Hate me/ Love me Episode 14

During night Dhaani thinks about Viplav and how she hugged her tightly and she has a smile on her face. Dhaani thinks what has happened to me why I am thinking about him so much, he is good but.. She thinks about him and slowly sleeps. Viplav feels happy thinking about Dhaani’s hug. And he also sleeps. Next day Dulaari makes sweets for Viplav as he saved Dhaani from Rishi. Dhaani takes it and goes to the college. Viplav sees her and asks her if she is ok. She replies yes and thanks for saving me, and gives him the sweets. He says it’s ok I don’t need this. She insists and he takes it. She is about to leave when Viplav asks him now also do you think I am acting. I really love you. Dhaani blushes but she doesn’t show it and runs away. Viplav sees her and understands her and smiles.

Dhaani tells why I felt so good when Viplav told me that, one voice is heard because you love him. Dhaani says what and turns back and sees Riya. She says Dhaani you have also started loving Viplav. Dhaani says what rubbish I don’t believe this, he was just my good friend. Riya says then when he said I love you why you ran away blushing. Dhaani asks how do you know she says I saw you both talking. Dhaani you accept it or not but you love him.

Dhaani says no I don’t and leaves. Riya follows her. Dhaani was having a open safety pin in her hand which she was trying to put in her dress when Viplav passes by and it pierces him and he shouts ouch. When Dhaani sees him she says I am sorry I didn’t do it purposely. Viplav says it’s ok and turns to leave, when Dhaani sees his hand bleeding. She has tears in her eyes and says stop, she removes handkerchief from her pocket and ties it to him, she says you should have told me before na are you mad going like this only. She ties the handkerchief and takes his hand to her heart and says can you feel how fast my heart is beating. Riya keeps on looking them and thinks Dhaani is in true love with Viplav. Viplav takes his hand back and says it’s okay and turns to leave. Dhaani stops him and he turns back, she goes and hugs him tightly and says I love you. Viplav says I love you too. And when he opens his eyes he sees it was just a dream.

Riya tells Dhaani now you have to accept that you love him, I have seen love in your eyes for him, why were you in tears when he got hurt tell me. She remains silent. Riya says tell me Dhaani, pls accept it that you love him, accept it. Dhaani is annoyed and says shut up and leaves. Riya says one day or the other you have to accept it.

Dhaani thinks about Riya’s words, Viplav thinks how Dhaani tied her the hanky and more than that how she took his hand and kept it on her heart, he blushes. Dhaani says I love you Viplav, Viplav feels and a current flows through him. Viplav could not resist and goes to Dhaani’s class but does not find here there, he goes to canteen and sees her and is shocked seeing her unconciouss, and runs towards her Riya tells actually she had not eaten anything from morning that is why she is weak. Viplav lifts her and makes her sit in the car with Riya and takes her to her home. He calls aunty uncle and makes her sleep on the sofa. He is surprised to see Mohan and Dulaari and says you both. So you both are hidden here, now nobody can save you from me. Riya takes care of Dhaani and she wakes up. She hears Viplav saying that and asks what are you saying to my mom dad. He says what they are your mom dad. They are murderers, they have killed my brother they are the one because of whom I had to bear the pain of loosing my brother.

They are Khooni( murderers). Dhaani gets up and slaps him and says stop it. They are my parents and they are very good, never thought to harm anyone also. Viplav says but.. Dhaani says stop it and get lost from here, never show me your face again. Viplav leaves in anger. Dulaari cries and says these rich people are very bad, we have done nothing wrong. I know these rich people very well, they are trying to trap us. Dhaani says I know you have done nothing wrong you are my parents and can’t do anything wrong, I trust you saying so she hugs her. Riya says I will take leave, bye Dhaani take care. Dhaani says bye.

Dhaani asks but why was he saying like this? Dulaari says I will tell you later but now take rest. Just then the door knocks, it was police they say we are here to arrest Dulaari and Mohan. Dhaani says but why who filed the complain and for what. Viplav comes from behind and says because they have killed my brother. Dhaani says no, he says I have the proof. Police arrests them and takes to the police station. Dhaani follows them and says leave them, she goes to police station. Viplav also comes there. Dhaani says I want their bail and calls the lawyer. He comes and sees the proof and says they have a very strong proof, it is difficult to save them. Dhaani says do anything but pls save them. Viplav laughs and says no use, they will be punished for their deeds.

PRECAP: Dulaari tells Dhaani about that fateful night.

Sorry guys for short episode I will try to update the next today itself. And pls comment guys, previous episode there were very less comments, I was really disappointed. Pls comment.

Credit to: Maria


  1. aish

    Great going buh pls Don’t separate vidhani for seconds as they are inseparable. Then not today wen we_? are celebrating as dhani will be going to ayodha niwas.

  2. saranya

    Maria, u think less comments,then it is just bcz people who reads this are speechless after reading ur mesmerizing ff.they have no words to say,actually they enjoy more than people who comments here,that’s why they are not commenting just bcz of the reason that,they have no words to praise u.so chill yaar and make long long long long epi,that too as so as possible.ok.

  3. saranya

    Today’s epi was as usual awesome.i am just waiting to know what is going to happend in our vidhani romance next.

  4. Pethu sri

    Very good maria and don’t worry about comments they definitely follow the story. At last silent readers also comment….why I am saying this I experienced before my first ff . so do your best and don’t disappointment OK.? lovely episode

  5. Sujie

    as usual awesome yar….. ViDhaani thinking about each other…very curious to know what will happen in next episode

  6. Porkodi

    good going yaar. I m reading ur ff daily and waiting for ur next episode . There r many silent readers like me. So don’t worry. Continue ur story

  7. Nima

    Maria, superb episode,we love your ff so plz keep continue…previous episode I read bt sorry,couldn’t post my comment.

  8. Mahira

    You haven’t updated the next episode. Eagerly waiting. Please, make it quick. So we can enjoy.

  9. Rajee

    Hey maria! Good one. But confession was adha adhura..confession not done completely & trouble started..but description of dhani’s feeling towards viplav was awesome. Looking ahead 4 the next.

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