Hate me/ Love me Episode 11

Next day Viplav calls Vineet and says how are you I am fine. Vineet says what special yo have called me after a long time. Viplav says I have heard that you are getting married, Vineet in a sad tone says yes. Viplav says why you are not happy with your marriage, he says yes. You know that I love Aditi but still my parents want me to marry her. Viplav says pls reject that girl Dhaani because I love her, so pls refuse for this marriage. Vineet is shocked he asks really? Viplav says yes. Vineet says ok I will convince my parents now bye, I have to go, Viplav says wait but don’t let Dhaani and her family come to know that I love her. He says sure, bye. Viplav says yes now Dhaani will be mine.

Vineet asks his parents to pls let him marry Aditi as he truly loves her and she also loves him. His parents think for a while and says my sons happiness is first , you can marry Aditi, I will break the alliance with Dhaani. Vineet says thank you mom love you. She calls Dulaari and says her son loves someone else he just now told so he cannot marry Dhaani, she is a very nice girl and I bet she will get a better boy, and she cuts the call Dulaari gets sad, she tells everyone, Dhaani feels happy.

In the college Viplav comes to Dhaani and asks when is your marriage fixed, she says they have broken the alliance because the boy loves someone else, and I am very happy for that. Viplav thinks she is happy maybe she also loves me. Just then the principal comes and says oh so you two have become friends but I want you to do one favour, pls go to Meera orphanage and ask them when can the college come and meet them. Vidhaani agrees. They leave with Viplav’s car. Raj sees them going and he hidingly pierces a pin in the tyre. They both leave, Viplav asks her then what are your marriage plans, I think the rejected the proposal for some other reason, she asks what reason? He says actually I think they don’t like you and are giving this reason. Anyways tell them to ask him how I tolerate you, you are so irritating. Dhaani fumes in anger and tells if I am irritating them why are you with me, Viplav says because of that mad principal. He doesn’t know how stupid you are, and so he sent you with me. I feel I would have gone alone better than you coming with me.

Dhaani says stop the car, he asks why, she says just stop. Viplav stops the car, Dhaani gets down and starts to walk back. They had reached halfway and were passing through the forest now. Viplav says where are you going wait he gets down and holds her hand she tries to free her hand but he held it tightly. Dhaani says Oouch you are hurting me. Viplav leaves her hand. She says I am irritating so why do you want me go alone, it is better, I will go back to my house. Viplav says I was joking, he says now sit in the car fast, and he moves back to car whereas Dhaani starts moving back again, Viplav sits in the car, some goons come and try to touch her. One of them says how beautiful you are how can someone resist, Viplav hears it and turns back to see Dhaani surrounded by four goons. He runs and start beating them and says how dare you touch her, the goons fear and run back.

Viplav says are you mad, when I told you to come and sit in the car why didn’t you come. You are totally mad, Dhaani says get lost I don’t want to come with you, I don’t even want to see your face. Viplav says ok don’t see my face but come and sit in the car, she refuses, he holds her hand and drags her to the car, she says leave me. He ignores and makes her sit in the car and he also sits, he tries to start the car but it doesn’t he checks and says everything is fine then sees that his tyre has got punctured. He kicks the car and says when Dhaani you are with me everything bad only happens. Dhaani says you again started troubling me. Now find a solution for this else the whole night I will have to spend with you. Viplav says so where I’am dying to spend the night with you.

Viplav says there is no one around now what will I do. He thinks to call Raj but there was no network. He thinks the whole night we will have to spend here only. He says come we will go in that place where there is a roof on the top. They go and sit there. Dhaani says mom will be worrying about me, there is no network also to call. She says I am getting bored over her, Viplav says as if I am having fun. Slowly it turns dark, Dhaani says I am feeling hungry, Viplav says wait I will order pizzas and burgers for you. Dhaani gives an irritated look. He says wait I will go and see in the forest if I get something. Dhaani says no don’t go, it’s ok. But he leaves. One hour passes by he does not come, Dhaani shouts Viplav where are you Viplav, no answer. She starts crying and shouts Viplav. He comes back she runs and hugs him, Viplav feels happy, he says what happened? She says are you mad I am scared of dark and you left me here and came so late. Dhaani realises she has hugged him and stands straight again and feels shy. Viplav says see I brought bananas, they sit and have it. Viplav feels sleepy and says good night I am sleeping. Dhaani says what how can you sleep, what will I do, he says you also sleep or do whatever you want to but pls don’t irritate me. Dhaani gets angry and sleeps facing other side.

In the middle of night, Viplav wakes up and sees Dhaani sleeping on his lap, he feels very happy and says she looks so cute while sleeping, she is my shikayati pudiya, she always has complains with me. Tomorrow I will definitely tell her about my feelings for her.

In the morning, Viplav wakes up and keeps on staring Dhaani, and Dhaani also wakes up and she sees herself sleeping in Viplav’s lap, she gets up and feels shy. They both get up and wonder what to do. Viplav thinks this is the right time, nobody will disturb us. He goes and plucks a rose from the nearby tree and hides it behind his back. He says Dhaani, she says what, he holds her hand and bends down on his knees, and says I love you, Dhaani is shocked, Viplav gives the rose to Dhaani, he says from the day I have met you, you have changed my life, the whole day I think about you only, I can’t see tears in your eyes. Before I met you I was very mischievous, known as ragger of the school, but my friends made me realise that I have changed. And you have changed me. He says will you marry me? Dhaani is totally shocked, she is speechless. She says I have always considered you as my friend but you think this about me. I never expected this from you. She turns and starts to go Viplav feels bad, he stands up and holds her hand. Dhaani says leave me, Viplav asks then why are you in tears, Dhaani realises that she has tears she wipes it and tells that is because I considered you as my best friend but you betrayed me. I am sorry but I don’t consider you anything more than a friend.

Viplav cries, Dhaani also has tears in her eyes, but she does not let it come out. Viplav says but wait where are you going? He says you don’t talk to me but we have to go from here together. He sees a taxi coming, stops it and tells him to take him to mechanic. They go there, tyre is replaced and Viplav leaves Dhaani to her house and goes back to his house. Her daadi comes and asks him what happened, he tells everything about orphanage and Dhaani, daadi tells is this the same girl who had complained against you? Viplav says yes, daadi smiles and says it’s ok one day she will realise your love, he says as you say. Dhaani reaches home and Dulaari asks where were you the whole night, Dhaani thinks for a while and says actually Riya was down with fever so I was with her and I could not call because my battery was down, she says I am sorry. Dulaari says next time this should not happen. Dhaani nods her head. Dhaani thinks of Viplav’s words and has tears in her eyes, she wipes it and gets ready for college.

In college she tells everything to Riya, and she is surprised, she asks really does he love you? Dhaani says he said so. And Viplav comes from behind, Dhaani looks away. The principal comes and asks what happened did you go to the orphanage? He says no, the tyre was punctured and we had to stay there the whole night. Principal says oh it’s ok, and he leaves. Viplav goes towards Dhaani but she leaves. Riya asks do you really love her or just fooling around. Viplav says I love her a lot, pls make her understand. Riya thinks I guess he is truly in love with her, seeing his eyes. She says but Dhaani doesn’t love you. He says no she also loves me, I have seen in her eyes whenever I am in pain she also goes through the same thing, pls explain her. Riya says I will try my best.

Raj comes and asks so how was your last night with Dhaani bhaabi, he says how do you know, he tells him that he pierced a pin in his car’s tyre. Viplav says so it was you and he tells him what happened the last night.

PRECAP: Everyone is preparing for a party in the college.

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  1. very nice maria i totally love it…and you beautifully described each and every scenes. viplav finally proposed her, very cute and neat over all rocks….. i give full star my dear.

    1. Thanks kaviya, keep reading and supporting me!!

  2. awesome ….just one word is enough for this episode …nothing to say more ..keep it up

    1. Thanks avijit keep reading!!

  3. So finally Viplav baba proposed dhani but Jo cheez asani se mil jaye usme maza hi kya hai..let’s c how long dhani will make Viplav wait. Today’s episode reminded me one of my fav tyre puncture wala scene but diff is that Vidhani spent the whole night together?…precap sounds interesting… Loved Vidhani’s closeness ..very nice episode ..?

    1. Thanks Rajee and Yaa it will be more interesting in the upcoming episodes with loads of vidhaani scenes

  4. good going …… amazing episode

    1. Thanks Sujie, keep reading!!

  5. Maria it’s good. Plz update it soon

    1. Thanks next will be updated by tomorrow afternoon

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  6. Good… keep writing

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  7. HMMMMM… I loved it yaar πŸ™‚

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  8. I just love ur ff maria.. Its really awsm
    Dhani sleeping on viplav’s lap was so sweet
    Waiting for the next part

    1. Thanks Arshdeep, I am happy that you commented, keep reading!!

  9. LOVED IT!!!!

    1. Thanks dear keep reading!!

  10. Awesome episode Maria well done

    1. Thanks fatarajo keep reading!!

  11. finally vipu propose dhaani n now waiting for dhaani’s yes for vipu

    1. Yaa it will take time

  12. wonderful episode…keep continue πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Nima keep reading!!

  13. hey maria where is epi 12 pls update fast we r waiting

    1. Sorry I will update it tomorrow morning

  14. Wonderful yaar.at last our hero proposed.Lam so happ. Piz update te next ff fast.

    1. Thanks dear keep reading and supporting me

  15. I am so happy Maria. Nice to see yaar πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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