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Well, guys I know I was writing 2 ff already. But it was getting intense. So to freshen up a little I wrote a light hearted funny OS on AARA. I really enjoyed writing it. Hope you love reading it.

Aryan – c’mon now…
People may easily think that Aryan calling his newly bought pet cat, Aru2 from under the bed but surprisingly the pet cat is purring and rubbing her fur on his trousers’ leg….. So if the cat is here beside Aryan, then whom Aryan is calling from under the bed!!! … well… If you see under the bed you can see a very annoyed and scare looking Aradhya hissing to Aryan like one hell of a wild cat.
Aryan – come on now, you are an adult behave like one!
Aradhya – NO
Aryan- [LOL expression] no… so you r not an adult… ok then come baby [ called her in tune like calling his pet.] Aradhya- I am adult … I said.. NO.. I am not going to come out.
Aryan- not even for me [smiled sweetly] Aradhya- not even for you [hissed] Aryan- [thought she resembles wild cat] I will give you a kiss.
Aradhya- and why do you think I came craving for your kiss!! [Pouting] Aryan- ok what I have to do? [Fed up] Aradhya- throw that thing out. [ pointing at the purring cat. The cat looked at her and hissed as if she heard Aradhya’s word. Aradhya freaked out] Aradhya- see this cat again being bad. And you … you named this wild cat Aru2 … name her poorva2 … always come between us. I bet you this cat is jealous of me.
Aryan- jealous [lol expression] Aradhya- yes jealous. Always come between us. It loves you and hate me… you know that day this cat search that drawer and brought out one of your photograph and was not giving back and when I snatched it back this cat bite me. Why did you bought a girl cat. If you really wanted to bring cat couldn’t you bring a nice boy kitten.
Aryan laughed
Aradhya- why are you laughing?
Aryan- hahaha it’s amusing to see competition of wild cats for me.
Aradhya- [hissing] I am not wild cat.
Aryan- [again thought she resembles wild cat] yes you are [smiled cheekily and bite on his tongue.] and I am sure Aru2 didn’t know it was my photograph. She may thought it just a paper to play and you were snatching her toy.
Aradhya- ok if I am wild cat also… you are not that special … why will I compete for you with this cat!! [Pouting] if you want to marry this cat you are free to do so.
Aryan- [smiling] ok… I know I am not that special… fine…and I am not going to marry this cat.. Now come out. You need to take vaccine. Aru2 have yet not received any vaccine and it bite you. So you need take vaccine.
Aradhya- why will I get an injection! Than cat bite me! It’s a bad cat. It should get biggest injection in the world and you should also get one injection for bringing this bad cat home.
Aryan- [smiling] I’ii give you candy..
There was a slightly hesitant pause.
Aradha- no [sulk] Aryan- strawberries?
This time the pause was even longer.
Aradhya- that’s the best gift you can think of … fruits… still no.
Aryan smirked sensing an imminent victory.
Aryan- and we can get some chocolate to dunk these strawberries in. it will be yummy strawberries dipped in chocolate.
Aryan waited for answer but it never came and he allowed his smile to develop into a slightly evil smile. To him, a win in any form was sweet.
He reached out his hand under bed in order to coax his stubborn wife out
Aryan- it will be okay, after all, it’s just a little prick.
Aradhya- no
Aryan comically cried the river.
Aryan- yes.. yes.
Aradhya- no no no
Aryan- yes yes yes .. I said yes.
Aradhya- No infinity.
Aryan- yes infinity and one.
Aradhya- there’s no such thing as infinity and one!
Aryan- well there is now … and now get your ass here.. or else I will drag you out.
Aradhya- you can’t do that.
Aryan- oh yes I can! RAGHU.. DAMU.. bring you asses here now.
Raghu and Damu came running to Aryan baba’s room.
Goons- yes baba?
Aryan- lift the bed.
Goons- but why you want to lift the bed.
Aryan- there is wild cat under my bed. need to get her out.
Aradhya- I am not wild cat … you moron.. your Aru2 is wild cat…. And if you force me out then I will not leave you Aryan vidhyadhar Rao.
Aryan- oh… let me hear what you are going to do.
Aradhya- [smirked]if you do this you are not getting any affection from me for a very long time.
Aryan- [horror stricken] you can’t honestly mean that.
Aradhya stuck her head out from under the bed and smiled at Aryan.
Aradhya- I guess you can just wait and find out.
And with that aradhya quickly hid under the bed again.
Aryan- [stoutly] fine as you wise. You to lift up the bed now [addressing Goons] The goons looked at each other after their astonishment broke and went to lift the bed. Aradhya fluidly slid out from under the bed and made a dash for door. But Aryan blocked the door.
Aryan- now where do you think you are going wild cat.
Aradhya hissed.

Aradhya- nnnnnooooooooo!!!!
Aryan- make way. We have got a wild one here.
Aryan making his way inside the village infirmary lifting Aradhya in arm.
Aradhya- Aryan you bastard! Put me down!
Aryan- please Aradhya, there are children present here. Don’t abuse.
Aradhya- oh yeah… and you lifted me infront of these children you in decent bastard.
Aryan looked around apologetically and saw parents are closing their childern’s ears and eyes and looking at them as if they were criminal.
Aryan- nurse, we have a patient over here. Cat bite her. Feel free to use the largest needle you got.
Aradhya –ARYANNN I will kill you, bastard.

Aryan- is that good?
Aryan and Aradhya now sitting in a café. Aradhya having hot chocolate with strawberries dipped in it.
Aryan- what no answer still!! Still sulking. Come on I bought you your favourite drink.
Aradhya- well thanks for the drink, you remember na… you are not getting any affection from me for a very long time.
Aryan- I thought you were kidding.
Aradhya- well I was serious. From now you will sleep in sofa for floor got it.
Aryan- what!!! No…. please Aru ..i will die without you.
Aradhya- why?? You got Aru2 na? she will happily accompany you these day of your punishment. Bye.
Saying that Aradhya left café and Aryan ran after her to coax her…. Poor Aryan!!!

Credit to: Tanu

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  1. ARU2!!!!………..LOL………….it was superb………plzz update ur ff’s soon …………. 🙂

  2. ohwchh… wowwww… soo nice….
    really funny..

  3. tanu that was so cute

  4. ??? thank… well i know i keep deviating from one thing to another ??? sorry..
    surely i will get back to my ff .. ?

  5. hahahahaha nice and lot of fun i it….

    1. well tanu am eagerly waiting your ff…. tanu i think you are a good writter your all ff nice and different from one another there fore i like your ff very much…only one request please updates soon i can’t wait

  6. I like the different story line keep it up

  7. Fantastic Tanu????❤️❤️……..it was very lovely and also funny keep updating????????……but please soon get back to your both ff’s please????…….But for then nice going

  8. aww! that was cute and funny especially when aradhya was blaming Aru2 that she was between Aradhya and Aryan

    1. coming*

  9. ah.. thankyou all.. by the way why my name turned blue.

  10. Ruby

    hihi..it is nice dr..I like aru2 😉

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