Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 5)

Episode 5
the episode start with mausam get up in morning and aryan was sleeping she get up to go but aryan was holding her hand she try to free her hand but he just didn’t leave her hand she give up trying then she heard a laugh she look up and saw aryan laughing then aryan said
aryan:o god babe u r looking dam cute
mausam:u r awake and u r holding my hand intensionally
aryan pull her closer in his arms and said
aryan:yes babe
mausam:leave my hand
aryan:what if I don’t
mausam:please aryan
aryan:please what babe

mausam:leave my hand
aryan:ok tell me something
mausam: what
aryan:what will u do if I leave ur hand
mausam: I will go to take shower
aryan:ooohh really ok then I’ll help u let’s go
Mausam looked at aryan in shocked and said
mausam:what do mean you’ll help I don’t need ur help ok and leave me now
aryan nod in no and then leaned his head on her neck and said
aryan:u know I love having u in my arms it just feel so good

aryan:ssshhh please stay for sometime
aryan was hugging mausam so tightly that she just can’t resist and then she hug him back both were lost in each other their sometime hug become long they didn’t realize that for how long they were hugging each other without saying anything it does not matter that how much mausam tried but her feelings was just getting stronger for aryan and she just can’t stop herself when it comes to aryan she get melt her she don’t know where her hatred go seeing him close then some knock on door and mausam realized their closeness and try to separate herself from him but still he didn’t let go and said
aryan:no don’t go please
Mausam:someone knock on door aryan let me see who’s it maybe its ur cousin
aryan:so what let it be
mausam:please what they will think
aryan:doesn’t matter

aryan:ok fine let me see who’s it saying this he gone to open the door and mausam sat on bed then aryan open the door and piya was standing there she was shocked to see aryan in mausam’s room then aryan said

aryan:what u want why u knock
piya:actually I came to ask about bf
aryan: yeah made for us too and when bf ready call us saying this aryan close the door on her face and piya was jealous seeing them together then aryan came and hug mausam from behind as she was taking her clothes from cupboard then she said
mausam:aryan let go
mausam:please aryan
aryan:on one condition
aryan:not much just one kiss
aryan:yes saying this aryan turn her to him and hold her tightly from waist and was about to kiss her but neha knock on door and said
neha: aryan piya is calling u
aryan get irritated and said

aryan:god they always came on wrong time
then he said to neha
aryan: tell her I’m coming in a min
neha:but she said come fast
aryan:ok yaar coming
seeing aryan so irritated Mausam smile and aryan saw her smile and said
aryan:don’t worry babe I will take my kiss anyhow
mausam:first go and help ur cousin saying this she gone in washroom and aryan in kitchen then mausam came out of washroom ready then she came out in hall everyone was sitting on dinning table except aryan mausam set on chair and then aryan shout from upstairs
aryan:mausam please come here

when mausam heard aryan she remembered that she forgot to keep his clothes and she run to his room as soon as she open the door aryan was standing in front of her in towel she immediately close her eyes and turn to other side and said
aryan smile seeing her nervousness and he came toward her she was standing at door he came in front of her and ask her to take a step backward mausam in fear that he Is angry take a step backward and aryan close the door then he came close to her and hold her by waist and pull her closer mausam immediately open her eyes and both stare each other then aryan kiss her lips first softly then passionately then aryan release mausam and both stare each other then aryan said
aryan:I told u I will take my kiss and see I take it
mausam just couldn’t say anything because of shyness and she lower her eyes then aryan make her look at him and said
aryan:u look even more beautiful when u get shy saying this he again kiss her lips softly and then whisper in her ear

aryan: I just can’t handle it anymore mausam I can’t it’s so difficult to take my hands off of u I just want to love u so much saying this he kiss her neck then shoulder passionately then suddenly someone knock on door and aryan shout
aryan:what who’s this
piya:its me piya come for bf its getting cold
aryan:that’s it
aryan:ok u can go we r coming
piya:but come fast
aryan:yeah ok go now

then aryan leave mausam and she gone toward cupboard to give him clothes she give him clothes and was going but he held her hand mausam turn and looked at him and he said
aryan:be ready in evening we r going in a party tonight
mausam nod in yes and then gone out after sometime aryan also came and saw mausam and her wide beautiful smile she was looking really beautiful then they had bf after bf mausam gone in her room and aryan was with his cousins mausam was thinking about whatever he said and whatever happened between them she felt maybe shivanya was right maybe he also love her and the feeling of being loved by him make her so happy that she just can’t express she was really excited to go with him thinking about him she gone in washroom

Next Episode:Am I Just A Toy For Him

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