I Hate You (Love is Blind Season 2) (Episode 3)

I have a feeling u guys aren’t liking this track. I know its only been two episodes but please trust me. Even though I felt bad, I had to add those insults to give power to the fighting between Twinkle and Kunj. But still if u guys don’t like it, then I will try my best to finish the ff with a smile on all of ur faces. Anyways…let’s get on with the episode…

Recap: Twinkle insults Kunj in front of the whole school. Kunj gets his revenge at the Annual Fest. However, he soon feels guilty afterwards and goes to Twinkle. He finds Twinkle’s phone and decides to keep it with him until he can give it back to Twinkle.


Twinkle walks into her hostel room thinking about those comments made by the guys. She sits on her bed and cries. A few minutes later, she stops crying and composes herself.
Twinkle- I’ll call maa. Maybe that will change my mood.
Twinkle looks for her phone but can’t find it.
Twinkle- Oh no, I probably left it on the bench.
She runs back to the college campus and looks for her phone. She soon becomes hopeless finding it nowhere.
Twinkle- What do I do now?
Suddenly Twinkle remembers something.
Twinkle- Wait! What if Kunj took it? He was also here. That theif! That Sadu Sarna stole my phone!
She paces back and forth quickly with her waving her hands in the air. (Funny tune plays).
Twinkle- What does this Kunj Sarna think of himself? First he hurts me then feels guilty and checks up on me then steals my phone. Uggg, why is he soooo confusing?? I have to get my phone back……wait how?
Twinkle stops and thinks for a while.
Twinkle- No I have to do this. I have to call maa every night or she’ll worry. Let’s go Twinkle Taneja, u are a punjabi pattaka, beauty with brains, u can do this.

(Boys Hostel…)

Someone knocks on Kunj’s door. Kunj opens the door wearing shorts and a tank top. He sees the watchman standing there.
Kunj- Yes?
Watchman- There’s someone here to see you.
Kunj- See me? Who came to see me?
Watchman- Ur grandmother. Teri dadi.
Kunj is surprised. A lady wearing a sari steps out from behind the watchman. Her sari is covering her head and face so Kunj can’t see her face.
Kunj- Dadi? Meri dadi kaha se aayi. Voh toh…..
Kunj looks up at the sky. The lady comes to Kunj and pulls his cheek.
Lady- Awww mera puttar! Look how grown up he is now. How handsome!
The watchman leaves. The lady takes Kunj and goes inside his room. Kunj is speechless.
Kunj- But….dadi….what?
Lady- U can’t recognize ur grandmother? Haye! This day had to come? Hai rabba, uta le mujhe!
Kunj- But……
Lady- Kya but but. Yes everyone has one.
Kunj- What?!
Lady- What nahi hot.
Kunj- What’s hot? Who’s hot?
The lady takes the sari off her head and it is revealed to be Twinkle.
Twinkle- I’m hot.
Kunj widens his eyes in surprise then quickly shuts the door.
Kunj- Tu! What are you doing here?
Kunj looks at himself and covers and crosses his arms across his chest. Twinkle rolls her eyes.
Twinkle- Relax. Tumhara fyada nahi utaunga meine. And besides, Mr. full of shame, u are wearing a tank.
Kunj- Exactly, I’m not wearing a shirt in front of a girl.
Twinkle- So? U have a nice body…..
Twinkle bites her tongue.
Kunj- What?
Twinkle- Nothing. Now give me my phone u thief.
Kunj- Excuse me? Thief? Are u should be thanking me that I saved ur phone from getting robbed and kept it safe with me. While u were too busy crying ur mascara and eyeliner off, I stood next to ur phone. It came up to me and said, “Kunj, please help me and protect me. Twinkle left me stranded.”
Twinkle- Oh just shut up drama queen and give me back my phone.
Kunj hands Twinkle her phone. Twinkle reaches to get it but Kunj moves it away.
Kunj- First say thank you.
Twinkle- Why? Give me my phone.
Kunj holds the phone above his head. Twinkle jumps and tries to reach it.
Twinkle- Kunj mera phone do. Are you having a competition with a giraffe? Why are you so tall?
Kunj- 🎶Thank you bol do, phone le lo. 🎶
Twinkle still tries to jump and get the phone. This time she jumps and bumps into Kunj. She loses her balance and both Kunj and Twinkle fall on the floor, Twinkle on top of Kunj. They have their first eye lock. (Sajna Ve plays). Their moment is disturbed with a knock on the door.
Watchman- Visiting hours are over. Dadi needs to leave.
Twinj break their eye lock and they stand up and look around awkwardly. Twinkle takes her phone back. Twinkle puts the sari back on her head and Kunj leads her out the door. They reach the exit of the hostel. Twinkle starts leaving when the watchman stops her.
Watchman- Wait!

Twinkle thinks- Babaji please save me now.
Kunj is also tensed.
Watchman- Are you not going to say bye to ur dadi?
Twinj relax a little.
Kunj- Uhhh yea. Bye dadi.
Watchman- U modern boys and girls don’t know anything. Go and touch her feet.
Kunj- What?
Watchman- Ur acting as if I’m asking u to touch ur girlfriend’s feet. I’m asking u to touch ur grandma’s feet. Go take her blessings.
Twinkle thinks- Hai babaji what new problem is this? I have learned all virtues and traditions from my mother. She has taught me everything. I can’t let Kunj touch my feet. He is older than me. It won’t be right.
Twinkle suddenly turns around and hugs Kunj. Kunj is shocked. (Aww Twinj’s first hug 😍…in my ff at least).
Twinkle (still hugging)- My grandson’s place is not at my feet, but in my heart.
The watchman smiles.
Watchman- What a beautiful bonding. Come on, hug ur dadi back.
Kunj hesitantly raises his arms and hugs Twinkle back. They break the hug and Twinkle leaves.
Twinkle- Oh God! Only God knows how much more I will have to do for this Kunj Sarna!

The Next Day in class…

Chinki- Twinkle, I called u so many times last night. Why didn’t u pick up the phone?
Kunj looks at Twinkle.
Twinkle- Oh ummm my battery was dead.
Some guys walk into the classroom laughing.
Guy- Hey Kunj!
Kunj- Hey guys! What’s up?
Rishi- Kunj I heard ur grandma came to visit yesterday?
Guy- Kya yaar Kunj! I thought some hot shot ladki would visit u, but…dadi?
They all laugh. Kunj looks at them annoyed. Twinkle hears them and smirks. The professor walks in and everyone becomes silent.
Professor- Ok class I’ve got some exciting news for you all. I just received permission from the principal to take u all on a trip.
The whole class starts talking in excitement.
Professor- Alright quiet down. We will be going on a three day trip.
Everyone starts talking again.
Kunj thinks- Wow three days off of this campus and into the real world!
Professor- Because this is a biology class, we are going to visit the Galapagos islands to learn about the exquisite life forms there are. That means, we will be traveling out of the country and by plane!
Kunj’s smile fades. Twinkle looks at Kunj and smirks.
Professor- Twinkle and Kunj, since u two are the toppers in our college, u will be the leaders. Twinkle, u will lead the girl’s group and Kunj, u will lead the boy’s group.
The class ends and Kunj goes to talk to the professor after class.
Kunj- Ma’am I won’t be able to attend the trip.
Professor- Why not Kunj? U are such a brilliant student. U must go.
Kunj- I’m sorry ma’am but I can’t afford to travel outside of the country. I’m a very simple student, I work a part time job to pay for necessities like food and clothes. I’m extremely lucky that the college gave me full scholarship and a free hostel room. But I don’t have the money to pay for plane tickets. I’m sorry ma’am.
Kunj leaves dejected. He walks out of the classroom and sees Twinkle waiting outside of the classroom.

Precap: A trip to Galapagos Island….


  1. Ayu

    |Registered Member

    Sara! Yaar u killed it today!!! That was simply ❤️❤️❤️
    Every single scene was mind-blowing n the hostel wala part was the most funny one ever!!!! Pls post the next one sooon!!! I cannot wait to read more….
    Love u😘

  2. Chiku

    |Registered Member

    Twinkle is daadi 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Sachi aise ideas aatein kahaaan se hain.
    Loved it.
    Itna mazedaar episode.
    Olz upload next one jaldi se.
    Nd dont dare to end it.
    Loved it and love u❤️

  3. Ranabulbul

    |Registered Member

    Yr Sara di ek din cmnt ni kiya to track aacha nhi hai ye assume kar liya very bad
    But tw or dadi ……pH god
    Main to faint hone wali hoon
    Ab Aap na jaldi se post kar do paper hain phir bhi tu ko khol ke baithi hoon
    Plz plz plz na dont end it and
    Stay happy and keep us happy also

  4. Laddoo

    |Registered Member

    Sara di😣😣😣
    This is sooo…
    Ok…hasi bhi aayi aur last mein bura laga…
    But this was very good…
    We all love this track…
    Dnt wry..
    Love u😘

  5. Sushmitha

    Wow Sara Di amazing I have no words to describe u r a great writer everytime I read ur ff its something new twinkle as dadi so cute

  6. Monica

    |Registered Member

    Oh I so loved it! I laughed so bad. Don’t worry, your track is amazing! So chill out! Anyway, write soon. And also, if you dont mind .. Could you give a short description of your first ff as I didn’t read it and you mentioned this in the earlier episode and I am really curious to know about it. Loves xx

  7. Anam_sidhant

    |Registered Member

    Hyy! Sara who told uh that we are not liking this track in fact we are loving it❤❤❤ and today’s episode was a mindblowing 😍 twinkle as dadi was amazing 😂😂 even I felt bad for kunj in the end💔 uh nailed every scene😚😚 do continue asap!

  8. Sidhanshi

    Sara u r amazing! What an epi! Loved it… Nd don’t u dare to end it soon… If u’ll do that then i will… Ummm… I will come on u’r dream and will scare u… Hehehe….

  9. Kruti

    |Registered Member

    Sara….kunj ki dadi😂😂😂😂
    Amazing yar…..start mein hasaya aur last mein thoda sa bad feel hua…..but koi nahi chalta hai aakhir story hi toh hai

    Aur kisne bola tumse we r not liking d track……the track is just amazing
    Nd dont u dare end it soon…..warna katti

    Anyways jaldi se nxt part post karo

    Love u😘😘😊

  10. Sayeeda

    |Registered Member

    Sara yrrrr matlab kya hai ….daant sunna chahti ho mujhse ….batao …😎😎😎….seriously yrrr how can u thought that we r not loving the ff ….moreover u r thinking to end it ……huhhhhh😏😏😏😏…….

    Though I wasn’t active on TU from last few days …today I got time so thought to read ffs nd believe me when I was found this ff with a tagline (love is blind season 2) …I was soooo happy… I was like Sara wapas agayi …then I searched nd read all episodez……

    Yrrrr seriously I loved this ff equally as ur first one ….I’m already ur jabra fan but today u made me more than a jabra fan of urs …..

    Really I loved the episode sooooo much… too good yrr….amazing…. but plzzz yrrr don’t end it ….plzzz..

    love you😘😘😘

  11. SidVee

    U r just amazing sara.. each and every scene was the best.. twinkle as kunj’s dadi😂😂.. and that was so sweet of twinkle to not let kunj touch her feet.. and poor kunj, felt bad for him at the end.. but Heyy, who told u we are not liking the track.. I love ur ff and this track is awesome.. I missed ur previous ff and Im very much happy that u came back with a season 2.. and plz don’t think of ending it.. do cont soon 💗💗💗

  12. Ria

    |Registered Member

    Hey Sara,
    Okay fine. So someone out here wants me to write more and more and when it comes to them they always tell that I’ll end it soon. Okay, fine. No value of mine. It’s okay.

    Anyways, the episode was superb. The way Twinkle dressed up as Kunj’s Dadi and came to his hostel trip.😂😂 But, the last scene😭 Anyways, I know you’ll set everything right soon. Looking forward to the next episode as well as the trip. Hope you get to post soon.

    Loads of love.💞

  13. Baby

    |Registered Member

    hey sara y r u thnking dat no1s lyking ur ff so u r ryt
    no 1 is lyking it bt u no luving it…………..
    yr look u got 24 cmnts no1 r getting dese many i m sry i no i m damn late bt yr dear luvd d episode soooooooo mch amazing agn d funny mode hahahha dadi n hug eyelock all amazing fabulous pitty kunj post nxt asap dear luvd it 2 d core……………love you……….

  14. Thanmy

    |Registered Member

    Sara diiiiiii so sorry for the late comment n u will end it what was that now start kiya tho mujhe 1st ff jitna episodes chahiye usse zyada tho koi prblm nahi par no kam kya diiiii ur soooo strong plsssssss don’t end
    N coming to the episode it was mind blowing kitna bhi bolu kam haii matlab sooooooo funny
    Twinkle as kunjs dadi wow!!!! Kya dimaag diiiii soooooo innovative😂😂😂😂n giraffe se competition o god thanq for this dialogue I’m going to try this on my frnd because im only till her shoulders(height)😅😅soooooo she is so tall same kunj ki tarah mujhe chidati haiii😞
    Soooooooooo it was sooooooooooooo awesome amazing lovely n what not diiiiii plsssssss don’t end it accept this request also !!!!!! N excited for the next part yayyyyy!!!!

  15. Romaisha

    |Registered Member

    OMFG!!!!!! Goshhhhh diii i was alwayss right about you! Hayeee tu comedian ho!!😂😂😂😂😂
    Like today’s episode was justttt fabbb!! And yah dont u dare end! Please?? I really love all your ffs! Pleash dont end ! I love u n this ff too much!

    Well hope kunj get to go to the trip…

    Love you

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