Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 8)

Episode 8
the episode start with mausam saw aryan in car she was scared as hell she felt like today she is gone he will definitely kill her but the smile on his face was even more dangerous because it was a sign of torture which he was going to give her as punishment for trying to go away from him as she takes few step back he came out of car and walk toward her she don’t know what to do her mind said run but her feet’s was not moving now not even an inch as he stood in front of her she just lower her eyes and closed them as she wait for him to say something but what he did was surprising he took her hand in his and walk toward the car he open the door and indicate her to sit from his eyes and she immediately sat in because when she did something against him and he become silent then it was even more dangerous then his shouting and hurting words he closed the door with such aggressiveness that because of it she jump in fear and she closed her eyes tightly he then sat on driver seat and drive to home while driving he was silent and his grip on steering wheel was so strong that she can see how much he is controlling his anger and now she know that after stepping inside the house she is finished completely today he is not going to leave her at all and this time the punishment will be the biggest one and the most painful one as they reached home he open the car door and she came out he push her little forward by putting his hand on her back asking her to go inside the house first she came in and he close the main door and then both came in mausam’s room mausam was standing in middle of the room and aryan was behind her as aryan lock the door mausam heart start beating fast he came toward bed and lie down and mausam just stare him not understanding what he is up to then aryan saw mausam standing in middle of the room and said
aryan:r u going to stand there like that for whole night don’t u want to sleep it’s 1:30 am
mausam just blink her eyes trying to understand what just happening then aryan indicate mausam from finger to come and sleep she came toward bed slowly and lie down on the edge of bed and covered herself with blanket as soon as she lie down aryan hug her from behind his left hand was on her waist and his chin rested on her shoulder then suddenly his lips fell on her neck making her senseless completely and then aryan said
aryan:what were u trying to do

Mausam who was scared said in fear
mausam:how u get to know that I was escaping
aryan:umm good question well there is a camera outside the house which alert me if someone came inside or gone out of the house in middle of the night without me or except me
aryan:yeah and I did that because of u but u never did anything like this before but I’m glad that i did it
mausam:what u did this to keep eye on me
aryan:yes I did this babe u don’t have any idea to which extend I can go just to keep u with me
well u didn’t did good by doing this

mausam:what do u mean
aryan:I mean u didn’t get anything by doing this but in return u just wake up a sleeping devil who’s hunger and thirst has no end and now u r going to live with this devil saying this he kiss her neck passionately and mausam who was already scared get even more scared after listening to him because she got the whole meaning of the sentence and then both fall asleep
Next Morning

mausam wake up and saw aryan was not there she saw the time it was 7:00 she get up and gone to get ready and came out of washroom after sometime wearing pink floral embroidered dress then she came out to make bf and made bf everyone was sleeping that time then she came in aryan’s room he was not even there then when she came out in hall she saw everyone was there including aryan he saw mausam and smile seeing his smile she get scared then she came and sat on chair and they had bf after bf mausam was in her room standing in balcony and suddenly she was warp in tight grip she know it was aryan and she struggle to go but then she stop hearing what he said next
aryan:don’t struggle or else u won’t be able to go out of this room before next morning
Mausam froze in her place and then he said
aryan:u r looking really s*xy babe saying this he kiss her shoulder and mausam closed her eyes immediately then mausam said
aryan:do u want to go to meet shivanya

mausam open her eyes and aryan turn her to him then she nod in yes and aryan said
aryan:then go and get ready I’ll drop u saying this he gone out of room and Mausam gone in washroom to get ready before he change his decision after sometime she came out wearing black jeans and red kurti she wear matching accessories and take her bag with phone and gone in aryan’s room she knock on door and aryan ask her to come in she came in and aryan said
aryan:r u ready
mausam:yes she said smiling aryan can clearly see how happy she was and he smile too but then he said
aryan:come here saying this he indicate her to come near table which was there then when mausam came close he said
aryan:before going u have to sign on this paper
mausam:what is this
aryan:paper now sign
mausam:I will read it first
aryan:why r u scared saying this he smile
mausam:no I’m not scared
aryan:then sign on it

aryan know very well that she hate it when someone challenge her and in anger she can take any challenge
mausam:what is written in this
aryan:read it saying this he turn the paper to her then again said
aryan:if u r scared
Mausam had enough she take the pen and sign it and give it to aryan and he smile then mausam said
mausam:why r u smiling like this
aryan gone toward bed and sat on it laughing
aryan:babe its so easy to make u angry saying this he laugh even more
mausam:what do u mean
aryan get up and take the file and give the file to mausam and said
aryan:as u have signed so please read it also but not now or else u will be late to go so lets go now mausam put the file on her bag then he hold her hand and both came out and sat on car and after sometime both reach at shivanya’s house mausam get down the car and aryan said
aryan:I’ll come in evening to pick up u

mausam nod in yes and aryan left then mausam came and ring the door bell shivanya open the door and mausam hug her then both came in and sat on sofa both talk for hours then one children came to meet Mausam from orphanage (sorry guys I forgot to tell u that mausam is orphan as her parents left her in orphanage because she was a girl and since then she is staying in orphanage she know this but she never tell anyone only shivanya know this) hen mausam was with kids she was playing with them and shivanya was packing her thing then aryan came to pick mausam and shivanya open the door both came and stand at the door of garden then shivanya said
shivanya:thanks aryan
aryan:for what
shivanya:for keeping her happy saying this she looked at mausam then aryan said
shivanya:don’t be shocked she told me how u treat her
aryan:what she told u

shivanya: she told me that how much u care about her and u treat her like a princess and trust me she never said like this before for anyone u r the first and last guy about whom she talked so much after so many years I saw her real smile today and I know it’s because of u
aryan was shocked knowing that she didn’t tell anything to shivanya in fact she talk good about him then aryan said
aryan:what do u mean by after so many years
shivanya:maybe she didn’t tell u anything
aryan:no tel me
shivanya:ok but please don’t tell anything to her
aryan:ok now tell me
shivanya: actually mausam is not orphan her parents r alive maybe
aryan:what (actually mausam told everyone that her parents r dead and she said same to aryan)
shivanya:yes when she was born her parent left her on orphan just because she is a girl and when she was 16 she get to know about this from the Lady who took care of her in orphanage
aryan was shocked then he said

aryan:but why she told mausam all this
shivanya:because mausam want to know but that lady never told her but when she was dying mausam beg her to tell and she told her everything then the lady couldn’t survive and died and when mausam get to know she was so upset that she try to finished her life can u imagine the girl who live her life like it’s perfect has once tried to finish it but thank god I came on right time and saved her since then she lived with me
then as both were talking they hear the kids insisting mausam to sing as she sings well so mausam took her guitar and aryan was about to go to mausam but shivanya stop aryan and said
shivanya:don’t do right now let her sing otherwise she won’t
shivanya: she don’t like singing in front of people she only sing in front of kids because she is really comfortable with them
aryan:ok saying this both came toward window and aryan stare mausam and she start singing (this song is from movie Sanam Teri Kasam and its Female Version)

Haal-e-dil mera, Puchho na sanam (2×)
Aapke ishq ki madhosi mein dooba hai
Ye aalam..
Haal-e-dil mera, Puchho na sanam (2×)

as aryan listen her voice he was so amazed that he was not able to take his eyes off of her

Jab shaam aaye
Tum yaad aaye
Tufaan laaye, yaadon mein tum
Bebaak si hai, har ik tamanna
Gustakhiyon mein ab dil hai gum
Khwaabon ke kaafile
Baaton ke silsile
Saath mere chalein
Raat din har ghadi
Sargoshi mein khoya hai ye aalam
Haal-e-dil mera pucho na sanam (2×)

mausm was sitting in front of him but she didn’t saw him

Jaane kahan se tum paas aaye
Huve paraaye mujhse sabhi
Jeene lagi hai har saans meri
Ab door jaana na tum kabhi
Tham gaya hai samaa
Pal bhi hai khushnumaa
Main akeli yahan
Aapke pyaas ki khamoshi se
bheega hai ye aalam..
haal-e-dil mera puchho na sanam (2×)

then song end and kids clap aryan was lost in her then mausam came inside with kids laughing but then she saw aryan and suddenly her smile vanish she saw the time and it was 6:00pm she didn’t realize that how fast time just passed she was so happy here away from the reality of her life a life which was worse than hell and now she have to go back there again then shivanya said
shivanya:what happened Mausam
mausam:no nothing saying this she looked at aryan who was smiling looking at her then shivanya said
shivanya:ok then aryan and mausam both of u sit I’ll go and make tea saying this she was going but mausam stop her and said
mausam:I’ll come with u for help
shivanya:no its not needed
mausam:no I’ll come how much will u work saying this mausam took shivanya with her shivanya didn’t understand anything but aryan know very well that mausam don’t want to sit alone with him and he smile seeing her cute actions in order to stay away from him

Next Episode:Devil In Action ?

Hey frds h r u all ?
Here is the 8th episode I really hope u like it as I tried to write little longer and please make sure u listen to the song while reading lyrics I’m sure u guys will love it so tell me how’s it till then bye tc and Love U All A Lot

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