Hate me/ Love me Episode 4


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Dhaani’s class was asked to get ready to go to a presentation, everyone started going but Dhaani was feeling dizzy so she asked her teacher to let her go to the health care centre and have medicine and then she would come back to her class. Her teacher agrees and Riya insists to stay with her. They go to health care centre, and Tanya was standing outside their class just waiting for them to leave. Later Dhaani and Riya come back and Dhaani takes rest. After some time the class comes back, and it was their break time. All of them put their hands into their bag to take out money. But they found their wallets missing. All of them wonder where did their wallets go. Just then one boy passes by Dhaani’s bag and by mistake drops it and everyone is shocked to see all wallets coming out from it. They call her thief and say how dare she steal our wallets. Dhaani tries to explain that she did not do this but she feels dizzy. Everyone says stop your drama, and now we understood why you did not come with us and acted like this. Riya also tries to explain but nobody listens.

The Principal was also informed about this and he thinks that Viplav would have done this. He goes to Viplav in the canteen where he was standing with his friends. He shouts Viplav that day I had given you last warning and now it seems you are still the same. Why did you you trouble Dhaani? Viplav thinks maybe Dhaani has told him the halwa incident. He says I did not do anything and is very angry inside. The principal says that you stole everyone’s wallet in Dhaani’s class and kept it in her bag. So that all the blame goes on her. How can you stoop so low. Viplav tries to protest but the principal says now it’s enough your parents will be called today. Viplav fumes in anger.

Later Dhaani thinks that Viplav is too much and now I will take revenge from him. Viplav’s parents arrive, principal tells the entire story, Kanak and Shamboo apologise and say that they want to meet Dhaani and apologise. She was called, she joins her hands and says Pranam. Kanak and Shamboo think that this girl is very nice and think that she is perfect for Viplav, as she can bring a change in him. They apologise, she says no need it’s okay and they leave.

Here Viplav is very angry when Tanya comes and tells you know what I did today, and a flashback is shown, when Dhaani leaves the class Tanya enters removes wallets from everyone’s bag and keeps it in Dhaani’s bag. The flashback ends. Viplav says so it was you who did this. He says because of you today my parents were called and last time also I told you not to do anything without informing me. Now get lost from here.

Viplav goes to Dhaani and tells because of you’re my parents were called I will not spare you. I will upload your video everywhere. Dhaani goes and asks him okay then do it right now in front of me, let me also see. Viplav is tensed I will do it later. Dhaani insists, he tells No…No…Not now later and leaves. Dhaani understands that he does not have the video and smiles.

PRECAP: Tanya thinks I will take revenge from Dhaani, she has broken my friendship with Viplav. Kanak and Shamboo discuss with Dashrath and Sushma about Viplav’s marriage with Dhaani.

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  7. Precap is very interesting. Maria it is very nice. Plz post the next part soon.

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