Hate me/ Love me Episode 2


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The episode starts with Viplav and his gang in the party hall chit chatting whereas on the other side DJ was going on. Tanya asked Viplav to dance with her and he agrees. They dance on the song Akkad Bakkad from Sanam re. After some time Dhaani enters the party hall in her stunning red gown. Everyone’s eyes on her, Viplav’s heart skips a beat. He gets mesmerised by her beauty. Raj (Viplav’s friend) keeps hand on him and asks what happened and asks wheather he has fallen in love with her. He comes back to his senses and says no and says he was just thinking that she looks quite simple and innocent and it would be fun tricking her.

Viplav’s with his gang goes towards her and he forwards his hand for a hand shake and says I am Viplav and you? As Dhaani told her name and forwards her hands to shake Viplav takes off his hand and says how slow and he and all his gang start laughing. Dhaani says how silly and goes from there. Viplav says how dare she say silly to us. Now we will show her what we can do.

The party continues and Pankaj on Viplav’s order goes and asks the waiter to give this drink to Dhaani and shows him money. And he thinks now it will be fun as he had mixed wine in it.
As Dhaani was walking her purse falls down, one girl picks it up and gives it to her and she thanks her. She introduces herself as Riya and Dhaani also introduces herself. Riya tells that she is also a fresher and tells her to stay away from Viplav and his gang as they trouble new students like us. And she saw Dhaani with her. Dhaani says yes she also felt strange looking at them.

Then the waiter comes and offers drink to Dhaani and she takes it and was about to give it to Riya when the waiter stopped her and gave Riya another glass. They both drink it.
Viplav sees her and thinks ab aayega Maza (now it will be fun).

After some time Dhaani feels uneasy and starts acting weird. She feels like dancing and dances madly in front of everyone and Riya tries to stop her. Viplav here shoots her dance, and Dhaani starts to pull a boy named Rishi to dance. Rishi was also a senior and enjoyed her company and starts dancing too close with her. Here Viplav and his gang keep laughing, enjoying the moment. Whereas Riya tries to take her out and she finally pulls her out. She takes her outside and makes her sit in her car. She thinks what to do and finally takes her to her farmhouse. (Riya is a rich girl but very kind.) She makes her sleep. Just then Dhaani’s phone rings it’s her mothers call. Riya is tensed and thinks now what to do.She picks her phone and says hello. Dulaari asks who is this and where is my daughter? Riya says that she is with her an she introduces herself as her friend. She tells that Dhaani is in washroom and they all are having night over at her house so she will come home tomorrow. Dulaari gets into thinking as she never told her about this and says ok bye!

PRECAP: Next day As Dhaani enters the college all teachers and students stare at her and Viplav’s gang laughs.

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Credit to: Maria

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  1. o teri …nice maria ….keep it up ….best of luck for your exam 🙂 🙂

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  2. good Maria….keep going dear…. 🙂 🙂

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  3. Good one…naughty Viplav !!!troubling poor dhani …let’s c how their love story starts.. Story ki shuruat toh bahut hi mazedar hai. Looking ahead for more fun…all the best!

  4. wow! so interesting…keep continue 🙂

  5. So good Mariya keep rocking?

    1. Thank you dear!!

      1. And ur ff is also rocking when are you posting the next episode??

      2. I’m glad you like it Maria. I will update today evening ma.?

  6. Maria it’s very nice. Poor dhaani. Just waiting for the next part

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