I Hate you like I love you…Ishqbaaz ff (Anika POV) By Nishi (Part 4)

I Know I Know many of you must be angry with me for i did not post my article from along time but now i won’t repeat it…i was busy in my brother’s wedding and now i here again to entertain you all.
I will give you the links of my previous episodes..*you can read it they aren’t so long*


RECAP- anika’s first day in collage, her meeting with naina, ani-ru’s naagin dance,principal orders anika to organise falicitaion programme in collage.

SCENE -1 (collage campus)
I got myself ready neatly as i have to report to auditorium 10 am sharp. Today principal sir would be announcing my name infront of whole collage as an organiser of falicitaion programme. I checked myself twice in the mirror and then proceeded towards the auditorium with my best friend nainaa.
“I hope everying goes okk nainaa,I have always been known for creating siyyapas,”i told my partner in nervousness.
“I’m surprised..!! Anika ..you are being nervous..let me note..aaj ki date kya hai,”she replied almost laughing.
“Vo mera dialouge hai..cheater-cock,”I said.
“Jo tera hai vo mera hai jo mera hai vo tera,”she said singing in a tune.
“Yad rakhna ye bat future me,”saying this i smirked.
Finally we reached our destination and principal called me on the stage..i heard a huge round of applause the principal called out my name.I was on the cloud nine. After the proceedings we came out and i attached the notice for those who are interested to participate in the event can contact me on the notice board..I was almost adamnt to do the best work above expectations.

“Hey anika..see this card..’MASQUERADE PARTY -ON SUNDAY , A.V. HALL , 7-10 pm…”she called out aloud pointing her index finger to a card attached below.
“Yayyy…!!! I love these masquerade parties..i’m surely going in this.”she said clapping her hands.”will you also come with me?”
“NO..”i said immediately.
“Why..? please anika..it would be fun.”
“I don’t like these parties…i’m happy in my own world.”
“Fine if you won’t go then me too,”she said making sad faces.
“Theek hai..i’ll come..you know i can’t see anyone sad.”i said giving her a warm hug.
“thankyou anika…i love you always.”she said jumping in excitement.

SCENE -2 (hostel)
I was heavily confused in selecting my clothes. From a corner of my eye i saw nainaa humming her favourite tune…there she was ready and here i was still fighting over what to wear.
“You look great..!!”I said with a wide smile.
“And you look confused,”she said making faces.
“I actually don’t know what to wear,”i said frowning.
“What about that ‘LITTLE BLACK DRESS’?”
“NO…it’s too short,”
“So what..you are in collage anika..grow up..wear that quickly and i’ll make you ready then.”
With much insisting i wore that dress and she did my makeover.
“You look smoking HOT anika…see yourself in the mirror.”she said feeling proud on her work.
I looked like never before..a smile crept on my face as i looked myself..just then i saw ‘Rudra’ flashing over my phone.
“Yes rudra..?”
“Anika di…where are you? i’ve reached to the party hall.”
“I’ll reach there in 10 minutes.”and i hang up my phone.

SCENE-3 ( A.V. hall)
There was a loud noise of music was coming from the hall.We reached table and the girls sitting there gave us two masks. I just didn’t know why i was feeling strange here. I walked towards Rudra who was standing with a long haired boy.
“Dekho Om anika di ki duplicate ayi hai.”rudra called out pointing towards me.
“Rudra..mein anika hi hu.”i said flipping my hair.
“You are looking smashing di..if you would have born early then i would have made you my GF.”
“ho gya..?”i said raising my eyebrows.
“haan..acha Anika di meet my brother…”
“Omkara…!!! btw Om you are looking different today..i like it,”Nainaa said smiling at him.
“Thanks nainaa..but you are no less…you look so natural..like a morning bliss,”om replied in a same tone and all i could see now is both of them blushing.

“YE HO KYA RHA HAI..????” rudra and i looked at each other with confused face.
“Hii Anika..i’m omkara..rudra told me everything about you..i’m grateful that you helped my brother.”he said streching his hand.
“She’s the best Om…no need to say thanks..we are friends now.”nainaa said again looking in his eyes.
Her behaviour gave me a signal alert to leave them both while i should enjoy the party with rudra.
“Well..Om it’s nice to meet you…please excuse us for sometime..i’ll catch you later…Nainaa you can continue with Om.”I said shaking his hand with a warm smile.
“Rudra..shivaye kha hai?”
“Bhaiya tia ko lene gye the…nautanki khi ki…uska bas chale to OBEROI MANSION ko UNIVERSE MANSION bna de.”rudra said making faces.

“Ouch di..where are you taking me..om i’m coming in a minute.”
I took this overexcited guy in the side and said,”Can’t you there’s something cooking b/w these two.”
“Ohh…to ye hai nazara..iska matlab mein unke beech paneer me haddi tha.”he said showing my famous logic wala sign.
“cheater khi ke..vo mera sign hai..or vaise b vo kaabab me haddi hota hai.”
“mein paneer khata hu to paneer hi kahuga…are wah di us ladki ko dekho…mein chala usse bat krne..aap yhi rho mein ata hun.”and he vanished in a second.
“Muje yha ana hi nhi chahiye tha…sab apne me lge hue hai mein to jaise uganda se ayi hu.”i said in disinterest.
Suddenly I heard the party host announcing for a dance..we all put our masks on and was ready to dance with my so called partner rudra..after flirting with half-a-dozen of girls he came back to me. It started with my fav. no.’ISHQ WALA LOVE’ then ‘soch na sake’,’bolna’ and so on.we were repeatedly changing the partners when a strong grip to hands held me.The current song was “ITNI SI BAT HAI” and the boy dancing with me had a great voice.I could feel his voice as he swirl me around his arms.

He took me aside holding my hands and came very close to me…i was cursing the masks as i could not see his face…there was a strange connection b/w us.

He held me by waist minimising the gap between us and spoke with a warm breeze in my air,”Chaalo ji aur saaf saaf kehta hu..itni si bat hai..muje tumse pyar hai.”I was startled by his confession.
“Ye ladka kya pagla wagla gya hai kya…jan na pehchan..mein tera mehman”i thought still in his arms.
“Tia..today you proposed me in car but i became tensed as you are my good friend and i couldn’t break your heart..you know i don’t believe in love but now when i was dancing with you holding so close..i felt so happy. Tia…you made me feel like never before..i love you too.”he said rather in a low tone.
“LO..phel gya raita..”i thought,”ye to muje koi or hi samajta hai…bhag lo anika wrna ye raita smet bhi nhi paogi.”
I tried to loosen my grip when he did an unexpected thing…he kissed me on my lips..my eyes widen as his action.His lips are so warm.”what the hell anika..how can you even think like this” I moved back after a minute when held me again.I shivered at his grip.

“Don’t leave me today..today i got you..i got my love..i got my..”
“Anika…”i said..”I’m anika …not Tia”.
Tears roll down my cheeks as i ran out of the hall as fast as i could.Nothing can be worse than this..he kissed me and i couldn’t say a word.
I called nainaa and rudra and informed them that my leg was paining so i had to leave.
I came to my room the incident was revolving like a movie around my head. who was that boy? why i felt so strange with him? Why couldn’t i speak a word to him? Am i loving his touch,his grip, his voice…NO..!! this can’t happen..i can’t think like this for a random boy..all is well anika..be strong and forget all this like a nightmare.Saying this i went to bed for i had to just focus on my work now.

PRECAP – All about shivika’s first meeting face to face, anika misunderstands daksh as shivaye…funny moments of shivika.

I think it’s enough for today and please tell me you views…I won’t post late from now..pinky promise 🙂
love you all

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