Hate me/ Love me Episode 20 Final Episode

Dhaani’s family decide to shift back to their house in Banaras. They all take a bus to go. Mohan and Dulaari, Raj and Pankaj and Viplav and Dhaani sit together. Viplav informs his family members that they are coming. They all get happy and prepare for welcoming them. Rajesh asks wheather he can also join in their happiness. Dashrath says why not you are most welcome afterall you are my son. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and goes close to kiss her. She says what are you doing if anyone sees us. Viplav says I don’t care you have already wasted 2 years 730 days of mine. Dhaani says I ? Viplav says yes you. Dhaani says no it was not my fault, Viplav quickly kisses her forehead. Dhaani is surprised as well as shies. Raj says yes now Dhaani has come so you completely forgot us. Viplav says yes already you both have troubled me a lot and now its my turn to trouble Dhaani. Dhaani asks achaaa… Raj and Pankaj and Viplav laughs. Viplav says no my jaan I will not trouble you and pulls her cheek. Dhaani says oouch. Viplav laughs. Dulaari says to Mohan I am very happy for Dhaani and Viplav, Mohan says I am also very happy. May god always bless our children.

They all reach Banaras. Tripathi family welcomes them. Mohan is surprised seeing Rajesh. Dashrath introduces him and Rajesh joins his hands and asks for forgiveness. Mohan says its ok. And they all have lunch together. Dhaani and Viplav are made to sit infront of each other. Viplav smiles seeing her and she also smiles. He gives a flying kiss to her dhaani shies. Daadi sees him and pats on Viplav’s back. Everyone laugh and chit chat and they decide to call the pandit tomorrow for dates. Dhaani’s family is ready to leave. Viplav pulls Dhaani and kisses her on her cheeks and asks for a goodbye kiss. Dhaani lovingly slaps him and runs.
Next day everyone come together in Tripathi mansion. The pandit comes and they decide all the days. He says the best date for marriage is after 5 days. Everyone agrees.

After 2 days, Haldi function
Everyone is preparing for haldi( turmeric) function. Two bowls of haldi is prepared for the bride and groom. Everyone apply mehandi on vidhaa. Viplav takes haldi in his hand and applies it on Dhaani’s face. Dhaani also takes it and applies it on him. Everyone laughs.

Next day, Mehandi and Sangeet function.
Dhaani’s family gathers in Tripathi mansion. Some girls apply mehandi on her hands and they asks which letter to write on the hand. Viplav comes and takes the cone and writes V in a heart on her hand. Dhaani smiles. The girls tease her oho… One girl comes from behind and closes Dhaani’s eyes. Dhaani says I know you are Piya. Piya smiles and removes her hand. Viplav asks Piya? Dhaani says yes she is Piya my cousin. Viplav says oh hi. Piya says hi jiju. Tanya, Pankaj, Raj, Adarsh come and says oh so our hero is here with his heroine.Viplav and Dhaani say hi. Riya comes from behind and says oh so you all forgot me. Dhaani says how can I forget you. Dhaani introduces Piya with her friends she says hi. Viplav asks why you all came so late. Dhaani says I am angry with you Piya why didn’t you come in my haldi function. Piya says I am sorry I didn’t get the ticket. Dhaani says ok my jaan and hugs her.
Dhaani and Viplav sit on their chairs. The sangeet function begins. Riya, Raj, Pankaj, Adarsh, Piya, Tanya dance on song kar gayi chull from Kapoor and sons. Everyone clap. Next Dulaari dances on the song Kabira. Kanak also joins. Shamboo Mohan Rajesh Daadi and Dashrath also dance. Later Tanya announces that now are most loving couple will dance. Dhaani refuses to dance but Viplav pulls her and takes her to the dance floor. They dance on the song Dilliwali Girlfriend. Everyone claps for them and cheer them. Later Tanya Piya and Riya join Dhaani and Raj Pankaj and Adarsh join Viplav. They all dance on the song most wanted munda. And all have fun. Later Vidhaa dance on the song Gerua everyone clap for them. Vidhaani have an eyelock. Piya says ahem ahem. Dhaani sees down. Everyone laughs and Riya says its ok Dhaani. You don’t need to shy. The party gets over. Everyone leaves.

The next day all the marriage preparations are going on as the marriage is tomorrow. Viplav calls Dhaani and says I cant even wait for a day, come out I am waiting for you outside. Dhaani says really and goes to window and sees him standing there. She says mister we are not allowed to meet before marriage. Viplav says when you are going to become my misses I cant even wait to meet you for a second then one day is a big task. Dhaani says go away anyone will see you. He says no you give me a kiss then only I will leave. Dhaani says no please go. He says I will come inside to meet you, Dhaani says no no I am coming. She goes out and Viplav hugs her tightly. She says someone will see us now go. He says no you have to give me a kiss otherwise I will not go. Dhaani kisses his cheeks and says ok? Viplav says very good and kisses her and says bye. Dhaani says bye. Dulaari comes from behind and asks Dhaani why are you standing here. She says nothing I wanted to breathe in fresh air and says don’t worry come we will go inside. Dulaari sees Viplav’s car going back and understands.

During night
Dhaani is taking bath and Viplav calls Dhaani and Dhaani hears his sound and looks back but no one is there. He again calls Dhaani she again turns back and sees Viplav standing otside the bathroom through the peephole. She asks what are you doing here. He says come out fast orelse I will come inside I have the keys. Dhaani says no I will not come. Viplav says ok and he opens the door. He is shocked to see Dhaani wearing clothes( he thought she is not wearing anything) Dhaani asks what happened? He says I wanted to take bath with you. He goes close to her and opens the shower. Dhaani gets wet he kisses her forehead cheeks and neck. She asks are you mad what are you doing. And she pushes him. When Viplav opens his eyes he realises it was all a dream and smiles.

Next day Dhaani gets ready for marriage. She wears the wedding dress and looks gorgeous. She enters the mandap Tanya Riya and Piya surround her. Viplav gets mesmerised by her beauty and he says OMG she looks so gorgeous. Dhaani goes and sits beside her. The pandit reads all the mantras. They take the pheras Viplav applies vermillion on Dhaani and makes her wear the mangalsutra. The pandit says now the marriage is complete. They all take the blessings of elders.

During night,
Viplav carries Dhaani in his arms and takes her to the room. He makes her sleep on the bed. He sleeps over her and kisses her and they consumate their marriage.
9 months later,
The doctor comes out and says I had told you to take care of Dhaani as she has complications. Viplav and others gets tensed. Viplav asks please tell us what happened. Doctor says we saved your child but.. Viplav asks but?? The doctor says but we saved your wife also. Congratulations you are a father of a girl. Viplav hugs the doctor in excitement. And he goes inside to meet Dhaani. He says so Dhaani did you think any name for your baby. Dhaani says when you are here why should I think you only tell. Viplav says ok so we will keep her name as Vidhaa. Dhaani says wow that’s a good name. Viplav hugs her. The whole family comes inside to meet Dhaani.

After 5 years,
Dhaani runs behind Vidhaa to give her milk but she refuses. And Viplav comes and holds her and says no one can force my baby to drink milk. Dhaani says yes you have only spoiled her. Viplav says right just as you have spoiled me and made me romantic with your love and he hugs her. Three of them hug each other and Dhaani and Viplav thinks about all the moments spent together.
This fan fiction comes to an end.
Thank you all the readers for reading my ff and supporting me by commenting. I thank sujie, louella, pethu sri, nima, avijit, midarshani, vaishnavi, ahana, fatarajo, arshdeep, sanjana, porkodi, vavachi, saranya, rajee, mahira and all other silent readers thank you. Sorry if I missed any name.

And I want all the readers of this ff to comment pls also the silent readers. Thank you Bye…

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  1. Yaar! why did you end it, I loved your ff
    Promise me you will write another one…. PLZ PLZ
    Good story you could have made it longer…… But still your work was a perfection in itself…..
    Good job; and thank you for making time to write such a beautiful ff…..
    Lots of love,

    (P.S: All the best for your future)

    1. Thanks ahana. I will come with a new story soon. Once again thanks for your lovely comment and may God bless you!

  2. Maria….its so good….. lovely ending ….i am reading it again and again….specially post 5 years leap part….. you really did a great job….and please come soon with a new ff….waiting

    1. Thank you very much Sujie I will come back with new ff soon. Once again thank you very much! God bless you

  3. hiii maria..hows u..
    ..i m the silent reader..I read ur every episode these were too gud..whu u r endng this so soon..btw I luv ur ff..

    1. Hi simmi I m good and hows you? Thanks dear I had some personal reasons to end it but don’t worry I will be back with a new one. Thanks once again. May God bless you

  4. wow really superb maria and perfect ending my dear keep it up waiting for next ff okay and vidhani daughter name vidhaa really nice, god bless you my dear….

    1. Thanks kaviya. I also loved their daughters name. I will be back. May God bless you

  5. Superb maria
    Wonderful and sweet story
    Fully enjoyed it
    U are a great writer
    God bless u dear ?
    Take care of ur mom and m sure u will come back with a new story…new title..new adventures…for us soon ?☺

    1. Thanks dear and I will come back soon. Once again thanks. May God bless you

  6. It’s awesome. Plz come back with a new ff. I miss u

    1. Thanks I will be back. Miss u too. May God bless you

  7. Thanks,pls write another viplav and dhani story

    1. Welcome dear. I will be back. May God bless you

  8. awesome n happy ending maria n pls come back with new ff luv u 🙂

    1. Thanks vaishnavi luv you too. I will be back. May God bless you

  9. It has been a awesome journey since first epi.thank u so much for this fantabulous treat of vidhani yaar.it was a very different story and different vidhani.dhani also became an advocate an educated girl.thank u so much and all the best for ur next ff.i am sure u will come with another interesting story.

    1. Welcome saranya and thank you too for reading my ff and supporting me. I will be back. Luv you and may God bless you

  10. Maria, wow! happy ending…I loved to read your ff so come back soon till then tkcr,God bless you.

    1. Thanks nima I will be back. May God bless you. Love you

  11. Maria happy ending. Just loved ur ff from first episode. That all lovely time with u. Come with another vidhani story. Waiting.

    1. Thanks dear. I will come back with a new story soon okay

  12. Awesome ff Maria loved the ending :and they lived happily ever after.
    And you are a great writer

    1. thanks joyee nice to see your comment after so many days.

  13. Thank u so much Maria for a beautiful romantic Vidhani ff. From the beginning to end it was engaging & entertaining. Wish to c u very soon with one more lovely ff. All the best & be happy always!

    1. Thanks Rajee. I always love to see your comments. I will come back with a new one soon. May God bless you. Luv you

  14. What an ff yaar. Thank u for giving such a wonderful ff. The ending is superb. I have enjoyed each and every part of your ff. Plz come with another ff soon

    1. Thanks louella princess . I will come back soon. Luv you and may God bless you

  15. Wow! EXCELLENT Ending! Will miss this but all is well that ends well. GOOD JOB @maria. ?

    1. Thanks Mahira God bless you and you are my Friend so I wrote your name also so need of thanking okay

  16. And thanks for mentioning my name. Means a lot. ☺ God Bless you. Take care.

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