I Hate You (Love Is Blind Season 2) (Episode 1)


Thank you for all ur support and encouraging me to continue. Ladooooo how can I forgot about ur request. Actually all of u requested me to continue. Oh and omg guess what? If u saw the last episode of Tashan e ishq, then u probably know which song they played as Twinkle walked down the stairs. Hint: It’s the same song in my ff as Twinkle walked down the stairs during Priya’s wedding and Twinj’s engagement. Yes! They played Ajab Si from Om Shanti Om. Does the editor read my ff lol? ??Now let’s get on with the episode…


….Twinj smile at each other. Kunj side hugs Twinkle and kisses her forehead as fireworks light up the night sky and our beautiful couple look up to see the beautiful celebration of their love……


Everyone claps.
Professor- Wow Twinkle and Kunj! U guys did an excellent job on this project. I must say, u guys are looking good in this semester of literature. Keep up the good work.
Twinkle and Kunj look at each other and smile. As they walk back to their benches, their smiles turn into angered stares.
Twinkle thinks- I can’t believe I had to work with this Sadu Sarna!
Kunj thinks- I can’t believe I had to work with this Siyappa Queen!


“SHUT UP!!!”

Everyone turns to see Twinkle and Kunj fighting.
Twinkle- HOW DARE YOU!
Kunj- How dare me? How dare you?
Twinkle- How dare you touch me?
Kunj- Excuse me! Mujhe koi shock nahi hai to touch u. U bumped into me!
Twinkle- U bumped into me!
Kunj- U bumped into me!
Chinki sees Twinkle and Kunj fighting.
Chinki- Oh no they started again.
Chinki runs over to Twinkle.
Chinki- Twinkle. Twinkle let’s go. Class is about to start.
Chinki pulls Twinkle away.
Kunj- Yea yea take her away. If she’s here one more minute then she might eat me whole.
Twinkle- SHUT UP!!!!
Everyone around covers their ears.


Kunj walks into class laughing with his best friend Rishi. He walks in and sees Twinkle sitting with Chinki. Twinkle and Kunj exchange death glares as Kunj sits in his seat. The professor enters the room. Everyone stands.
Everyone- Good morning ma’am.
Professor- Good morning. U may sit. I will be ur literature teacher for this semester. I think most of u have found out that I am new to this college. That does not mean that I don’t know anything about how students behave. I have been teaching for 10 years. So don’t try anything funny with me. Understood?
Everyone- Yes ma’am.
Professor- Ok so let’s get on with the class. This semester, ur final grade will be solely based on one project. Do not treat this project as a trivial assignment. This will be a project where u will be able to work with a partner.
Twinkle looks at Chinki and smiles. Kunj gives a thumbs up to Rishi.
Professor- But I will choose ur partners for you.
Both Twinkle and Kunj’s smiles fade away. The whole class groans.
Professor- Silence! U all are last year students. U are the seniors in this college. I believe that u all have the capacity to work with anyone in this class. I will put all of your names in a bowl and randomly pick ur partners.
The professor writes the name of all the students and puts it n a bowl. One by one, she picks partners.
Professor- Misha and Arijit. Romaisha and Sayeeda. Ria and Shatakshi. Chutki and Sidmin. Baby and Saby. Laddoo and Rishi. Chinki and Priya….
She continues saying names.
Kunj (softly)- Yaar what is this? We can’t even pick our own partners.
Professor- And…Twinkle…and Kunj.
Twinkle and Kunj’s jaws drop. The whole class becomes quiet.
Student- Are ma’am yeh toh anarth ho gaya.
Student 2- Ha ma’am. Are you sure about this?
Professor- Excuse me! These partners are final!
Rishi- Mar gaya.
Chinki thinks- Oh no. Any professor in this whole college wouldn’t dare and make Twinkle and Kunj work together on a project. But she is new. Now only God knows what will happen now.
Twinkle and Kunj are still sitting there dazed with their mouths open.
Professor- The project is quite simple. U will have to create ur own story. The theme for this year will be love.

Twinj- LOVE!
Twinkle- Project with him?
Kunj- And that too about love?
Twinj- NO WAY!
Professor- Then I suppose u two would love to see FAIL on ur next results.
The bell rings and everyone leaves class. Kunj stops Twinkle.
Kunj- Ok look. We both know that u don’t want to work with me and I don’t want to work with you. But I don’t want to fail so we’ll have to work together.
Twinkle- I don’t want to fail either, so fine.
Kunj- Ok. I live in a boys hostel so u won’t be allowed in there.
Twinkle- I also live in a girls hostel.
Kunj- What! Mrs. Twinkle Taneja, who uses money as napkins stays at a hostel?
Twinkle- Oh please. My home is far from here so I have to stay at a hostel. Besides, I want to stay at a hostel. I’m not poor like you with no other option other than a hostel.
Kunj is hurt by Twinkle’s words.
Kunj- Whatever. That means we’ll have to meet in the library. Everyday after class in the library. Got it?

Twinkle- Yea yea whatever.
Kunj- Don’t make any siyappas. I am not going to fail because of you.
Twinkle- Excuse you, I don’t make any siyappas.
Kunj (softly)- Teri naam siyappa queen tori rakha hai meine.
Twinkle- Kuch kaha tumne?
Kunj- Nahi nahi.

Twinkle and Kunj met up at the library the next day.
Twinkle- The professor said that it has to be unique so what can we do?
Kunj- I have an idea? I hate it, but I think it will get us a lot of points.
Twinkle- What?
Kunj- Why don’t we make the story with characters from real life?
Twinkle- Matlab?
Kunj- Meaning u and I will be the main characters. We could add people from our life like Rishi and Chinki.
Twinkle- Are you crazy? U and me in love? Never!
Kunj- Oye stop dreaming. It’s only a project.
Twinkle- Fine.
Twinj work on the project forgetting about their hatred towards each other.
Twinkle- By the way, do u know any Yuvraj or Mahi that ur adding them into the story?
Kunj becomes silent.

Kunj- Don’t worry about that. Just write the story.
Twinj work hard, occasionally arguing. Finally they get to the suhaag raat scene.
Kunj- Ok how do we write this…..ok u will wear a low back blouse…
Twinkle’s eyes widen.
Kunj- In the story….
Twinkle relaxes a little.
Kunj- Ummm…carry and put on bed….
Twinkle looks at Kunj weirdly.
Kunj- What?
Twinkle- Don’t tell me…….u have experience in all this?
Kunj- What?! Stop dreaming. I don’t care about u and I’m the least bit interested in you. I’m just doing this for the assignment.
Twinkle (quietly)- Well it didn’t need to be this romantic…He’s acting like he’s making a plan for our future life.
Kunj- What?
Twinkle- Nothing.
They work on the story everyday and finally complete it. Love Is Blind was born.


Twinj finish reading their story to the class. (Guys the story was my ff Love Is Blind). Everyone claps. Twinj return to their seats.
Professor- Wow guys, that was amazing. The story had everything, romance, comedy, drama. And the love between Twinkle and Kunj was amazing. It was a unique idea to use urselves as the main characters. I must say, there is some chemistry between u two to create such a beautiful love story.
Everyone’s eyes get big as they are shocked to hear the professor’s words.
Rishi thinks- Chemistry between them two? The only chemistry between them is that every time they’re together, stuff blows up and explodes.

Precap: Twinkle humiliates Kunj…and Kunj’s revenge…

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