Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 7)

Episode 7
the episode start with mausam she get up and saw aryan sleeping she sat on bed and just stare him for few minutes then she get up from bed and gone inside the washroom and came out ready she was wearing a beautiful Pink Kurti With White Patiala Salwar And Dupatta she wear some matching bengals and earning then she came out to make bf she was making bf when riya and neha came and saw mausam working they saw her hand which was warp in bandage because it was paining she applied pain relief cream and warp it in bandage so that no one can see aryan’s fingers print they came forward and ask what happened to her hand mausam remembered how it happened at the same time aryan came to call mausam when he heard them talking he stood near door then mausam said
mausam:actually she was thinking about what excuse to make then she said
mausam:actually I cut my hand while cutting yeah
piya:ooohh ok

neha:is it paining
mausam:no not at all
piya:ok and is bf ready
neha:ok we r waiting outside
mausam:ok saying this she off the gas and pour the tea in teapot then mausam came out with bf and piya n neha she saw aryan standing at door she was passing from in front of him and he said
aryan:in my room fast saying this he gone toward his room and mausam came inside she knock the door and aryan ask her to come in she came in and saw the room it was a mess everything was just fallen here and there and she then looked at aryan and he said
aryan:my watch
mausam came forward and open the cupboard which was also a mess she open the drawer and give his watch to him then she start to clean the mess and he stare at her aryan was thinking that why she didn’t said anything then Mausam clean the whole room and was going but aryan hold her and pulled her closer then said
aryan:why r u behaving like this
mausam:like what
aryan:like a machine and like a servant who just follow instruction
mausam:because I’m
aryan:what I’m

mausam:ur servant
aryan:mausam I told u I’m sorry for last night
mausam:and even I told u that u don’t need to be because I’m used to it now
aryan:used to of what
mausam:of first being loved then being punished by pain without any mistake so please don’t waste ur important sorry on a blo*dy helping hand while saying all this her eyes was filled with tears then she wipe her tears and lower her eyes because she knew if even for one more second she looked at him then she will definitely broke down in front of him and she don’t want that aryan forcefully make mausam looked at him but she shut her eyes and tears roll down her eyes aryan saw her tears and kiss her eyes and his eyes travels to her soft rose petals like lips he leaned down to kiss her but she turn her face aryan hold her chin tightly and turn her face to his and kiss her madly he was kissing her like this is the last chance he have to kiss her first mausam tried to go but as he kiss her deeper she just couldn’t resist she just hate it that no matter how much she hate him but when he came close to her she get melt in a fraction of seconds then he left her and whisper in her ear

aryan:kindly remember this what u just said few mins ago and next time don’t try to push me away remember “don’t go against me” saying this he kiss her ear shell and left her and gone out and mausam was just shocked that how can he just change like that few minutes ago he was saying sorry and now he is treating her like servant again but now she make her heart and mind understood that he can never change never as in ever as she thought he will for her but now she know he won’t not even for her and she is going to suffer like this till he want then she wipe her tears and came down then everyone had bf and aryan was with his cousins that to only with piya & neha and mausam was not able to see his closeness with his cousins so mausam was sitting in her room then suddenly her phone ring and she saw it was shivanya she pick up the phone and shivanya said
shivanya: hey mausam h r u ?

mausam:hello I’m fine and u
shivanya:I’m good actually yaar me and my husband are shifting from here to Canada yaar please come to meet me
mausam: what when
shivanya: day after tomorrow
mausam thought for sometime and said mausam:umm let me ask aryan if he is free nd if he can drop me
shivanya:ooohh yeah I got it saying this she cut the call and mausam came to aryan he was still with piya and neha mausam sat on sofa in front of aryan and looked at him and aryan saw mausam and just by seeing her he understood that she want to talk he get up and walk toward upstairs then he turn and said

aryan:mausam I want to talk in my room
mausam get up hearing him and follow him to his room and on the other side piya and neha was jealous seeing aryan’s attraction toward mausam then both reach in room both came inside and aryan sat on bed just like a prince then said
aryan: tell me what u want to say
mausam looked at him and was amazed that how he can understand her so easily as if she is a open book for him then she said
mausam:day after tomorrow shivanya is shifting from here to Canada and she want to meet me so
aryan:so u want permission to go
mausam nod in yes
aryan:u will not go
mausam:but please
aryan:I said no means no saying this he get up and was going but mausam held his hand and said
mausam:please just for an hour

aryan first looked at his hand which was in her hand then he looked at mausam when mausam realized that she is holding his hand she immediately left it and aryan walk out of room and mausam eyes was filled with tears then she wipe her tears and gone back to her room then day passed like that mausam was sitting on bed thinking what excuse to shivanya so that she don’t get to know about aryan’s changed behavior then thinking mausam lie down on bed and suddenly an idea came to her mind she get up from bed and take her shawl then get out of room and gone in aryan’s room as he not always sleep with mausam so mausam saw him sleeping and then she cover her face with shawl and walk toward main door she open the for slowly and walk out of house finally escaping from him she walk as fast as she can she just reached little far from house when a car came and stop in front of her she saw the person and was shocked because it was aryan the shawl from which she was covering her face fall from her face and the moon light fall on her face making her even more beautiful and all the while aryan just stare her with such intensity that she felt like he is going to kill her like that

Next Episode:Mausam’s Singing Making Aryan Amazed ?

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  1. Awww badtameez ladka aisa kaise koi behave kartha hein yaar akdoo kaika

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  8. ruhi raghuvanshi

    bechaari mausam…ye aryan uske saath aisae kyu behave karta hai…what’s the reason yaar…plz princess reavel the reason behind aryan sudden changing mood…also u r making the story more n more interesting day by day…very good princess keep it up yaar??????

    1. thanks yaar and will reveal his past soon ??

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