Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 9)

Episode 9
the episode start with mausam and shivanya was in kitchen mausam was making tea and shivanya was making snacks then shivanya’s phone ring it was her husband and she told mausam and said she’ll come in a min and mausam tease her then she left and after sometime aryan came in kitchen he saw mausam alone and hug her from behind and said
aryan:what r u doing babe saying this he kiss her right cheek and mausam try to push me away but he didn’t let go and mausam said
mausam:aryan please leave me shivanya can come anytime what she will think please
aryan:no I won’t remember”don’t go against me”
mausam:I’m not going against u its just that
mausam:that leave me for now please
aryan:only for now
mausam: yes
aryan:ok but before that look at me
mausam turn her face to left aryan’s chin was resting on her left shoulder there was only an inch gap between them aryan’s eyes travel to her lips and came close both were lost in each other and aryan softly put his lips on hers and then they suddenly hear shivanya’s voice and mausam push aryan away immediately and aryan laugh then shivanya came inside and said
shivanya: what happened to both of u

mausam turn her face and said
aryan:actually I’m was feeling thirsty
shivanya:ok so r u done
aryan:yes for now saying this he looked at mausam and smile romantically then he left saying he have to make a call then he was going but stop when he saw shivanya teasing mausam and she blush aryan saw her blushing and smile then both left for home mausam was looking out of window and because of wind her hairs was flying aryan was mesmerized seeing her he don’t understand how can she look so beautiful then both reach home and mausam start to make dinner she was working and aryan was sitting out with piya,neha,raj and ajay they were talking but aryan was staring mausam he was so lost that he was not hearing what are they saying then piya shake aryan and he came in his sense then piya said
piya:what’s wrong with u why r u not saying anything

piya:I’m asking about ur frd marriage u said he is getting married then tell us when is the wedding
aryan:yeah from tomorrow functions r starting its for 1 week
neha:it will be fun
aryan:yes a lot saying this he looked at mausam and smile then they did dinner and after dinner mausam came in her room and then she remember about the file and she take the file from her bag and sat on bed and start reading and this what was written on that
“Miss Mausam who is now partner of Mr Aryan in his business has sign a contract and she is totally agreed to his conditions in state of sense and the conditions are,

1:mausam will stay with aryan in his house till he want and she can’t go anywhere without his permission or without him.
2:mausam will do all the things which aryan wants and she will do everything according to him and she can’t go against him.
3:mausam will be known as his girlfriend and she can’t refused that she is not.
4:mausam and aryan will stay together in one room if aryan want.
5:mausam will not stop aryan from doing anything.
6:mausam will always stay away from other boys.
7:mausam will not let anyone come close or touch her except aryan.
8:mausam can never leave aryan never as in ever.
9:mausam will always love this devil no matter what happened

10:mausam can’t kill herself or she can’t even try to kill aryan because in case something happened to her or aryan she will be chained in his house for lifetime.

And if mausam refused to do anything which is written above then she have to pay 100 billions to aryan in order to go…

mausam was shocked after reading the full file and she start coughing then suddenly a glass of water came in front of her and she take it and drink it then she said
mausam: thanks saying this she look up and it was aryan who’s was smiling seeing that she read the file and mausam who was shocked after reading the file said
mausam:what is this
mausam:I’m talking about conditions
aryan:not my fault u should have read the file before signing on it and please don’t say its my fault because I didn’t ask u to sign without reading it
mausam was silent because he was right it was her fault that she came in his trap now she have to tolerate his torture aryan saw mausam lost and he pulled her closer and whisper in her ear
aryan:what I said last night was not to just scare u it was all true u have really waken up a hungry and thirsty devil who can do anything to keep u with him babe saying this he kiss her ear shell mausam try to go but he pull her backward her back was touching his front he move his fingers under her shirt making her shiver with his touch and aryan whisper
aryan:u were my u r my and u will always be my I’ll never let u to away as u can see I can do anything to keep u with me saying this he kiss her shoulder romantically and mausam close her eyes and aryan said

aryan:loving u feel so good well I wanted to tell u that my frd is getting married and he invited us and from tomorrow the wedding functions are starting so if u want something then be ready in morning we’ll go for shopping OK
Mausam nod in yes then mausam said
mausam:aryan please let go
aryan:no don’t go saying he entwines there hands
mausam:aryan please what r u doing
aryan:u r driving me crazy mausam and this is just a beginning babe now u will see what r the consequences of challenging a devil saying this he start kissing her neck continuously and mausam shut her eyes tightly then aryan lift her in his arms and lie her down on bed she turn to other side and aryan turn off the lights and pull blanket over them and then he turn mausam to his side and hug her tightly mausam hesitate but then she also hug aryan and both fall asleep in each others arms peacefully
Next Morning

aryan wake up and saw mausam sleeping she was looking so cute her innocence her beauty aryan just can’t stop loving her its so difficult not to love her anyone can fall for her just by seeing her innocence even then he is staying so close to her so how he will not fall for her but then he think something and his eyes become red with anger and he said
aryan:no I’ll not do this mistake again never ever I will not fall for her innocence I will not give for her a single chance to ruin my life then he get up and gone to his room to get ready then mausam get up and get ready she was wearing meadow dress and then she came out everyone was sitting outside in garden she made bf as usual then she came in garden and ask everyone to come for bf but aryan said they will have bf in garden then she sat the table on garden and they had bf they were having tea then aryan said
aryan: after bf guys get ready to go for shopping because tonight is my frds engagement and buy all the dresses for further functions
piya:wow it will be fun I’m so excited

neha:yeah me too
aryan looked at mausam she was looking down to her fingers all silent then aryan said to mausam to press his white shirt after bf so after bf mausam clean the table and gone inside and everyone was sitting in garden and mausam was ironing aryan’s shirt while she was ironing aryan came in his room and saw mausam ironing her work was almost done but aryan came and said
aryan:I don’t want to wear this shirt
aryan:yes press another
mausam:but u said to press this one before
aryan:yeah but now I want my red shirt
mausam felt like slapping him but then she put the white shirt in cupboard and take out the red one and start pressing then after sometime aryan said
mausam close her eyes and said
mausam:now what
aryan:don’t say what say yes and that to with respect
aryan:is this shirt press
aryan:not fully

mausam:no why
aryan:ok then press the black one while I’ll just come have to make a call and after that go and get ready for shopping saying this he left and mausam felt like burn him but then she control and press his black shirt at last and then gone in her room and everyone left for mall except aryan and mausam she was getting ready she was wearing blue kurti with jeans the kurti was backless with knots it was aryan’s choice as he brought all dress for her not even a single dress is of choice but she is glad that he didn’t brought all western then aryan came inside the room and she was trying to tie her kurti’s knot aryan came forward and help her in tying knots she want to refused but before she can say aryan saw she is going to say something so he said

aryan:u can’t stop me from doing anything condition number 5 saying this he smirk then after tying her knots both left for shopping then they reach in mall and everyone did shopping aryan buy many dresses for mausam to wear in wedding functions and seeing this piya and neha get jealous then they came home and had lunch after lunch everyone gone to get ready for engagement

Next Episode:It Hurts So Much But He Will Never Understand… ?

Hey frds h r u all ?
Here is the episode 9 how’s it tel me after reading and please suggest some romantic,emotional and sensuous song for ARSAM (Aryan & Mausam) till then bye tc and love u all ???

Credit to: Princess


  1. Misha

    The episode was really good…oh my god I can’t resist myself now from reading this story..you write so well..addicted addicted??…love you so much ah just wanna hug you now..want to check my ff it’s “the masquerade” hope you will like it…bye and take care

  2. Bella

    Wow…it’s so good…loved their romantic moments…your ff is going so much better than mine …love you always princess..bye take care…a big hug ???

  3. Lakshmi

    Nice episode n what’s his past.Itne sare conditions, if she reads this before then definitely she won’t sign on those papers..that’s y he trapped her..lol..Will be waiting for next update.love u…tc…

  4. zayn

    It was nice ….. y aryan doesnt want to fall in luv wid mausam …
    I dont listen to hindi song espically romantic songs , i listen only hollywood songs
    Luv u n take care ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. Pooja

    Wow…. Gng really good nd interesting dr.. After long time I put the net card now oly.. my first work aft putting is reading ur stories oly..
    Nd nice end for when love is true….
    This story is gng very nicely… Carry on.. both the characters are lovable.. can’t able hate aryan even he is rude. .
    Waiting for next. . Till then take care… ???

  6. Roma

    Awesome episode, loved it very much. ..the conditions. .ufff..each one was the poisonous arrow..poor mausam. ..aarav is so mean…why he doesn’t want to fall for mausam’s love…what’s stopping him…now he knows all the past of her….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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