Hate me/ Love me Episode 15


Hi guys,I am back and sorry for very very late update. Actually I had my last exam today. And again sorry for making you wait so long. So here is the summary of previous episodes.
Dhaani and Viplav realise their feeling for each other, but Viplav comes to know that Dhaani is the daughter of the ones who had killed his brother so to take revenge from them he sends them to jail. The story continues,

Viplav laughs in front of Dhaani but from inside he is feeling very sad, lonely that the one whom he loved the most is a daughter of murderers. Dhaani goes to Dulaari and Mohan and asks them what is the reality, and what they are hiding from me. Mohan starts when you were 10yrs old( now she is 21) and you were living with your granny for 8yrs, I and Tripathi were very good friends, we had started a joint business, known as Vidhaa Pvt. Ltd. As our daughters name is Dhaani and their younger sons name is Viplav. So together we named it as Vidhaa. (Viplav was younger, everyone loved him more than Yash.) Our business was going very well, we gained profits. But after 8 long years there was a theft in our company, because of that we had a huge loss. When we checked the CCTV phootage, we saw my brother Kailash entering in the locker room, and what he did was a mystery because after that the CCTV phootage had stopped it went blank. And after that Kailash and his family disappeared. We could not find them. And that’s why all the blame went on him. But I had full faith on my brother that he could not do such a thing that’s why I supported him. But the Tripathi family did not listen to us and blamed him only. This made our friendship convert into enemies.

And our business firm was closed. But after a month as we were leaving the city by our car, there was some man walking in front of our car. It was night so we could not see him, and dashed the car into him. When we got down to see what had happened we saw Yash, Tripathi ‘s son was bleeding. We were frightened because if something happens to him the whole blame will go on us that we did it intentionally. So to avoid it we took him to the hospital gave the staff his family’s number and left from there and came to live in this city. Unfortunately he died and that’s why they are behind us.Tripathi’s had large ancestral property and he could again build up his business. But we were left with nothing. Dhaani asks but where was I that time. Mohan says you were at your grandma’s place. Mohan, Dulaari and Dhaani have tears in their eyes. Viplav hears all this and says oh so it was really an accident or you are just fooling around. Dhaani says stop it, don’t say a word against my father, he never lies to me.

Just then a man enters Dhaani’s family is shocked. Mohan says Kailash you? Kailash says I saw in the news and could not stop myself from coming here. Mohan says where did you go without telling anything to us. Kailash says I am sorry I hided the truth from you. But actually I only stole the money. Mohan says what??? Viplav says see now the thief has himself accepted his crime. Kailash says but this is only half the truth, actually someone had asked me to do so. Mohan says who? He says Viplav’s uncle(Chachaji). Viplav says what nonsense. Kailash says I am telling the truth he only asked me to steal everything. Mohan asks but why did you do so. He says because I had no option that animal Rajesh ( Viplav’s uncle) had kidnapped my wife and my daughters I had to do what he told me. Mohan says why did you hide such a big truth from me? He says I had no courage to tell you the truth but when I saw you in the news I could not resist. Viplav gets into thinking, yes I remember Dadaji always use to tell me about an uncle who tried to cheat our family, as he wanted more share in the ancestral property as he was older than Shamboo. Viplav thinks means Kailash is telling the truth. He apologises to Dhaani’s family and frees them from the jail and tells about Rajesh. Dulaari says how can a son do such a thing to his father. They all go to Tripathi mansion and Viplav tells the truth to everyone. Dadaji and Shamboo are shocked, speechless. They apologise to Dhaani’s family and hug each other. Next day they decide to have lunch together. As Dhaani was about to leave Viplav holds her hand and says I am sorry. Dhaani says leave my hand, Viplav says I can’t leave you, you are my life and my future wife. Dhaani says what?? Viplav says don’t act as if you don’t know how much I love you, Dhaani blushes and runs from there. Viplav also smiles and says I know you also love me but don’t want to accept it.

Later Viplav goes inside and says his daadi that I love Dhaani very much, but she is not accepting me even though I know she loves me. Daadi says wow that’s a great news I will talk to your parents today about this. Later Viplav goes in his room and thinks about Dhaani and the moments spent with her in the jungle( she slept in his laps) and so on. And sleeps.

Next day Dhaani with her family comes to Viplav’s house. They welcome them and hug each other, Dhaani and Viplav take blessings from each other’s family. And seeing everyone hugging Viplav comes to Dhaani to hug her. Dhaani says what are you doing? Viplav says the same thing what everyone is doing, Dhaani shies and turns back. Daadi notices them and thinks I think they are a perfect couple, Kanak also sees them and thinks the same. They all sit for lunch and chat. All of a sudden Dadaaji asks Mohan kyu na is dosti ko rishtedaari me Badal diya jaaye.( why don’t we convert this friendship into a relation). Mohan asks what do you mean? Viplav blushes. Dadaaji says why not our children Viplav and Dhaani marry each other. Dhaani is shocked and also shies and turns pink. She asks I want to go to the washroom, everyone understands her and laughs, Kanak says go with Viplav he will show you.She says okay.

Viplav takes her to his room, Dhaani asks but I wanted to go to the washroom. Viplav says don’t lie, Dhaani smiles. Here everyone is very happy, Dulaari and Mohan agree for their marriage. Everyone is happy, Shalu brings sweets for everyone, they happily eat it. Here Dhaani was about to go back when Viplav holds her hand and leans down and says I love you, will you marry me? Dhaani shies and says yes and runs away. Viplav says thank god she accepted my proposal. I am on the seventh cloud today. The two families decide to meet pandit on Sunday because Vidhaa have their college on week days.

Next day,
Dhaani and Viplav go to college and Viplav distributes sweets to everyone and tells his friends everything. Raj says oho our Viplav is going to marry! Viplav sees Dhaani coming and runs towards her and hugs her. She is stunned, everyone laugh seeing them Dhaani says leave me. Viplav says I will never leave you and they break their hug. Viplav feeds Dhaani the sweet with his hands and smiles. She also smiles. Riya comes there and says oh so you have found a boyfriend so you forgot me. Dhaani says nothing like that and hugs her. Viplav smiles seeing her.

PRECAP: Vidhaani’s parents consult with the pandit. Viplav and Dhaani spend some romantic moments.

Once again sorry for the late update and pls do comment.

Credit to: Maria

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  1. Shikayti pudiya(Arshdeep)

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      1. Thanks dear. I am in 10th standard, today was my last board ICSE exam. And they were good.

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