Hate me/ Love me Episode 3


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Next day
Dhaani wakes up and her head is paining like hell. She wonders where was she and then Riya comes from back and narrates the whole incident to her. Dhaani is shocked and thinks how could I do this. But Riya consoles her and says everything will be alright and told her about her mother’s phone call. Dhaani and Riya go back to their respective homes. Dulaari stops Dhaani and asks her where was she the whole night. She thinks she cannot tell lies to her mother and narrates the whole incident. Dulaari consoles her and says to be strong and give back answer to that nutorious Viplav. Dhaani agrees.

Here Viplav stretches his arms to get up and Sushma brings coffee for him. He thanks her and drinks it and says it was awesome.
Both Dhaani and Viplav get ready to go to college. Viplav thinks today it will be fun.
Dhaani reaches after Viplav and everyone is staring at her and wonders why..
And she sees Viplav and his gang giggling and thinks maybe they have done something. She goes to then and asks what did they do. Viplav tells not we you did and shows her yesterday’s video. She is shell shocked to see and asks him to delete the video. He agrees and deletes it and tells I have a backup of it (actually he does not have he is just joking) . He tells now you will have to do what we tell you so be ready. Dhaani controls her tears and anger and goes from there.

Here in the class she discusses her problem with Riya she tells we will find out a solution for this. Tanya calls Viplav to the college ground. And he arrives there, she blurts out “I love you.” Viplav is shocked and and says I have always considered you as my best friend but not thought this for you so I am sorry but I don’t love you and leaves from there. Tanya remains heart broken.

It was break time, and all of them rushed to the canteen. Dhaani was sitting with Riya having dosa whereas Viplav was standing near the counter with his daadi’s hand made gajar ka halwa. He thought something and mixed lots of chilli powder in it and mixed it and called Dhaani. He told I am sorry for what I did and gives her the halwa. At first she refuses then accepts it and tastes the halwa. She screams and drops the plate and the halwa spreads on the floor. Viplav and Adarsh laugh as tears come out of her eyes and she goes to him and shouts how dare you. Viplav asks her to lower her tone and says otherwise your video will be uploaded on all social networking sites. He asks her to clean the floor as the maid would be busy cleaning the classes and she is compelled to do so. Everyone in the canteen laughs at her. She cleans and goes back crying. Riya tells her that now it’s too much we will go and tell the Principal about this. But Dhaani was busy drinking water. Dhaani says yes. And they go together to the principal and narrate both the incidents. He says yes I will talk to them and he gets a call and leaves. Here outside Tanya hears everything and stops them as they were going and tells them so you have the guts to complain about us , now you just wait and watch. The episode ends.

PRECAP: Everyone in Dhaani’s class calls her a thief and she tries to defend herself.
Later she decides I will not stand quiet now I will take revenge from Viplav.

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Credit to: Maria

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  2. good going yarr…. what will they do now??

    1. Thanks sujie!!

  3. Pls post the next part today as I can’t wait till tomorrow plsssssssss. I know you can do it. U’re too good and thanks for making me happy with ur ff

    1. Thanks aish and I will try to post today itself

  4. Come on dhani!!!! Teach Viplav a lesson..
    Its really interesting maria!

    1. Thanks kusanskar!!

  5. hi maria it is super but i want to say one thing to u that is pls dont dhaani realise love so soon i dhaani to prpose late pls pls i ask this thing only in everyone ff so can u pls

    1. Yaa sure!! I was also thinking the same…

  6. Maria I loved it so much. Plz update it as soon as possible. I m just eagerly for it.

    1. Thanks I will update it tomorrow afternoon

  7. wonder full my dear, keep it up and waiting for upcoming episodes.

    1. Thanku!!

  8. Nice one….its just the beginning… Waiting 4 the real picture…

    1. Thanks rajee!!

  9. hey maria i really very like u r ff n pls update next epi we r waiting for it

    1. Thanks Vaishnavi!!

  10. Sorry,i didn’t commented for ur ystdy epi,it was superb and about today it is also superb.i am really loving this new viplav and dhani and their naughty fight.while reading i was just imagining each and every bit of it,specially viplav’s pranks.here too our Vipu rocks,i think from next epi onwards dhani is going to be a real awesome heroine.

    1. No need of sorry, anyways thanks!!

  11. And Maria,where are u from?are u a keralite?i just asked it as u mentioned dosa.

    1. No no I am first of all a Muslim , I wrote dosa because it is one of my favourite dishes…

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