Hate me/ Love me Episode 12


Riya goes to Dhaani and says why are you calling him a betrayer, I have seen he really loves you. Dhaani says I don’t believe this, maybe he is tricking me again. Riya says but.. Dhaani says no more discussion on this. Riya says ok. Viplav is sitting sad when Tanya sees him and says I will talk to Dhaani. Viplav says pls explain her I love her the most in this world. Tanya says I will try my best. Tanya goes to Dhaani and says hi. Dhaani says hi, Tanya says see I know I have troubled you a lot, and I am sorry for all that. Dhaani says it’s okay no need of sorry. Tanya says I have to tell you something. Dhaani asks what? She says Viplav really loves you a lot. Riya says I am also trying to explain her the same but she is not listening at all. Dhaani says I don’t want to talk about him. Is there no other topic than him to talk on? Tanya says okay, one day or the other you will understand his love and leaves.

There is a mid year party. Everyone in the college is preparing for the party. The seniors and juniors are together preparing for the party. Everyone goes home and select dresses for the party tomorrow.

The next day
Viplav comes to the party hall wearing a black coat, and he waits for Dhaani. His eyes search for her, and Tanya comes and teases him. Just then Dhaani enters with her blue party gown. Viplav is mesmerised seeing her. He is unable to take off his eyes from her, he keeps on staring her and Dhaani also sees him, they have an eyelock. Riya comes and says hi you are looking beautiful, Dhaani says thanks, you too. Viplav keeps on staring at her. Tanya says Viplav she is not running away stop staring her, Viplav blushes. A girl announces that there will now be a paper dance competition. One senior will have to pick one chit, and the name on the chit will be the dance partner. One by one all the seniors pick up the chit and when it is Viplav’s turn he picks up the chit And when he opened it, the chit had Dhaani’s name . He feels very happy, but when Dhaani hears it she refuses to dance and steps out of the game. All her friends and Riya insists her so she agrees. The announcer says that every pair would be given a paper, and they have to dance on it as the music plays. Every time the music is stopped, the paper will be folded and the participants cannot put their legs outside the paper else the pair would be disqualified. And the winning pair will have to dance on a romantic song.

Each pair is given a paper and vidhaani stand on the paper and dance, Viplav stares at Dhaani but she looks down and dance holding his hands. The music stops, they all are asked to fold the paper. Viplav folds it, the music plays, Dhaani is not able to stand properly so Viplav asks her to keep her foot on his. At first she hesitates and then agrees. One boy keeps his leg outside and Is disqualified. The music stops now the paper left was small for the two to stand. So they come even closer and unknowingly hug each other. Out of 15 pairs in this round 12 were out. Now only 3 were left. The paper is again folded Viplav without the permission of Dhaani lifts her in his arms. Dhaani looks at him surprisingly and angrily. He ignores. The other pair boy slips, and the other girl could not balance and falls down. So vidhaani is declared as the winner. But they are lost in each other’s eyes, unknowing and least bothered of what is happening around. And Adarsh says in a loud voice, Viplav you are the winner, the both come back to their senses. Viplav leaves her. The anchor says now it’s time for vidhaani dance, she calls them on stage. Viplav comes to Dhaani , and kneels down to ask her will you dance with me. Everyone claps and says how romantic. Dhaani was about to go when Viplav holds her hand and says please!! Riya also tells Dhaani to go so she agrees and keeps her hand in his. Everyone claps. The song Sanam re plays. Vidhaani have an intense dance. First Viplav holds Dhaani’s waist, she feels uncomfortable. Then he moves hi hand on hers, lifts her and they share an eyelock. The music stops, and everyone claps for them. They separate from each other. They are called on the stage and given the prize. The episode ends.

PRECAP: The zip/chain Dhaani’s backless gown breaks and opens.

Sorry guys for the late update as I was busy yesterday, and sorry as it is short. I will mostly update the next part today itself.

Credit to: Maria

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  1. amazing yarr…. lost in ViDhaani’s thoughts

    1. Ty rajee keep reading!!

  2. Beautiful

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  3. Its ok Maria. Ur thoughts are fully different.vidhaani`s romantic scenes was superrrb yaar keep writing.

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  4. Soo romantic ❤ loved it

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  5. Amazing…. plz post next one today itself……plz……

    1. Thanks alana I will post the next one soon

  6. Thanks for this treat yaar.i was in a little angry to u bcz u didn’t updated ystdy itself but no problem,u was busy na.but update next part today itself,plz.we all love ur different vidhani.and we want long episodes.will wait for ur update,so update soon,ok?just enjoyed our Viplav’s attitude.naughty viplav and sturborn dhani.super combination.

    1. I am sorry for that I will update it soon and thank you so much

  7. romantic episode 🙂

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  8. Really love it ma and dance scene was so nice keep going.?all the best.

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  9. Wow Maria u write so well

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  10. Soooooooo romantic.. .he he.I was blushing reading the episode… Maza a gaya…Vidhani so close!!! What else we fans want?…thank u maria 4 a romantic treat..omg that precap..waiting 4 next…

    1. Thanks rajee I also loved this episode

  11. wow ..good going maria …that paper folding is same which was shown in thapki 😛 …mistakenly I saw that episode 😛 ….. hahaha ….sorry …keep going ..good

    1. Thanks avijit I didn’t take that scene from thapki because I dont watch that serial.

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