Hate me/ Love me Episode 19

The announcement is made cmmon all couples stand together in dance position. Viplav and dhaani are stunned and dhaani tries to leave from there but everyone say you cant quit the game you have to dance cmmon. Dhaani refuses but Viplav holds her hand and says she will dance. Everyone claps. Dhaani says leave my hand. The song plays and Viplav turns her and they dance. They dance sensually and are very close to each other. Viplav says in her ears you can’t run from me now see what this Viplav Tripathi will do. After the dance the result is declared and Vidha are declared as the winner. Viplav was drinking a juice that time and they go up to take the award. On the stage Viplav purposely crashes dhaani and the glass falls down the juice spills. Viplav says oh sorry and asks dhaani to clean it as all other servants are busy with other work. The announcer says it’s OK, Viplav says no no she will clean it I will give her money now go fast. Dhaani has tears in her eyes and brings the mop to clean it. She cleans it, Viplav shows smile on his face but from inside he is in pain.

Dhaani goes down and one waiter offers her wine, she does not understand it and drinks it. After some time she feels uneasy and behaves wierdly. Everyone laughs at her. Viplav feels bad for her and holds her and takes her to his room but she refuses. She says leave me I can’t be in your life please leave me go away from my life. And tears continously falls out from her eyes. Viplav also has tears in his eyes. He forcefully takes her to his room. She says I love you Viplav please don’t leave me and go I love you a lot. I can’t live without you. Viplav says don’t lie what do you think you can fool me again. Dhaani says I am not fooling you please listen to me I love you a lot and cant live without you. Saying so she hugs him tightly. Viplav has mixed expressions on one side he is happy on the other he is angry and he is also crying. He could not resist and hugs her tightly. They sleep in each others arms.

Next morning Dhaani wakes up and sees herself sleeping in Viplav’s arms she tries to get out and Viplav wakes up. He sees her and remembers what had happened last night. But Dhaani does not remember anything and says how come I am here did you do anything with me and she cries. And she stands up to leave Viplav grabs her shoulder tightly and in tears says why are you playing with my feelings why tell me. Two years back also you did the same thing. Dhaani says leave me, Viplav says no today you have to answer all my questions. Why did you leave me andgo why he shouts loudly. Dhaani cries bitterly. Viplav and Dhaani see each other painfully. Dhaani says please leave me I beg of you. Viplav says no you have to tell me the truth I know you love me and you cant deny that.Dhaani says I hate you and frees herself and turns to leave Viplav again holds her hand brings her close and they share a liplock. Dhaani forgets everything seeing his love for her and hugs him tightly. Viplav hugs her back. Dhaani remembers everything and breaks the hug and leaves crying.

One man is shown talking with another man. He says all our plans are going flop. We are not able to take their property. And that man is none other than Rajesh(Viplav’s uncle) I told the pandit to tell that their kundlis do not match so that the two families separate but inspite of that we are still not able to acquire the property. Now we have to do something really dangerous. The other man is his son and he nods.

Viplav says I have to get to know the truth anyhow. He goes to search Dhaani’s room but realises that the room next to his is Dhaani’s( he remembers the bathroom fight with her and she says how do you know my name is Dhaani) He thinks how rude she has become. Dhaani in her room crying looking at Viplav’s photo and says I am so sorry I love you a lot. Viplav hears that but goes inside as if he did not hear. Dhaani hides the photo and says why have you come here. Viplav says to know the truth. Dhaani says so you want to know the truth na I will tell you. Viplav says really? She says the truth is I am going to marry a boy so pls leave me. And we are leaving today and after 2 days is my marriage. That’s all I want to say and this is the truth so get lost. Viplav stands heartbroken and says no this is not the truth this cant be the truth you cant marry another boy. Pls don’t do like this. I love you and you love me plsss. Dhaani says there is the door so go out he leaves and thinks now I will not go to her again. She was a betrayer, she is a betrayer and will always be a betrayer and leaves.

All the lawyers return back to their homes. And when Viplav reaches home he is shocked. He sees all the family members tied with rope and Rajesh with his son standing there. Rajesh says come beta ap hi ka intezaar tha( we were waiting for you only) Viplav says how dare you do that he tries to beat them but rajesh’s son beats him with a rod and he faints. Everyone calls Viplav… Rajesh and his son are busy taking out all the money and they ask Dashrath to sign the property papers but he refuses to do so and they don’t pay attention to Viplav. Some time later the police comes and Rajesh and his son is caught. Rajesh says who called the police. Viplav gets up and shows him the phone. He says when you were busy collecting all the money I called the police and put the phone on speaker. He heard what all you said. The police arrests him. Dashrath says please don’t arrest him he is my son please forgive him. Rajesh feels bad and realises his mistake and says sorry I realise how much wrong I have done. He says I have not only done this but I have done one more thing wrong.Dashrath asks what? Rajesh says Dhaani. Whatever the pandit had told was wrong I had told him to say that to ruin both the families happiness. Dashrath says what?? Rajesh says yes I am sorry for that. Viplav asks what?? What did the pandit say please tell me. Rajesh says I am sorry beta. Dadi goes to the fb and says the pandit told your kundlis do not match and if you married her your life would be in danger. And just then we received your call and you said you had a small accident. We all were worried and so we cancelled the marriage. We knew thatyou don’t believe in all these thingsthats why we didn’t tell you. We are sorry for that pls forgive us. Viplav has tears in his eyes and remembers that Dhaani saw a photo and said I love you, I am sorry. And she also said that tomorrow is her marriage. He cries a lot and sits down crying. Dashrath says don’t worry beta we will find them. Viplav says she is going to marry tomorrow. Kanak asks but how do you know. Viplav tells everything about his trip to Delhi. He says how will I find her. He goes to the lawyer department and inquires about Dhaani they refuse to give any information but he says pls atleast tell me the place where she lives and he shows money. The man says I don’t need any money she lives in Mumbai that’s all I can tell. He says thank you and leaves.

He reaches Mumbai the next day and sticks Dhaani’s poster everywhere. Its evening but he still cant find her. Finally he gets a phone call. The man talking on the phone is none other than Mohan. He asks Viplav why are you searching for Dhaani. He says pls uncle I want to meet you once plss. Mohan says ok. They meet and Viplav tells everything to Mohan. He also says pls stop her marriage today. Mohan asks marriage?? Viplav says yes she told me. Mohan says no she is not marrying anyone today, she was just fooling you. She still loves you and is not ready to marry, we have tried to convince her but she has not yet forgotten you.Now come we will give this goodnews to everyone.

They both go to Mohan’s house. Viplav sees Dhaani and has a broad smile. Dhaani sees him and is surprised.He runs towards her and hugs her tightly and says I love you. Dhaani doesn’t understand how he came here. Mohan calls Dulaari and he tells everything to them. Dhaani and Dulaari are extremely happy. In this excitement Dhaani hugs Viplav tightly and says I love you Viplav.. And the scene freezes.

Precap: Vidhaa marriage.

Please leave your comments and share your views. Only one more to go keep reading. I am sorry as I am ending it but the comments are decreasing day by day so better to stop it. I will try to come up with a new story. So pls comment all the silent readers also.

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  1. Wat yaar always you tell this comments are commments dont care about that…..

    Sorry if you felt bad but plz continue

    1. No it’s OK but actually I have other reason also I don’t get time to write now days so I will come back with another one again. Sorry if you felt bad

      1. Actually my mom is not well so I have to take care of her. Once again sorry if you felt bad

  2. Awesome episode.. Totally enjoyed it
    i am sorry..i could not commnt for last 2 episodes..i am really sorry but u write so well dear
    come up with another one soon 🙂

    1. It was longer one as compared to other episodes
      Great work
      Really like it?

      1. Thanks dear and no need of sorry. Yes it was longer as I wanted to complete it in 2 episodes. Tomorrow’s episode will also be longer. And I will surely come back with a new ff soon

  3. Superb Maria.ok u are stopping this story.i have no problem but i am waiting for ur next awesome waali story.don’ disappoint us.come as soon as possible.we want to read ur story,waiting for it.

    1. thanks saran i am sorry for it i have other reason too for stopping this ff. i will surely come back with another one so keep reading till then.

  4. don’t think of stopping it dear…please ….love it to the core…….
    awesome episode 🙂

    1. I am sorry for that but I have some personal issues so pls bear with it. I will try to come back with a new one. And thanks keep reading

  5. maria my dear u r doing great job then why this disappointment, everything is going well and your story is awesome and u r rocking, come back with another ff ok and take care off your maa too ok

    1. Thanks dear I will come back with a new one and yes I will take care of my mom

  6. Dont stop yaar pls
    I luv ur ff

    1. I can’t help it dear but I will come back with a new story

  7. Maria! I just loved it. There was one surprises also which I liked very much..ahem ahem..I mean in the room..In real life I am not romantic but I am fully in love with vidhani & I loved their passionate love in ur ff. Thank u 4 the treat..Its sad that only one episode left but its OK as we all have other commitments too. If u find time then come with another rocking ff. We will wait 4 u…

    1. Thanks rajee I always love your comments. Me too loved that room scene. Yea I will come back with a new story soon so read that also okay. And read the last one also and also do comment as I love your comments really. They motivate me. Thanks and keep reading

  8. Nice Maria. Loved ur ff. Come with new rocking ff. Don’t think abt comments. We r reading and loving ur story. Take care of ur mom.

    1. Thanks dear. I will come back with a new story. And thanks once again

  9. Maria, as usual episode was superb…I knw it’s your second last episode bt I’m sure you will come back soon with new ff.

    1. Thanks nima keep reading i will come back soon with a new ff

  10. Wow! Finally! ? Good going @maria. But i’m really sad as this ff is gonna end. But , hope you’ll come with another one soon InshaAllah!

    1. thanks Mahira i will try to come up with new one inshallah! And i wanted to ask you whaether you are a muslim because i have seen you twice writing inshallah

      1. Yep Allhumdulillah! You can also see by my name Mahira Farhan.

      2. Hi alhamdolillah I am also a Muslim

      3. Hmm. From India?

      4. Yes and you?

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