Hate me/ Love me Episode 18


The episode starts with Viplav going to Dhaani’s class when it was break time. He holds her and asks pls tell me the truth what happened pls I beg of you tell me. Dhaani says it’s hurting pls leave me. He says it’s hurting me too. Dhaani frees herself and slaps him and says I hate you from the core of my heart now get lost. She says this infront of everyone. Viplav feels insulted and kicks the chair in anger and goes. Dhaani bursts out into tears. She says why this is happening with me. Riya comes and consoles her and takes to the washroom. There is no one inside. She asks you consider me as your best friend then pls tell me for gods sake what happened. Dhaani cries and hugs her and tells everything what pandit told. Dhaani says promise me you will never tell this to anyone. Riya promises. Dhaani says I am leaving this city today.

Dhaani packs her bag and is ready to leave with her family. Whereas Viplav recalls Dhaani’s words (I hate you) he breaks all the things in the room and locks the door. Dadi and everyone knock the door but he does not open. Everyone understands him and dadi says let us leave him alone for sometime. Everyone agrees and leaves. Viplav cries and breaks the mirror with his hand and his hand starts bleeding. He says I will not leave her she has insulted me infront of everyone. She will have to pay for it. She has insulted Viplav Tripathi.

Dhaani leaves by bus and goes to Mumbai.(they were earlier in Banaras) She thinks about Viplav and cries. Dulaari and Mohan console her. Here Viplav goes to Dhaani’s house but finds it locked. He thinks where have they gone. He says you can’t run from me I will find you anyhow. Next day in college he does not find Dhaani and asks Riya about it. She says I don’t know I have tried to call her many times but her phone is switched off. Viplav says I will not leave her I will take revenge from her and leaves from there. Days passed by he still searches for her but could not find her. Dhaani joins her new college. They both complete their respective degrees and become Indians top most lawyers.

After 2 years,
There is a conference and Indian top most lawyers are called. Viplav comes there and shakes hands with everyone. They have a stay in hotel. He goes to his room and freshens up. He goes to his washroom and sees a girls dress hanging there. And hears showers voice. The rooms are connected to each other. He says hello madam please keep your dress aside I want to keep my dress. She says no your name is not written on it. I will keep my dress only. Viplav says how rude. He says can’t you talk politely don’t you have manners. She says shut up and let me do my work. Viplav says leave it. ??

All the lawyers are called for the conference. Everyone sit in their chairs. One chair is empty the site asks where is the lawyer. A girl comes inside and says sorry site I am late. That girl turns out to be our dhaani. Viplav could not see her as he was sitting behind. She comes and sits in the empty chair ahead. The conference starts and after sometime it comes to an end. The sir tells there is a party today evening and you all are invited for that. Everyone leaves. In the afternoon Viplav goes to freshen up. Again that girl is there inside her washroom and Viplav says oh god who is this idiot girl. She is just like that stupid betrayer dhaani. The girl listens it and says dhaani! How do you know my name and how dare you call me stupid. You are stupid. Viplav thinks this is dhaani and her voice also matches. Is she really dhaani? He thinks for a while and says how can she come here. Only Indians top most lawyers are called and I am sure she is a waste and will not come here.

In the party,
Everyone enjoy the party and an announcement is made that this bowl contains the chips of all lawyers present here. One bowl contains girls and the other contains boys. And these orphans who are the special guests in the party will pick one chit from each bowl and the couple has to dance. No one can refuse to dance. All the orphans are called and they pick up the chits. And the next name was Viplav and the girls name turns out to be dhaani. Dhaani is shocked to hear Viplav name. And all the couples are announced. They are asked to go to their partners. Viplav and dhaani are shocked to see each other and are speechless.

Precap: Viplav and dhaani are close to each other.

Please comment guys and BTW I am ending this ff in 20 episodes because of the response. So basically only 2 episodes are left so please do comment.

Credit to: Maria

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  1. OMG….. what will happen now?? Please rekindle their love and reveal that kundli thing in front of Viplav….

    1. Yes it will happen soon pls keep reading

  2. ahana (eisha)

    Dont end it yaar why plz dont end it…….

    1. I am sorry but i can’t write more one day or the other it has to end. Till then keep reading

  3. wow nice epi yaar keep going

    1. Thanks dear keep reading

  4. Maria,don’t end it yaar.we are really enjoying it.pls don’t disappoint us.we are loving ur vidhani.
    Today’s epi was awesome.dhani in lawyer coat is so cute and beautiful.and i am just waiting for their reunion.i think almost all are making our dhani bold and naughty.how cute.

    1. Thanks saranya but one day or the other it has to end. And why didn’t you comment in the previous episode I was waiting for it. Any ways keep reading and pls do comment in the next two episodes

      1. Oh so sorry Maria,i thought that i already commented in ur previous epi.woh kya haina,now we have a lot of fan fictions so i got confused.so sorry yaar and don’t stop this one.the real love started now only,so pls continue.

      2. It’s OK Saranac next time don’t forget okay

  5. nice dear

    1. Thanks dear keep reading

  6. too good marya keep going after finish this ff come back with another one ok

    1. Thanks Sri I will try to come back with a new one

  7. Maria plz don’t end it. Plz plz plz…Plz don’t end it. I know that there r many silent readers here. So plz don’t end it. It’s very nice.

    1. Thanks Louella, as I said one day or the other it has to end. So pls don’t disappoint. Keep reading and share you views for the next two episodes

  8. sharanya rajkumar

    really beautiful epi keep witing don’t end it soon..please….

    1. Thanks dear I will extend it possible keep reading

  9. Maria superb. Good twist in the story.
    Don’t end it soon.
    Now the story is moving on the right track.
    waiting for more episodes from u.

    1. Thanks dear I am extending it so posted keep reading

  10. Thanx maria 4 extending the ff as picture toh abhi Baki hai. Episode was cute as Vidhani again started fighting unknowingly.. Precap is mast. Keep writing & keep entertaining.

    1. Thanks Rajee keep reading few more to go

  11. Good twist. ? waiting to see what will happen next.

    1. Thanks Mahira keep reading

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