Hate me/ Love me Episode 5


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The episode starts with Tanya reaching her home and recalling what Viplav told her. She fumes in anger and thinks this is all because of Dhaani that my love Viplav is not with me. I will not spare her I will make her life hell. I will take revenge from her for sure. But before that I have to convince Viplav.

Kanak and Shamboo come back home and tell Dashrath and Sushma everything. Dashrath says who will marry this boy I don’t understand. Then Kanak tells that she likes Dhaani as her bahu and after their studies I will go and talk to her family. Shamboo also supports her and they all agree.

Next day
Dhaani comes to Viplav and says now you cannot trouble me I am not going to be your prey. And if you try to do anything wrong with me then you will have to pay for it. Viplav says I guess you have gathered too much guts to speak like this with me. No other junior has ever talked with me like this. If you tell one more word I will make your life hell and he leaves from there. Dhaani says now it’s my chance to trouble you just wait and watch. As Viplav was going a cockroach comes in front of him he screams on top of his voice Bachao. Dhaani sees from far away and understands she thinks Oh so this idiot has cockroach fobea, now see Viplav what this Dhaani will do. Dhaani makes paper cockroaches and keeps it ready. When Viplav goes to his class to take his notes and there is nobody in his class. Dhaani throws all the cockroaches on him. He shouts Oouch Bachao Bachao Dhaani comes there and laughs at him. Viplav fumes in anger and says are you a crack pot if it bites me then. Dhaani says first look at it carefully. Viplav says what do you mean and looks down. He holds Dhaani tightly by her shoulders, she says aa… Leave me Viplav. He tells no I will not leave you my whole life. And goes from there.

Here Tanya sees everything and thinks now this girl has the guts to trouble my Viplav, no I can’t let this happen. I will have to do something. She calls someone and tells I will send you the picture but the work should be done and cuts the call.And goes from there.

In the evening when everyone leaves the college to go back to home, Dhaani was searching for an auto rickshaw. She sees Viplav from far away and ignores. As she was walking on the road, one car was coming with full speed towards her, Tanya sees this and smirks and leaves. Dhaani sees the car very close to her and shouts bachaoooo…. and closes her eyes. When she wakes up she sees herself in Viplav’s arms. They have an eyelock. A crowd gathers there to see them and they both come back to their senses, and get up. Dhaani says thank you for saving my life. Viplav nods and Dhaani leaves. Viplav thinks what happened to me when she came close to me, my heart was beating so fast… And he also leaves.

At night Dhaani recalls how Viplav saved her and thinks that he is not bad at heart like how he shows. And she sleeps. Viplav goes back to his home and Kanak asks how was you day? He says good and leaves for his room. Kanak thinks what happened to him, and thinks maybe he is tired. Viplav does not get sleep and thinks the whole night about the accident.

PRECAP: The principal calls the entire college and addresses them. She says tomorrow we will go to a high court to see its working so bring extra lunch and be prepared to go.

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Credit to: Maria

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  4. Maria it’s superb

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  6. maria ..it is superb ..
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