Hate me/ Love me Episode 13

Dhaani talks with the guests and Viplav comes and stands behind her . She ignores him and moves forward, Viplav follows. She asks why are you following me, he was about to tell. But Dhaani again starts moving ahead. He follows her, she asks what is your problem. He says it’s not my problem it’s your problem, she asks what. He says your zip has opened. She says oh so its your new trick to fool me. He says really don’t you believe me. She says not at all. He moves his hand forward and touches her back. A current flows through Dhaani’s body. She gets tensed and turns back her back facing to the crowd. Dhaani says how dare you open my zip. Viplav says are you mad and he turns her back. He tells if someone sees then come with me. I will do something. Dhaani had no other option so she went with him to a room. Viplav closes the door. Dhaani tries to pull her zip back but in vain. Viplav comes from behind. Viplav goes close to her and touches her bare back. Dhaani feels current in her body. He pulls the zip up but when he saw it carefully he saw it had broken. He says your zip…your zip has broken down. Dhaani starts crying and thinks what will she do now, how will she go outside. Viplav wipes her tears removes his jacket and makes her wear it. He says Come I will take you to your house, you change and we will come back again. She says I will go by myself and thanks for helping me. He says just keep quiet and come with me.

He takes her to her house, she is changing meanwhile Viplav from outside sees Mohan’s photo. He fumes in anger. Dhaani comes ou wearing a red one piece. He forgets all his anger and is lost in Dhaani. She says lets go, he says y..yes. They reach the hall. Dhaani and Viplav leave each other and go different ways. Rishi has consumed alcohol, and he takes hold of Dhaani and drags her to a room, she shouts and cries but due to loud music no one hears her. Viplav sees Riya but not Dhaani with her, he worries. He thinks where has she gone? Here Rishi brings her to a room and locks it. She asks him to leave her, she screams but in vain. He tries to seduce her. He takes her on the bed she bites his hand and moves to open the door but he again catches hold of her. She cries and tells pls leave me I beg of you pls leave me. Here Viplav is searching for Dhaani, he searches everywhere but could not find her, even Riya didn’t knew where she was she also searches for her. Viplav comes to check all the rooms, here Rishi tells today you will be mine, nobody to stop me, as he holds her, one sleeve of the dress tears.

Dhaani closes it with her hands. He says what’s the use of hiding with me. He takes her to the bed, she cries leave me. Viplav hears it and calls ou Dhaani and follows the her voice. Rishi drags her and makes her sleep on the bed he moves his hand on her face, and is about to kiss when he hears the sound of the glass breaking, he looks our hero stands there. Dhaani gets up but Rishi holds her hand,he takes the knife and keeps on her neck. Viplav asks him to leave her. He tells go away otherwise she will be dead. Viplav moves back Dhaani says pls don’t leave me and go, and Viplav runs and kicks Rishi, he falls down Dhaani comes and hugs Viplav tightly, he also hugs her tightly and both cry. Rishi fumes, and is about to beat Viplav with glass pot when Riya comes and stops him. Vidhaani separate, Dhaani feels shy. Viplav calls police and Rishi is arrested. Viplav takes his jacket and makes Dhaani wear it. Dhaani feels good under his protection. Riya takes her to her home.

Viplav goes to police station and says Rishi that now nobody can save you, you have done enough. Rishi says I am sorry I have realised my mistake. Viplav says stop acting and leaves. On the way he thinks about Dhaani.

Dhaani reaches home and tells everything to Dulaari, she makes her sleep and tells not to worry. The whole night Dhaani thinks about Viplav and loses her sleep.

PRECAP: Dhaani comes to Viplav and gives him sweets.

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  1. Maria it’s awesome. Thank u very much for accepting my request and posting the next part today itself

    1. Thanks louella dear keep reading

  2. awesome yarr….loved it Maria…..

    1. Thanks sujie keep reading

  3. Awsm maria
    i was actually feeling a current through my body while reading it

    1. Thanks dear me too was feel ing the same

  4. wow again vipu save dhaani now i am sure itni help karane ke baad dhaani also starts falling for vipu good maria

    1. Yaa she will also start feeling later

  5. love it ma keep rocking, waiting for next episode

    1. Thanks kaviya keep reading I will update it soon

  6. oh my god.i luv ur vidhani Maria.and today’s epi was beautiful beautiful and beautiful.a current passed through my nerves.cute romantic scenes.but poor dhani,it was a bad day to her as both of her dresses spoiled and today epi’s hero was vipu’s jacket.hehehehe.one more thing,next time a loooooong epi update.pls yaar and that too very soon.

    1. hey mariya dear sorry to disturbing you and youre ff going good
      @ saranya di why are not comment at yesterday wu page????
      i am a silent reader of ikrs wu page so that’s why i asking di..
      i know every one here .

      1. Thanks dear keep reading and commenting

    2. Thanks saran I also was feeling current passing through me

  7. Good morning maria! Episode was both sensuous? & horrifying.. He he me too felt the current like arshdeep & saran along with dhani…lol..but this rishi is such a jerk!! Me too want the episodes little longer but still OK…loved it..
    Have a grt day!

    1. Good morning, Thanks Rajee you too have a great day will try to update long episode

  8. maria ..it was really good …keep it up yaar … 🙂

  9. Sorry for late reply…….
    But your ff was toooo good….I mean the vidhaani you depict is so gud…. juz love it!!! 🙂 🙂

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