Hate: The First Step Of Love (Episode 4)

Episode 4
the episode start with aryan saw varun misbehaving with mausam aryan get so angry he immediately run toward them and hold varun by collar and said
aryan:how dare u touch her u bastard I will kill u saying this he beat him so much that he become unconscious then he called his servant and ask him to take varun to hospital as he was bleeding so much and tell the servant that if anyone ask about what happened to him then tell them that he slip in washroom and tell everyone that party is over then the servant left and aryan close the door and came toward mausam she was really scared and was not able to understand what just happened aryan make her sit and give her water she drink the water and aryan said
aryan:r u ok

mausam looked at aryan and she suddenly hug him and start crying aryan hug her back tightly and said
aryan:don’t cry babe its ok nothing happened I’m here don’t worry
mausam:thank god u came I thought u won’t hear me when I called u but thank god u heard me I was so scared saying this she cry even more and aryan tighten his grip and said
aryan:please don’t cry babe
then both stayed like this for some minutes then aryan ask her to change and he’ll just come then mausam came out after changing she was wearing a full sleeve pink kurti with white salwar she was standing in balcony aryan came inside and saw mausam lost in thoughts he came from behind and hug her tightly and said

aryan:don’t think about it so much babe saying he turn mausam and saw tears in her eyes he wipe her tears and hug her she hug him tightly her head rested on his chest then aryan took her to bed and lie her down and ask her to sleep but Mausam said
mausam:I’m feeling scared
aryan:don’t be I’m here with u saying this he lie down beside her on bed and pull blanket over mausam close her eyes and try to sleep but was not able sleep aryan saw her and said
aryan:what happened
mausam:I’m not feeling sleepy
aryan:u r don’t feeling sleepy because u r feeling scared right
Mausam:yeah when I get scared I couldn’t sleep
aryan:come here
aryan pull mausam closer and hug her tightly and said
aryan:now u don’t need to be scared I’m always there for u babe don’t worry saying this he caresses her hair and mausam felt protective and then both fall asleep in each others arms
Next Morning

mausam get up and saw aryan sleeping both were still in each others arms mausam try to go but aryan wake up and held her by waist and pull her in his arms again and said
aryan:where r u going
mausam:I’m going to make bf
aryan:let it be make it later right now I want u
aryan:yeah saying this he remove her hair from her face and came close looking deep in her eyes mausam heart was beating fast and she felt like it will come out and she try to go but aryan again pull her closer and leaned down his head on her neck then said
aryan:please tell me honestly did u feel the same way like u feel when varun try to touch u when I touch u and please be honest I won’t do anything promise
mausam nod in no because how can she feel the same way when she have different feelings for both she felt disgusted when varun try to touch her but she felt like she is begin loved when aryan touch her aryan looked at mausam and stare her lovingly she too was looking at him then aryan kiss her softly on lips and then he released her and said
aryan:I’ll just come in a min till then u get fresh n up saying this he get out of bed and left
mausam get up from bed and gone in washroom then she came out and was going in kitchen but stop in hall and was shocked because aryan was setting table and bf was ready he turn and saw mausam he came toward her and take her hand in his and walk toward table and make her sit on chair then both had bf and aryan left for office

In Evening
Aryan inform Mausam that today some of his cousins are coming to stay with them for few days so arrange everything for them then around 6:00pm aryan came home with his cousins it was 2 girls and 2 boys aryan introduced mausam to them as his gf and mausam welcome them the 2 boys was amazed by mausam’s beauty (the boys name was Raj & Ajay) and the 2 girls was jealous (the girls name was Piya & Neha)
then everyone had tea and then dinner mausam was feeling jealous when she saw aryan spending time with girls as she didn’t said anything but aryan can see that she is jealous and that’s why he is getting over friendly with them then mausam had enough and she gone in her room she is change her clothes and lie down on bed to sleep but was thinking that what aryan is doing then she was falling in sleep but then suddenly she felt a hand on her waist and then someone pull her backward and aryan whisper in her ear
aryan:u look cute when jealous
mausam separate her self from him and said
mausam: I was not jealous
aryan pull her closer and this time his hold was tight around her waist then he said
aryan:ooohh really is that so then why u came inside in room because as far as I know u sleep late in night and right now its just 10:30 pm so how come u came to sleep
mausam was silent she was thinking what to say then aryan said
aryan:don’t worry u don’t need to think about what to say
mausam was shocked that how he know that what she is thinking then Mausam said
mausam:what r u doing here
aryan:I came to sleep
mausam:so go in ur room

aryan:no actually last night I slept peacefully with u so I thought why not sleep here
mausam:really then u take this room I’m going in other saying this she was going but aryan didn’t let her go and said
aryan:I think u didn’t hear me I said I slept peacefully with u not with this room so u r not going anywhere u r going to sleep with me in my arms and I know even u slept peacefully in my arms didn’t u saying this he smile romantically and mausam don’t understand that how he just know everything what she felt because he was right she never feel this much save, protected and loved before but she felt all this only with him then aryan pull her even more closer and warp his hands like a band and then both fall in deep sleep

Next Episode:I Can’t Handle It Anymore ?
hey frds h r u all ?
here is the 4th episode how’s it and I’m really glad that u guys r liking my both stories thanks a lot for that and tell me how’s today’s episode till then bye tc and love u all ???

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