hear and drops the phone Mohan asks him what happened, she says Dhaani and shouts Dhaani with tears in her eyes.

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Credit to: Maria

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  1. maria plz update ff as soon as possible i am eagerly waiting for it

    n nice epi good going ma girl:)

    1. Thanks Vaishnavi!

  2. areh….wah …nice episode maria

    ..it is good ..keep going .. 🙂

    1. Thanks avijit!!

  3. Nice yaar

    1. Thanks ahana

  4. Loved it…… nice suspense…plz post the next one soon

    1. Thanks ahana. Next one in the evening

  5. keep writing Maria…nice episode

    1. Thanks Sujie!!

  6. nice episode…keep continue 🙂

    1. Thanks nima, keep reading!!

  7. Lovely and emotional episode maria. Keep going….. Suberb well done.

    1. Thanks Kavya, keep reading!!

  8. Maria, it was very emotional. But it was awesome. Plz update the next part soon

    1. Thank you so much dear!! I will update it soon.

  9. nice… keep writing,I like it.

    1. Thanks alana keep reading

    1. Thanks!! Keep reading

  10. The episode was very beautiful . U beautifully explained the dilemma Viplav is going through. His feeling towards dhani is shown beautifully.
    At the same time it was very emotional & scary too. Its painful to c dhani & Viplav in such a situation. Now what Viplav is going to do??? B4 he cud realize his love & cud tell his feelings to dhani , he is abt to loose her…. Eagerly waiting to know abt the next part. Thank u?

    1. Thank you so much rajee!! Your comments make my day.. Glad that you read my ff..

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