“Hate… The First Step of Love!! ” Intro… (AsYa, IshRa, RaNvi, TanShi, TwiRaj)

Hi! I am back with the Intro of my FF, “Hate…The First Step of Love!!”
I have previously given you guys a prologue and this time I am here with the intro…The couples of my FF are;

I have previously given you guys a prologue and this time I am here with the intro…The couples of my FF are;
1)AsYa (Asad and Zoya) – From Qubool Hai
2)IshRa (Ishita and Raman) – From Yeh Hain Mohabbatein
3)RaNvi (Rahul and Manvi) – From Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum
4)TanShi (Tanu and Rishi) – From Kasam …Tere Pyaar Ki
5)TwiRaj (Twinkle and Yuvraaj) – From Tashan e Ishq
The story will be revolving around 5 families ;
1)Bhalla Family
2)Khan Family
3)Luthra Family
4)Taneja Family
5)Sabarwal Family
Now let’s have the introduction of the characters……
1)Bhalla Family
*Raman Bhalla (Karan Patel) : 30 years old man…He is a soul less body since his wife Shagun passed away…He is a very rude , egoistic , furious business man and runs his own business.He has 2 children, Aditiya urf Adi and Ruhi.

*Rishi Bhalla (Sharad Malhotra): 25 years old…A big flirt…very fun loving and carefree personality…Hates simple and traditional girls…Is a good friend to her childhood frien Tanushree urf Tanu…Loves his family a lot and shares a close bonding with his young twin brother and sister , Manpreet and Manvi…Loves his niece and nephew a lot and pampers them as well as.

*Manpreet Bhalla (Zubair K. Khan): 22 years old…Also a flirt like his Rishi bhai…He is very smart as well as stupid at the same time…Always irritates/tease her twin sister Manvi but loves her at the same time…Hates his cousin Ahana…Also pampers Adi and Ruhi…

*Manvi Bhalla (Sanvi Talwar): 22 years old…very sweet and simple…has an attachement with music as his father trained her that way…Has a melodious voice…Very close to her brothers…Always irritated by his twin brother Manpreet…Also close to Adi and Ruhi…

*Adi and Ruhi : Children of Raman and Shagun…Adi is 11 years old while Ruhi is 7…both want a mother who can love them as real mother and who can ameliorate their faather’s condition…

*Toshi ji: A typical Punjabi woman…proud on her kids…concerned for Raman…Sister to Sonali

*Bhalla ji (You can imagine him as the real Uppamanyu in YKAGH): He is also a proud parent…Hates Sabrwal’s due to a past…

2) Khan Family

*Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover): 33 years old … very egoistic and traditional … hates modernism… very close to his mother, Dilshad Khan , brother, Ayaan Ahmed Khan and sister – in – law , Humeira Khan (Raashid is dead here and no Shirin) Dislikes his so called cousin Zoya who lives in his house , a well-known business tycoon.

*Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) : 28 years old…sweet , charming, bubbly girl…very much modern but still holds her roots… Hates Asad’s rules and restrictions and states his thoughts as “Dakyanoosi Baatein” (Very old talks)…Loves wearing jeans, eating pizza…she often says poetry.She was brought up by Dilshad whom she refers, “Phuppi” unaware of her parents…Also close to Humeira…indeed Ayaan and Zoya irritate/tease one another but still very close to each other and call each as, “Rabart (for Ayaan) and Mona (for Zoya)”

*Humeira Khan(Ketki Kadam):Very sweet simple and decent girl…Wife to Ayaan…Admires DIlshad as her mother…Zoya is like her sister…respects Asad as Brother and call her “Bhaijaan.”Aged 25….

*Ayaan Khan (Vikrant Massey or Rishabh Sinha): A very naughty kind of personality…Loves his family a lot…Aged 25

*Dilshad Khan:A perfect mother for his family….Loves her children a lot…

3)Luthra Family

*Yuvraaj Luthra (Zain Imam): 26 years old…Loves his mother’s business rival’s daughter , Twinkle …Is very furious at times but soft-hearted at the same time…Loves his siblings a lot…Is the apple-of-the-eye of her mother…

*Kunj Luthra (Siddhant Gupta): 24 years old…Very sweet and handsome boy…Also loves his family…He do hate the Taneja’s as well as…Loves his family a lot … but her mother dislikes him due to a dark past which will unfold soon…

*Tanushree (Tanu) Luthra (Kratika Sengar) : 25 years old…has a strong belief on Love and God… is a sweet , simple , religious girl with a quiet nature… secretly love his friend Rishi…Does not hate the Taneja’s , she and Twinkle are best friends since school (childhood friends) …she played the cupid in TwiRaj Love Story…Loves her family a lot.

*Ahana Luthra (Aditi Sharma): 20 years old…very bold and daring kind of personality…Hates his cousin Manpreet and refers him as “Lufandar!” and has a common dialogue, “Muh tor do gi (I will smash your face)!!” Hates the Taneja’s as well as.Loves her family a lot.

*Anita Luthra:The single parent of her kids…Runs her own business…Has a dark past with Leela…Unaware of TwiRaj relationship …hates Kunj due to a dark past as well as……

4)Taneja Family

*Twinkle Taneja (Jasmin Bhasin): 24 years old…The punjabi drama queen…Idolizes her mother a lot…Loves her family…In love with Yuvraaj who is the son of her mother’s business rival..

*Mahi Taneja (Shritima Mukherjee): 22 years old…very shy, simple and quiet personality…Does not know about TwiRaj relationship…Hates Taneja’s….Loves his mom and sister…

*Leela Taneja:The single parent of her daughters…rival to Luthra’s…unaware of TwiRaj relationship…

5)Sabarwal Family

*Rahul Sabarwal (Karan Kundra) : 25 years old…A rockstar but very down-to-earth personality…Dislikes Manvi…Loves his family and specially his Ishu akka…He knows his father , Raj hates the Bhalla’s due to Mr.Bhalla(You can imagine Mr.Bhalla as real Uppamanyu in YKAGH ) but still he likes them as Toshi ji and Sonali (Rahul’s Mom) are sisters…

*Ishita Sabarwal (Divyanka Tripathi) : 28 years old…A dentist…she can’t bear children the only lacking in her otherwise she is perfect, head-to-toe…Though she is not Raj and Sonali’s biological child but their niece but the family loves her like their very own daughter…Loves his younger cousin-brother Rahul…

*Sonali Sabarwal:Mother of Rahul and Ishita (aunt to her but has raised her as her own daughter.)Wife to Raj…Very sweet personality and is proud on her children…

*Raj Sabrawal: He is also a star like Rahul but he has not made her career on his own…(some of you may know about it!)
Now let’s see how the families are connected……
*Connection of Bhalla’s and Khan’s….Raman and Asad are business partners and the 2 families are in good terms….And Ayaan and Rishi are good friends since their college times…
*Connection of Bhalla’s with Luthra’s and Taneja’s …As you know Tanu and Twinkle are friends so Manvi is also a part of their group , not only the trio but Ahana and Mahi are also involved in the group ,the group is known as “The Musical Friends!”The girls visit each other’s house often and that’s how the families are connected…(As the girls are childhood friends , Tanu and Rishi also be friends through Manvi!)
*Connection of Bhalla’s with Sabrawal’s..As I have mentioned before that Toshi ji and Sonali are sisters …. And yes Bhalla ji and Raj do hate one another but still due to the sisters the Sabrawal’s and Bhalla’s meet but not Bhalla ji and Raj….
*Conncetion of Khan’s with Luthra family…Anita and Dilshad are childhood besties…
*Connection of Khan’s with Taneja Family…Humeira works in Leela’s company as her Assistant and close to Twinkle and Mahi as well as..
*Connection of Khan’s with Sabrawal’s…Zoya and Ishita are very good friends and Rahul respects Zoya as her sister…
*Connection of Luthra’s with Taneja’s…Family , and Business Rivals …
*Connection of Luthra’s with Sabrawal’s…Rahul, Yuvraaj and Kunj are best friends and share a group as “Rocking Beat!”
*Connection of Taneja’s with Luthra’s…Family , and Business Rivals…
*Connection of Taneja’s with Sabrawal’s …Leela is sister to Raj…

(Sabrawal’s intro is not needed coz I have mentioned the relations above ….)

The intro ends here hope you liked it please don’t ignore to comment….Good night(As posting at 10:15 p.m)

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  2. Wow i am really excited for the ep i mean i love qh thats my fav tv drama. Also my most most fav couple is sahil . Aka sanam and ahil. But i also love asya . Aka asad and zoya. These 2 couples are my fav. Loved it????????? hey also can we be friends?

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