Hate me/ Love me Episode 17


The episode starts with Dhaani coming to the college. As she walks she does not notice water ahead and slips, she is about to fall when Viplav comes and holds her. They have an eyelock. Riya and Raj comes and they make noise uhmm uhmm… Vidhaa hear them and stand straight again. Dhaani thanks Viplav, Viplav says no need of that. I will not save you then who will I save. Dhaani blushes. Riya takes Dhaani to the class. Raj says Viplav you have gone mad in her love. Viplav says yes I know that. I forget everything when she is in front of me.

2 days later, Dhaani’s family come to Viplav’s house. Dhaani takes blessings from elders( Viplav is not present in the house). Viplav’s family serves them tea. And they chit chat. The pandit arrives. He sits and is served with tea. Both the families give Vidhaa’s kundli said to he pandit. He sees them and sadly says that there is a problem. Everyone is tensed, he says their kundli’s do not match. If they marry the boy will have many problems later, like health issues, or financial crisis or there are chances for him to die. Everyone is shocked specially Dhaani. Tears come out from her eyes. Dashrath asks is there no solution? The pandit says no the kundli’s only don’t match then there is no solution to it. Everyone is sad, pandit says now I take your leave I have to go to do puja( prayer). Dashrath says ok and joins his hands. The pandit leaves. Everyone has a dull face.

Dhaani cries continuously. The landline rings, Kanak picks up the phone and is shocked. She says but how, ok and keeps the phone. Sushma asks what happened. She says actually Viplav has met with a small accident. Everyone is shocked. Kanak says this marriage cannot happen. Now only kundli’s were being matched and this happened. You never know what can happen after marriage. Dhaani keep on crying. Kanak comes to her and says sorry beta, but I don’t want to lose my son. Dhaani says I will leave from here as I also can’t see him in pain. I am sorry this happened because of me. Kanak says no beta it’s not your fault, it’s the fault of you both’s fate. I promise you will get a better boy than my son bless you dear. Dhaani takes her blessings. And Dhaani’s family is ready to leave, Sushma stops them and says one thing, Viplav does not believe in all this so please anyone don’t tell this to him. Everyone agrees.

Viplav returns home with bruises on his head. Kanak goes and does first aid for him. He asks today Dhaani and her family was supposed to come na what happened. Kanak says no they had some work so they will come next week. Viplav says really, I can’t wait so much. He goes and calls Dhaani she sees it and cries but does not pick up the call. Viplav calls again, Dhaani keeps on crying. Viplav thinks what happened to her. Earlier she never use to do like this. He messages her and asks her is everything alright?? She sees the message and does not reply. Viplav sees that the message is seen by her but she is not replying. After some time he asks what happened are you angry with me, pls reply pls. Viplav says I love you. Dhaani cries loudly seeing the message. Viplav again calls her but she does not pick up and switches off the phone. Viplav thinks what is wrong with this girl, I can’t understand. Tomorrow I will have to talk to her.

Next day in the college,
Dhaani comes, Viplav sees her and goes to her but she ignores. Viplav holds her hand tightly and asks what is wrong with you why are you behaving like this it’s hurting me a lot. Dhaani says pls leave me you are hurting me. Viplav says you are also hurting me. Dhaani says leave me and struggles to free her hand. She frees her hand, she slaps Viplav when I told you I don’t want to talk to you then why are you behind me. I don’t love you I was forced to marry you. But now I have decided I can’t act more as if I love you. I just hate you from the beginning because of your behaviour with me from the first day I entered the college. I just hate you and that’s all I want to say you. And saying so she is about to leave when Viplav holds her hand and says I don’t believe this he has tears in his eyes, Dhaani also has tears but she tries to control it and thinks I am sorry Viplav I am so sorry. Dhaani says pls leave my hand. Viplav says I have seen love for me in your eyes, pls tell me what happened. Dhaani frees her hand and leaves. Viplav sits down and starts crying. Dhaani is also crying and could not control her tears. Riya sees everything from far away and thinks what has happened to Dhaani. Viplav sees her and asks her what has happened to Dhaani why is she doing like this, what’s wrong with her pls tell me. Riya keeps hands on his shoulder and says I am also shocked. Viplav says no you are lying you know the reason pls tell me. Riya says I am telling the truth I don’t know what is wrong with her. And she says I will find out you take care of yourself.

Tanya sees Viplav crying and asks what happened. He hugs her tightly and cries. Tanya asks what happened shona. Viplav tells everything to her, she says what?? Dhaani sees them together and thinks they are perfect couple and are made for each other. Anyways Tanya loves him, he will also start loving her. Riya stands behind her and says what’s wrong with you Dhaani why are you doing like this to him. You know how much he loves you. Dhaani says he loves me but I don’t love him. I have always hated him. Riya says right I can see that very well from your eyes. Stop lying and tell me what happened. She says nothing and leaves. Riya thinks I know you love him a lot I can see it from your eyes, I will have to know the truth. The episode ends.

PRECAP: Dhaani is leaving the city. Viplav is in his room breaking the things in anger.

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Credit to: Maria

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  1. OMG!!!!! what a suspense…. post the next one ASAP

    1. Yes I will post the next one soon keep reading

  2. Maria it’s not good. It’s super super good. So plz post the next part ASAP

    1. Thanks louella first I saw not good I was disappointed but when I read after it I was happy. Thanks for your lovely comment I will update it soon

  3. super dupper ma lovely episode, keep writing……maria rocks

    1. Thanks dear for your lovely comment

  4. oh kundali problem i hope there is solution for that
    good going maria

    1. Thanks vaishnavi keep reading

  5. awesome episode…keep continue.

    1. Thanks Nima keep reading

  6. Aww! Can’t wait for the next episode. ?

    1. I will update it soon keep reading only 3 more episodes left.

  7. What??? No solution for this kundali prob! I hope this kundali dosh is not true! Good one but painful.

    1. Yes keep reading to know what happens next as only three more episodes are left.

  8. sharanya rajkumar

    Oo mariya superb epi loved it keep writing

    1. Thanks dear keep reading only 3 episodes left

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